Struggling To Set Up A Blog on WordPress?

Don't worry. I will help you to create a blog on WordPress with all necessary configurations. I have 10+ years of experience in blogging.


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Anil Agarwal


Santanu is one of the emerging bloggers in India who is consistently publishing incredible content at BloggingJOY. 

Anil Agarwal

Ryan Biddulph


Santanu is a generous creator & connector. He publishes timely, helpful content & builds bonds in genuine fashion. Follow him.

Ryan K Biddulph

9 Steps To Start A Blog From Scratch

Choose Best Hosting

You need a good hosting plan with security, speed & support. Pick the right hosting for your blog.

Set Up WordPress

Installing WordPress is very easy. Follow this tutorial to and complete this essential set up now.

Install Best Theme

Create a beautiful website which loads fast, have all essential features to attract readers. Check these themes.

Install All Plugins

You need a list of necessary plugins to run your WordPress blog. I have created this list of Plugins for you.

Find Blog Topics

Finding good blog topics is a real challenge. But I have listed out 35+ ways to find good blog post ideas.

Write A Blog Post

Content writing is the must have skill in blogging. Read this detailed guide on how to write your first blog post.

Promote Your Post

Blog promotion is an essential task for beginners. Read these tips to promote your blog post after publishing.

Increase Blog Traffic

Getting traffic to a new blog is difficult. But you can learn many strategies and drive traffic to your new blog.

Make Money Blogging

How you can generate income from your blog? Follow these blog monetizing techniques to earn.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog

You can't create a successful business without any investment. Similarly, to run this blog, I am spending a quite a significant amount money. I consider them as investments for blogging.  Here are my 3 major expenses.


The best #1 WordPress Hosting provider for beginners. Already won many Facebook polls and got many positive feedback online. This blog is hosted on GoGeek plan.

thrive themes builder

Creating a website from scratch in just 30 minutes is actually possible. I have designed this entire website, category pages etc with this amazing WordPress Theme builder.

wp rocket

If you want to load your website pages faster, you have to invest in this amazing cache plugin. Again winner of many Facebook polls as Best Cache plugin for WordPress.

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