10 AdSense Mistakes To Avoid Getting Your Account Banned

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Although there are many Google adsense alternatives to make money online, but one have to accept that Google adsense program is the most trusted and proven way to make huge money online from your blog. But are you following adsense terms and conditions to avoid violation of your adsense account?

Do you know that if you don’t abide by the Google adsense privacy policy, your account got banned. It is not that easy to convince Google adsense team to get back your adsense account after got banned. In this article I will share some deadly adsense mistake you might be doing without realizing or intentionally which may lead to ban your adsense account.

Common Google Adsense Mistakes To Avoid While Blogging for Money

Here are the mistakes you might be doing which can violate Google adsense terms and conditions.

Clicking on own Ads: As a beginner people think that the more clicks they get the more the income it will generate. But do you that adsense system is very smart and can easily determine which clicks are natural and which are intentional or fraud even if you try to click from various systems to increase your earning. This is the most dangerous and most popular reasons to get your adsense account banned.

Tempering Adsense Code:  Are you good at coding and can rewrite the adsense code to get more clicks form your website visitors? Then control on your skill as this can lead to your adsense account banned.

More than 3 ad unit not allowed:  More the ad unit, more the chance of getting clicks. That is true, but you are only allowed to display 3 banner ad unit and 3 link ads unit.

Using Violated Niche: If your blog niche or you are writing content on copyrighted items or promoting piracy or sharing pornographic content, then you may get adsense warning. And in case you have not attended the warning, this may lead to adsense account ban.

Adsense on pop-ups: Never display an adsense ad in a pop up window or wrapping in any frame. I am not sure about that, but I have read about that many times in other blogs.

Multiple Adsense Account on Same name: One adsense account is enough to make money, but there are many people who applied for multiple accounts in same name using some tricks and luckily get approval as well. But remember one thing, if you get caught in future, your account will get banned.

Sending Adsense code via Email: Many bloggers used to send adsense code via mail to get more clicks which will straightaway violate Google adsense terms and conditions.

High CPC Keyword Stuffing: Although keyword stuffing doesn’t work in 2016, but still if you think you can stuff more high CPC adsense keywords to attract visitors and earn more then you are completely wrong and lose your account very soon.

Using Adsense on Unsupported Language Blog: If you are blogging on local language and want to make from google adsense, then first check out whether adsense support your language or not. Recently I have seen many Hindi blogs are using adsense and I can also observe ads in Hindi language.

Paid Advertising: If your website doesn’t attract organic traffic, rather getting paid traffic then you may manipulate the adsense system which is violation of adsense TOS.

So, have you crosschecked your recent activities and make sure you are following all Google adsense terms and conditions to secure your Google adsense account? Would you like to add more into this adsense mistakes to make the article more useful for readers? Then please share your experience by writing a comment below.

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