AppSumo Deals (July 2019): Best Lifetime Deals & Offers [Updated]

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Waiting for upcoming AppSumo deals for July 2019? Then let me tell you that AppSumo has disclosed their July 2019 lifetime deals & offers on more than 10 software & tools. I update this page regularly with every single upcoming AppSumo Deals [Last Update on July 1st, 2019].

So, keep a track of this page to stay updated with all the latest deals & offers from AppSumo. Just remember a few things before availing these deals.

  • You will get lifetime deals on AppSumo (one-time payment for life).
  • They don’t pick any product, you will get all quality products with best AppSumo deals.
  • As soon as the deals disclosed, they will finish in the next 2-3 days.
  • You will get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Best AppSumo Deals (July) 🔥HOT DEAL🔥

For more details, visit AppSumo Deals Page Now [Offers are ending soon!].

Sales & Marketing

  • Influence – Increase conversion with the power of social proof
  • Adduco – personalize your ads with enriched content
  • Tooltip – create versatile in-app messaging campaigns
  • Quriobot – engage and convert site visitors
  • Clearout – easily clean your email marketing lists
  • Copywritely – take your SEO to the next level

Web Builder Tools

  • Reboo – easily edit websites without knowing how to code
  • Draftium (yearly) – create prototypes quickly and efficiently
  • Essential Addons – Elementor plug-ins to make your site stand out
  • Weblium – SEO-friendly DIY website builder

Design Tools

  • Depositphotos – the Internet’s best stock photo deal
  • Stencil – wow your social networks with beautiful designs
  • StockUnlimited (3-year deal) – choose from over 1 million stock images
  • SlideShop – create stunning presentations and decks

Audio & Video

  • AudioHero – 250K premium music tracks and sound effects
  • InVideo – create professional-quality videos in minutes

Analytics & Reporting

  • Datagran – simplify your business growth with an elegant data workspace

Latest AppSumo Lifetime Weekly Deals In June 2019

Best AppSumo Deals In June 2019

Droplr AppSumo Deal

Droplr is a screenshot, file sharing, and screencasting tool that helps you securely share your projects with your team and get instant feedback.

Droplr Highlights:

  • Skip the wordy emails with annotated screenshots and screencasts that help you explain complex processes and report bugs faster
  • Transfer up to 10 GB of files at supersonic speeds with simple drag-and-drop options
  • Share your files with customized shortened links that use your company’s name and logo
  • Best for: Designers, support reps, agencies, and remote workers looking to collaborate smarter

Droplr Lifetime Deal:

  • The actual price of Droplr is $358.80! But using this AppSumo deal, you can get Lifetime Access of Droplr @ $39 only.

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Rocketbots AppSumo Deal

Rocketbots is the first and only chat automation platform for all your messaging apps, making it easier than ever to connect with customers.

Rocketbots Highlights:

  • Manage all your messenger chats in one platform and create unified customer profiles for better segmentation
  • Let AI send Smart Replies that accelerate your conversations and automate your FAQs
  • Use triggers and rules to build guided experiences, collect data, assign customers to agent, automate follow-ups, and more
  • Best for: Marketing agencies, social media managers, and outsourced customer service providers

Rocketbots Lifetime Deal:

  • The actual price of Rocketbots is $1,188.00! But using this AppSumo deal, you can get Lifetime Access of Rocketbots @ $49 only.

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Stencil AppSumo Deal

Stencil is a quick and easy image editor that helps you create professional graphics for maximum social engagement.

Stencil Highlights:

  • Create sleek images using Stencil’s smooth and easy interface for social media posts, ads, blog posts, and more
  • Get inspired with a library of stunning stock photos, templates, icons and graphics, and Google fonts
  • Share your designs with ease and keep organized with custom collections
  • Best for Social media marketers, bloggers, and small businesses seeking awesome graphics in less time

Stencil Lifetime Deal:

  • The actual price of Stencil is $432! But using this AppSumo deal, you can get Lifetime Access of Stencil @ $49 only.

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Weblium AppSumo Deal

Weblium is a next-generation AI-powered website builder that helps you design beautiful, fast websites the simple way.

Sales price: $49 — Lifetime Access — Normally $600.00!


  • Create beautiful, responsive websites with an AI Design Supervisor that automatically locks your site into visual perfection
  • Choose from over 200 ready-made blocks that you can mix, match, rearrange, and customize to your style and needs
  • Make edits on the fly without refreshing the page, with bonus features like floating toolbars and animation effects
  • Best for: Web agencies, designers, and anyone who needs their site to be stunning and SEO-friendly

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Essential Add-ons for Elementor Deals

Essential Addons for Elementor is a library of unique elements that help you customize and maximize your website.

Sales price: $39 — Lifetime Access — Normally $100.00!


  • Get 60+ unique site elements from the most popular (200,000+ users) and most rated solution in the Elementor Ecosystem
  • Engage your audience with interactive content and improve user experience with Advanced Tooltip, Particles, & Parallax effects
  • Modular control options and app optimization keep widgets fast and light for page loading
  • Best for: Web designers and agencies looking to take Elementor to the next level (works with free or paid versions of Elementor)

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AudioHero AppSumo Deals

AudioHero is a library stocked with over 250,000 premium royalty-free sound effects and music tracks that you can use to upgrade your content.

Sales price: $39 — 3,000 Credits — Normally $299.99!


  • Unlock an audio gold mine of 250,000+ royalty-free music and sound effects
  • Use your 3,000 credits to add killer sounds to your marketing materials, social channels, videos, and more
  • Pick the right tune with a simple search or an audio-based search
  • Best for Content creators and marketers looking to add high-quality sounds without paying a ton of fees

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Modula AppSumo Deals June

Modula is a fast and lightweight photo gallery plug-in that helps you display high-quality images without slowing down your site.

Sales price: $39 — Lifetime Access — Normally $99.00!


  • Optimize your images and kiss slow-loading galleries goodbye
  • Customize gallery column dimensions across devices and resize images as you see fit
  • Add filters to your images for better organization and easily mix video into your galleries
  • Best for: Artists, photographers, and other creative professionals with masterpieces to show off

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Fleeq Offers on AppSumo (Few hours Left)

If you are looking for a software with which you can easily, then Fleeq will help you to quickly create bite-size training videos so you can improve communication and increase efficiency. On this month June, this AppSumo deal will help you to save more than 90% on this tool, FLEEQ.

Sales price: $99 — Lifetime Access — Normally $900.00!


  • Use screenshots, videos, or presentations; add descriptions, and get live interactive videos in minutes
  • Customize with your brand, logo, domain, language, interactive chat, feedback, call to actions, and more
  • Update your fleeq’s content and localize to different markets, all in real-time from your dashboard
  • Best for: Anyone who needs to quickly create and update explainer or training videos, with no prior video knowledge

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Datagran AppSumo Sale

Datagran is an all-in-one AI data workspace that integrates, analyzes and manages digital data to help you reduce clutter and grow.

Sales price: $49 — 2 Years of Access — Normally $2,388.00!


  • Simplify your business growth with a workspace that lets you integrate, deduplicate with ML, and analyze data
  • Automatically classify your buyers, Predict and figure out your personas, and convert them into custom or lookalike audiences
  • Place and optimize your ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Also, create email campaigns based on your clusters
  • Gain insights and test out your paid and organic campaigns with deep learning

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PublBox AppSumo Deals (June 2019)

PublBox is a multifunctional social media tool that helps you schedule posts, design content, and build your social media knowledge.

Sales price: $49 — Lifetime Access — Normally $420.00!


  • Schedule automated social media posts in advance and design unique cross-platform strategies with ease
  • Post readymade content and reach social media enlightenment with helpful tips and learning modules
  • Create amazing graphics from a library of templates
  • Best for: businesses seeking a convenient way to cover all their social media marketing in one place

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ShortPixel Deals on AppSumo

ShortPixel is a high-powered compressor and optimizer that drastically reduces image file sizes so you can improve your website’s performance and SEO ranking.

Sales price: $39 — Lifetime Access — Normally $119.88!


  • Optimize your images and boost site performance and SEO ranking
  • Let the Image Optimizer plug-in automatically compress current and past images
  • Properly size and smart-crop pictures to fit in placeholders with Adaptive Image plug-in
  • Best for: Site owners and agencies helping clients cut down site load time and improve rankings

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tubics Promotion (June 2019)

tubics is a powerful YouTube SEO tool that helps content creators and brands boost views on their videos.

Sales price: $39 — Lifetime Access — Normally $240.00!


  • Analyze the SEO performance of your YouTube channel and every single video
  • Track your success with keyword rank tracking that tells you where you stand
  • Increase views with keyword suggestions and custom task recommendations for tags, titles, descriptions, and more!
  • Best for: Brands and businesses that want their content to actually be seen

Click Here To Grab The Deal Now

Reboo AppSumo Promo

Reboo is a super easy-to-use desktop application that allows you to reinvent any website with just a few clicks.

Sales price: $49 — Lifetime Access — Normally $243.00!


  • Quickly edit any web page and improve mobile responsiveness without having to write a single line of code
  • Change your website’s background, margins, borders, and more with just a couple of clicks
  • Add animations, click actions, and filters to any element
  • Best for Non-techies who want to easily edit websites

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FAQs: Know More About AppSumo

How AppSumo Started

AppSumo was founded in 2011 with the sole intention of providing awesome products to end-users at a great price. If you check their about us page you will find more information related to this.

How AppSumo Works

They generally collaborate with tech companies and host their product on their website with the best lifetime deals. If you have explored the above mentioned AppSumo deals, then you will easily understand how AppSom is working. And as a customer, it is insane to get such a huge discount on popular software or tools.

How AppSumo Makes Money

It’s very obvious that AppSumo will make money by sharing the profit or getting a commission from each product sale. Although I didn’t find any proper reference for the same, this is how it looks like only.

What Is A Lifetime Deals & Is It really Lifetime

Yes, when a product gets featured on AppSumo they make sure the product will be available for the buyer for a lifetime. That means till the time the product will available and that is how they agreed with every product owner.

How long these AppSumo deals will valid?

There is no such expiry date or validity attached to the product. It depends up product to product. But generally, they went live for 1-week approx. Sometimes the deal may end up in 2-3 days due to the popularity of the product. But you can keep a track the upcoming AppSumo deals as the same deal may come back in future as well.

Conclusion: Don’t Miss These AppSumo Deals (July 2019)

AppSumo is the #1 platform to find breathtaking deals on popular software & business tools. They come up with new product promotions every week and the deals are simply amazing.

I will be updating this page with all upcoming AppSumo deals for next month. Right now make sure you grab the AppSumo deals for June 2019. They will be available for a few days only. For more updates, keep a track of this page regularly.

AppSumo Deals (July 2019): Best Lifetime Deals & Offers [Updated]
AppSumo Deals (July 2019): Best Lifetime Deals & Offers [Updated]

Waiting for upcoming AppSumo deals for July 2019? Then let me tell you that AppSumo has disclosed their July 2019 lifetime deals & offers on more than

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