Best WordPress Hosting in 2019 (High-Speed SSD Hosting Is Recommended)

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It feels always great when you know that you have done a good investment towards your business. Yes, I am talking about a good web hosting plan where your website will host and load faster.

I have been into blogging for many years and tested so many cheap hosting companies. But finally got the best WordPress hosting for this blog. It is awesome when you know that your website is loading even less than 1 second and the major role-playing by your web hosting company.

My website is hosted on SiteGround GrowBig Plan, and without a single doubt, I am recommending SiteGround as #1 Best Web Hosting Company in 2019.

siteground best web hosting

I bought SiteGround shared hosting plan for 3 years during SiteGround Black Friday Sale. This helped me to save $539 which is simply amazing. I can now simply concentrate on growing my website for the next 3 years at least without worrying about web hosting renewals, uptime issue etc.

This is what I call the best investment for your blogging business. And choosing the right web hosting plan plays a major role to build a fast loading & SEO optimized website. You can read my complete SiteGround Review 2019 with many proofs and Facebook poll screenshots

My Website Speed Test Results [Got Page-Speed less Than 1 Seconds]

I achieved 100/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights Tool [Desktop], simply awesome.

google page speed test desktop

In the case of the mobile version, it is showing 91/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights Tool [Mobile], which is considered as the fast website only.

google page speed test mobile

GTMetrix is one of the most searched websites to test website load. This tool gives me awesome result compared to the earlier version. Although I am trying to achieve 100/100 PageSpeed and also 100/100 YSlow Score. And GTMetrix is showing the website loading time less than 1 seconds.

siteground page speed test gtmetrix

I found awesome when I found Pingdom is also showing the page-speed as less than one seconds. If you check the screenshot I kept for Bluehost, it is showing a great improvement in website load time.

siteground page speed pingdom

PageSpeed test results of

siteground page speed test 1

Website page-speed test using


Website page-speed test using

siteground fast loading

Website page-speed test using

siteground load time


You don’t have to be confused while choosing the best WordPress hosting for your website. As here I am sharing the list of top hosting providers in India who are specialist for hosting WordPress blog, cheap & reliable.

When I started my first website at that time I was looking for the cheap web hosting plans. But the entire market is filled up with many web hosting reviews. And that makes me very confusing to choose the good hosting for my website.

Most of the people write blind hosting reviews even without using the hosting services. That makes it very complicated to decide on which shared hosting plan is good for you.

As my plan was to start a self-hosted WordPress blog, that’s why I was researching on web hosting companies with a special plan for WordPress sites. WordPress is growing as the most popular CMS and there are dedicated hosting plans almost every hosting company is offering these days.


Bluehost $2.65/mo30 daysYesYes
Siteground $3.95/mo30 daysNoYes
Hostgator $2.99/mo45 daysNoNo
A2 Hosting $3.92/moAnytimeNoYes
iPage $1.99/mo30 daysYesNo
InMotion Hosting $6.39/mo90 daysYesYes
GreenGeeks $3.95/mo30 daysYesYes
DreamHost $2.59/mo97 daysNoYes
NameCheap $1/1st mo30 daysNoNo
WPX Hosting $20.83/mo30 daysYesYes
RoseHosting $19.95/mo7 daysNoNo

Disclosure: This website contains affiliate links.

In this article, I will be sharing the list of cheap & reliable WordPress hosting services in India who are doing great business by providing cheap hosting plans, good support, plenty of free resources etc. In short, if I have to list these 5 hosting providers as per their best service and the list will be like this.

Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting Companies in 2018 (Overall)

  1. BlueHost: Best overall WordPress hosting with plenty of free resources ($2.65/mo)
  2. SiteGround: Best WordPress hosting with topmost support ($3.95/mo)
  3. InMotion Hosting (Price $6.59/mo)
  4. HostGator: Best reliable WordPress hosting for Beginners($2.99/mo)
  5. A2 Hosting: Best Fastest WordPress Hosting ($3.92/mo)
  6. iPage: Best cheap WordPress hosting ($1.99/mo)
  7. Namecheap Hosting (Price: $1 for the first month)
  8. GreenGeeks (Price $3.95/mo)
  9. DreamHost (Price: $3.59/mo)
  10. WPX Hosting (Price: $20.83/mo on annual billing)
  11. RoseHosting (Get 10% Off on annual billing. Coupon Code YEARLY10)

Types of Web Hosting Services for Your Online Business

Before proceeding further, let’s try to understand the basic of web hosting. There are various types of hosting plans available and which hosting plan will your website need? Let’s find out first.

types of web hosting
Image Source:

What is Shared Hosting?

As the name suggests, a single server will be shared by multiple websites. This will surely reduce the cost of managing the websites and hence you will get a cheap price too. When you host a website on a shared hosting plan, you are actually sharing the same space with many other websites. This can be a good way to start a blog especially for beginners as the cost of hosting will be very low. At the same time, your website may not have huge traffic also.


  • Very cheap, cost-effective hosting plans. Most hosting providers give huge discounts for first-time buyers.
  • Most shared hosts do support the most common CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.


  • Not recommended for high traffic website.
  • Not secure as multiple websites share the same space.

What is VPS Hosting

VPS or virtual private server is a special type of hosting which is in between shared hosting & dedicated hosting. You will actually buy a virtual dedicated server, which is shared within a dedicated server. The similar concept of shared hosting, but actually far better compared to shared hosting.


  • Cheaper compared to dedicated hosting.
  • Easily customize to optimize your website resource usage.


  • Costly compared to shared hosting.
  • Not for beginners with no technical knowledge about hosting.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting

If you have a high traffic website and want to attract tons of traffic, then host your website on a dedicated server. As the name suggests, you can host one high traffic website and scale the hosting such a way that you can give your website 100% highly optimized, fast loading and huge bandwidth to use resources. It’s also flexible, has high performance, and is reliable. This type of web hosting is perfect for large corporations with demanding mission-critical systems.

What is Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting plans are mainly good for them who want to enjoy the flexibility of hosting plans, with high security. You don’t have to worry about any configuration as you can simply enjoy resources and pay accordingly. In any month if your website utilizes more resources and traffic, you have to pay more and in case it comes down your expenses will come down.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is growing as the most preferred CMS in India, as well as the world. Almost 30% of users are preferring WordPress when they want to create a self-hosted WordPress site.

managed wordpress hosting benefits
Image Source:

So, every hosting companies in India have come up with hosting plans specially handle for WordPress websites. This kind of plans will have pre-installed plugins, WordPress themes, daily backups, WordPress updates, speed, and security settings etc. These plans are quite expensive compared to simple WordPress shared hosting plans.

WordPress hosting vs Shared hosting

In order to start a website, you need 2 important things- Domain and Hosting. The domain is the name of your website and hosting is the place for your website.

Domains cost a small amount but hosting can be very expensive in some cases. There are types of web hostings- Shared hosting and WordPress hosting.

Shared hosting can be purchased for free or very low amount while WordPress hostings are comparatively expensive.

So which type of hosting should you go for? Well, if you were looking for the answer to this question then you are at the right place as Today, we will be comparing WordPress hosting with Shared hosting. Let’s start the comparison.

Differences between WordPress Hosting and Shared hosting

WordPress hostings are comparatively priced higher than shared hosting so it clearly means that WordPress hosting offers better features then Shared hosting. Let’s have a look at those better features deeply so that we can differentiate between both them and find the best one.

Fast speed

There is no doubt that WordPress hosting offers faster speed. By faster speed, I mean to say that the booting time of the website once you visit the domain is faster than the booting time of shared hosting.

Not only the boot time but every time when you click on an option on the site or change the page, you will notice faster speed than the shared hosting. This is the first reason why a lot of people prefer getting WordPress hosting.

Technical Support

Now, this is the second most important thing which attracts people to buy WordPress hosting instead of a shared hosting.

With WordPress hosting, you get 24×7 customer support so if something goes wrong with your website then you can take the help of customer care and your problem will be fixed. You generally don’t get such reliable Technical support in a shared hosting because Hey you got it for free!

Enhanced Security

The security which you get on any WordPress based hosting is much better than the security which you get with shared hosting.

WordPress hostings are capable of saving your websites from the cyber thread ( like DDoS attack) and other attacks.

Automated Backups

WordPress Hostings automatically backups all your data, articles, pictures that you upload on your website. It makes WordPress hosting future proof as it creates an album of your written articles which you can read later.

Shared hostings generally don’t provide you with such capabilities.

Better Scalability

WordPress hosting has the capability to handle a large number of viewers on your website at the same. This feature makes WordPress hostings more attractive. In Shared hostings, your website may get crashed if a large number of visitors visit there at the same time. This means that you use prefer Shared hostings as your lifetime hosting. As once your website gets popular, it can be crashed.

This was our comparison between WordPress hostings and shared hostings. You can subscribe to our newsletter more tech brewed content.

How To Find The Best WordPress Hosting For Your Blog in 2019

While starting my first blog the biggest roadblock was the cost of hosting plans, WordPress set up etc. But at the same time, I wanted to be a part of a reputed and reliable hosting company only.

So, I have shared my research here considering various factors of a hosting company like reputation, free resources (domain name, SSL certificate), cheap price, easy to use cPanel, good customer support, most people are using etc.

Here I have shared the uptime & speed data from the research done by I really appreciate their hard work to make this WordPress hosting comparison easy with real-time data.

Check out the list of WordPress recommended hosting providers

wordpress recommended hosting

Best WordPress Hosting For Small Business (with free domain, free SSL certificate)

#1. Bluehost Hosting Review (

bluehost couponBluehost is one of the top most popular web hosting provider in India. They host more than 2 million domains. But Bluehost India doesn’t have that same reputation. Rather they offer very bad hosting service compared to

So, here we are listing WordPress hosting plans as #1 best WordPress hosting service in India. The biggest plus point of Bluehost shared hosting plan is their pricing. Just you have to pay Rs. 3400 per year ($48) and you will also get a free Domain, free SSL Certificate.

They are the #1 WordPress recommended hosting provider for a long time and have a very good reputation with their hosting service. This is my second year with Bluehost and I am quite with their service. You can read my complete review of Bluehost shared hosting plans.

Bluehost: Page Load Speed and Uptime (Last 8 months, full data can be found here.)

bluehost uptime speed

Why You Should Buy Bluehost WordPress Hosting

  • You will get a free .com domain name with every hosting plan. Your first-year registration fee will be waived off. But after 1 year, you have to renew Bluehost domain name with the actual price. Generally, you will not get any Bluehost domain coupon to save money from 2nd year.
  • You will also get a free SSL certificate with every domain you hosted on their hosting plan.
  • Bluehost offers the cheapest hosting packages compared to other hosting companies in India. But their maximum discount is available only on 36 months or 3-year plan. If you want to buy for 1 year, then the maximum discount Bluehost coupon will not be applicable.
  • Bluehost customer support is quite popular and they offer all 3 types of support. But their live chat support has a quite long waiting time, as per many Bluehost complaints. Anyway, Bluehost live support has revamped a lot in 2018 and they come up with many features.
  • Bluehost plans are equipped with free CloudFlare integration so that your website can load faster.

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Best WordPress Hosting For Your Blog (Best Support, Fast Speed, Free SSL, Free Migration )

#2. Siteground Hosting Review (

siteground coupon

SiteGround started their hosting business back in 2004. Although they were not on the list of WordPress recommended hosting providers list. But recently SiteGround is the new addition and the biggest reason is for their good customer support.

SiteGround technical staffs are very knowledgeable and their live chat or phone support response rate is very good. Many bloggers are migrating to SiteGround due to their good support and in-build website speed improvement system.

The price of SiteGround hosting is very cheap for beginners. You will get a flat 60% off SiteGround discount across all SiteGround plans irrespective of duration. That’s where they beat Bluehost, as Bluehost cheapest offer is applicable only on 36-month plan whereas SiteGround 60% off discount is valid on 1-year plan also.

SiteGround Load Time & UpTime: Last 12 months, detailed data can be found here.

siteground uptime speed

Why You Should Buy SiteGround WordPress Hosting Plans

  • SiteGround is one of the top non-EIG hosting company, provide very good hosting plans.
  • They provide all 3 types (Chat, Phone, Support Tickets) of support. Their support is very much prompt and backed up by a very good knowledgeable technical team.
  • You will get a free website transfer.
  • SiteGround hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate
  • The basic Siteground WordPress hosting plan will cost you Rs 3,000($48) per year.
  • SiteGround plans (from GrowBig plan onwards) offer super cache feature. With this feature, you can optimize your website for fast loading. This is the best feature of SiteGround hosting plans
  • They offer 60% Off discount across all of their plans irrespective of any condition. Means, if you want to buy for 1 year or 2 years or 1 month, you will get this 60% discount.

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#3. InMotion Hosting

Best favorite WordPress hosting company for bloggers (Trusted, Cheapest price)

#4. Hostgator Cloud Hosting Review (

hostgator 1 cent couponBoth Hostgator India or offer very good hosting services. In fact, you will find no difference in performances and the pricing. So, if you want India based hosting then choose Hostgator India, otherwise is also perfect.

Here I took Hostgator cloud hosting plans as they are the almost similar price of shared hosting, but has plenty of good features to make your website fast loading.

You hardly have to pay Rs 3400($48) every year get Hostgator cloud hosting plans. Hostgator has a good record of 99.96% uptime. If you are looking for cheap GoDaddy alternative, then Hostgator is the best hosting provider.

Also, check Bluehost VS Hostgator Hosting comparison.

HostGator Cloud Load Time & Uptime: (full data can be found here.)

hostgator cloud

Why You Should Buy Hostgator WordPress Cloud Hosting Plans

  • mainly HostGator is good for beginners who want to host multiple websites on a single hosting plan.
  • Hostgator offers various coupon codes through the year which will help you to save huge money on the hosting plan. Follow latest Hostgator coupon codes and Hostgator 1 cent coupon.
  • Hostgator customer support is good and they provide all 3 types Email, Chat, Phone of customer support.
  • You will not get a free domain name or free SSL certificate.
  • Every Hostgator plan comes with an unlimited disk, unlimited space, unlimited database, unlimited domains, unlimited subdomains, and FTP accounts. (Remember one thing, in a shared hosting even if they claim unlimited but it actually has a limit)
  • As a beginner one can find many useful tutorials to set up the website. But their cPanel is not that user-friendly compared to Siteground or Bluehost.

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Best WordPress Hosting Providers in India (Cheapest Price, Pay in INR)

#5. A2 Hosting Review (

a2 hosting coupon codesA2 Hosting looks like a new name in the world of WordPress hosting but the fact is that they are in this hosting business from 2001.

Although they are not famous like Bluehost or SiteGround or Hostgator, they are claiming that their hosting plan will give your website 20X faster speed.

A2 Hosting also provides monthly billing hosting plans. It will hardly cost you Rs 265/month which is very much affordable. The best part of A2 hosting is that they are SSD drive hosting company in India and claim to provide 20X faster speed compared to their competitors.

A2Hosting Load Time and Uptime: Last 12 months, data can be found here.

a2 hosting uptime speed

Why You Should Choose A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting Plans

  • A2 Hosting has very good uptime track record. They were able to keep the uptime up to 99.90% which is quite good. You will also get good 51% off A2 Hosting Coupon.
  • They claim to be the fastest shared hosting provider where your website will load 20 times faster.
  • They’re available 24/7/365 through email, chat, phone or ticket submission.
  • A2 Hosting plans come with HackScan; a free service including dual web hosting firewall, virus scanning, 24/7 security monitoring, and brute force defense, which will make sure your website safe from various online attacks.
  • They also provide free website migration which is a big cost in the case of Bluehost & Hostgator. But SiteGround also provides a free website migration service.
  • You can try their service for at least 30 days as they have a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Best WordPress Hosting For Event Blogging, Experiments

#6. iPage Hosting Review (

iPage is a very old hosting company with a big reputation. They started their operation back in 1998. iPage is mostly popular for providing the cheapest web hosting plan in India. Yes, their plan starts at only $1.99 / month only. That almost Rs 130 every month.

They don’t have multiple plans. That’s why you can trust them as they provide dedicated hosting plan with the cheapest price tag. If you have multiple websites then you should try iPage. Their uptime record is really very good which is 99.98%.

iPage: Page Load Speed and Uptime (Last 8 months, full data can be found here.)

ipage uptime speed

Why You Should Choose iPage Hosting Plans

  • iPage provides unlimited domain hosting with their plan.
  • Their biggest drawback in they doesn’t offer any cPanel.
  • If you buy fo r2 year, you can avail the cheapest price of $1.99/mo./ Others you have to pay $3 per month. iPage offer all 3 types of support.
  • You will get $100 Ad credit from Google & Bing
  • They don’t offer any free SSL certificate.
  • Their customer support is available on all channels (phone supports are good for the US only) and is pretty decent.
  • If you want a free site builder with a hosting company, then you can use the ipage drag and drop website builder.
  • You can enjoy iPage online store builder and launch your eCommerce website in India like Amazon.

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#7. NameCheap

Best WordPress Recommended Hosting Provider You Can Trust

#8. DreamHost

Best Green Web Hosting Company

#9. GreenGeeks

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Provider 2018

#10. WPX Hosting

Best Managed VPS & Linux Cloud Hosting Provider

#11. RoseHosting

rosehosting reviewRoseHosting is this business since 2001 and they offer a very high quality fully managed service. And that is the reason their turnover rate is very low. They offer one of the best affiliate commission rates. They have customers and affiliates since 2001. They are very different and way better than any of the EIG owned hosting brands.

  • All RoseHosting hosting plans are fully managed with free premium 24/7/365 support.
  • Means, they will install, configure and optimize WordPress, for any of our customers for free.
  • They can speed up, migrate, harden the server and we can implement any caching mechanism of your choice.

Basically, RoseHosting act as a technology partner of our clients. Right now RoseHosting is offering a flat 25% discount coupon during Halloween Web Hosting Sale 2018. You have to apply the RoseHosting Coupon Code SPOOKY25. This offer is valid until 2nd November 2018 only.

Check Out RoseHosting VPS & Cloud Hosting Plans Now

Conclusion – Best WordPress Hosting Provider Companies in India

It’s not necessary to host your website in any India based hosting company. In fact, it is better to choose such a reliable company who has multiple servers across different countries. And only big companies and reputed companies can do the same.

That’s why in my list of best web hosting companies in India, I opted for all the popular and top hosting providers recommended & used by many pro-bloggers, internet marketers.

Personally, I am using a couple of them and hosted multiple websites on different hosting plans. This helps me to explore each hosting company and as per my need decide which host is good for which website.

So, let me conclude this article with my favorite top 3 WordPress hosting services within your budget.

  1. BlueHost: Choose Bluehost if you are starting with your first self-hosted blog as they provide free domain, free SSL certificate, free Cloudflare integration, easy to use cPanel, good live chat support and cheapest price for first 3 years. If you calculate, you can save huge money by choosing Bluehost. And besides that installing WordPress & setting others things are also too simple. So, best overall hosting provider. My website is hosted on Bluehost Plus hosting plan from last 2 years, I am satisfied with their service.
  2. SiteGround: SiteGround is one of the newest entry on the list of Top WordPress recommended hosting providers. Siteground hosting plans are really awesome and they offer few of the key things like very good customer support, in-build page speed improvement system using their super cache plugin. They have won a couple of Facebook poll as the Best WordPress hosting providers. It will cost you a little extra compared to Bluehost and their hosting plans are capped with monthly traffic limit.
  3. HostGator: Hostgator is the old player in this list of web hosting. Their shared hosting plans are designed in such a way that a beginner can easily learn and host their websites without any prior tech knowledge. Hostgator India plans are really cheap and it will hardly cost you Rs 3000-4000 every year. I have a couple of Indian traffic website hosted on Hostgator and they are really going well without any problem so far.

If you can afford a managed hosting, then go for WPX Hosting Plans only.

I hope this guide is easy enough to make decisions. As a beginner when spending is a big challenge, one always try to delay the decision of buying a hosting plan. But I would say that shared hosting plans are really cheap and they come up with many free resources.

Just invest a small amount and start your blog on any of these hosting plans. If you want, you can migrate to other web hosting at any time and that is very easy to do. I have migrated this website from Hostgator to Bluehost manually only.

So, write a comment below and let me know which is the best WordPress hosting company in India according to you and what is your reason or experience. Thank you for finding this article useful and sharing on social media.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. This will not cost you a single penny extra. Thanks for the understanding and rewarding me for my hard work.

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