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Hey, it's Santanu Debnath

I help people to start their blogging journey on WordPress [free of cost]

I am a passionate blogger, full-time It professional working for a MNC. I found myself when get to know about blogging. I have started my blogging journey back in 2008 on Google Blogspot platform.


But I realized the potential of blogging when I moved to WordPress. I found a good way to generate passive income through affiliate marketing & Google Adsense, besides my 9-5 full-time job.

I am on a mission to help beginners to set-up their blog on WordPress. Help them to take the first step to their blogging journey with all basic knowledge they need.

  • If you are also thinking like me and have faith in blogging
  • If you are also interested to start a blog on WordPress
  • If you are interested to build a passive income source

Thank You Very Much For Your Interest To Know About Me

Really feeling great as you have visited this page to know about the person behind this blog. Although, I am not a celebrity or any renowned person yet, but I am the owner of this website and would love to introduce myself to respect your interest of knowing me.

Hey, this is Santanu Debnath. I am a typical IT professional who works for a MNC company for 10 hours + a day and earn money to support my family & life style. But in my free time, I love to read and write on various topics of life & money with my better half Manidipa Bhaumik. She is a full-time blogger and you can find her work @

By the way, we are the self-claimed couple blogger in India :) 


As I have said, I am working as an IT consultant like many, the job security in this world is almost Zero these days. Not only due to saturation of jobs, but also the evolution of technology.

Means, what ever is buzzing today, will not be there after 5 years. And is it easy for you to upgrade your skills every 5 year? In that case, how will you make money and secure your job?

What I feel is, everyone is capable of doing something which is God gifted, but most of us are just working to earn money without following our passion. E.g. I always love to share life hacks, personal finance tips, make money ideas etc without knowing that I can also earn money with this hobby.

Although, it is not significant, but right now we are making some extra money beyond my salary while working in our own way & skills. I am sure that, I can carry this skill or hobby till I die, whatever is the income I make in future.

What is your hobby or interest in life? Have you ever thought whether you can make money from that?
So, the purpose of starting this website is very simple. I want to share every ways or aspects of online money making opportunities or home business ideas at one place.

So that people can read and start thinking about that as early as possible. Starting a passive income source is the best way to secure your retirement also. Think about this point wisely.

I will try my level best to share information in this blog. Hope you will find them useful and let me know time to time by writing your valuable comments. Thank you :)

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