100+ Blog Post Ideas That’ll Drive Traffic To Website in 2020

Want to increase organic traffic of your blog? Even after blogging for months, many people find it difficult to drive organic traffic to their websites. In that case, I would ask you a question: did you check your content? Are you writing articles which actually can drive organic traffic to your blog?

When I started my first blog, I was very much excited to share my knowledge on various topics. Due to that, I ended up writing more than 100 articles within 30 days of time. But I have noticed that my blog was hardly getting 10-15 page views/ day!

I know that, in the beginning, I was not good at on-page SEO factors. But later on, I have also realized that the kind of content I am writing is not actually searched by people.

So, I have started looking for what people were searching on Google. What kind of content actually attracts people and drives organic traffic to a blog. In this article, I will be sharing such 8 types of content you should be writing in your blog to drive more organic traffic.

How To Get Organic Traffic To Your Website By Writing Different Types of Content

Here I am not sharing about any particular niche. Rather, it is a broad discussion which you can easily adopt whatever niche you have.

#1. List-Based Articles

What exactly do you type on Google search when you are trying to buy something? I am sure it will start with Top 10 “Product name”. People love to research about products, read product reviews in a list-based format. So that they can easily compare those and choose the best one. So, you should try to write such list-based articles to help your readers.

Few examples of list-based articles on this website are:

#2. How To Articles

Whenever you try to find out any suitable guide, the immediate thing comes to your mind is How To “Keyword”. It can be anything. With the term how to, people try to find out a suitable tutorial, a guide to understand the certain process. This kind of articles is quite easy to write and can fetch huge organic traffic. Try to put relevant pictures and videos to make your tutorial more useful.

Few examples of How To articles on my website are:

#3. Write Product Review Articles & Comparison

Like Top 10 articles, people also search for specific product review articles before making any buying decisions. Most people read reviews, compare them with few others and then try to come to a decision.

If you are aware of Amazon affiliate sites, then you might have seen almost every article is in the form of  Best+”Product name”+Reviews”. In case you can write exclusive and detailed reviews, then your chance of ranking high will surely increase.

Here are few of the examples of product review and comparison articles on my website.

#4. Sharing Infographic

When reading a long content can be boring for many readers, you can attract them by sharing an attractive infographic. Creating infographic is very easy these days as you can use tools like Canva and use their free infographic templates. Of course, you have to spend money in case you want to create something unique.

Here are few awesome infographics on content writing from different blogs.

Info-graphics are the best content marketing strategy to make your blog post viral and bring huge referral traffic from Pinterest, as well as organic traffic. From a reader point of view, it is really amazing to read a huge article in the shorter format with a much better presentation.

#5. Add Modifiers To Your Blog Post Title

Modifiers play a big role to drive specific search. E.g. when you search for the latest Bluehost discount online, you generally type terms like Bluehost Coupon Code 2018. That means you want to find whether any Bluehost discount is available for this year or to be very specific for this month.

These kind words are called modifiers which attracts visitors attention and also increase your website’s CTR. Few of the popular modifier words in blogging are Best, Top, Buy, Scam, Year, Coupons etc. You can read this article about 50+ Modifiers to Boost Your SEO & Drive Sales to know more about modifiers and how to incorporate them into your blog post title to get free organic traffic.

I am especially using Best, Top and year (2018) in almost every affiliate and list-based article. In case of my coupon code articles, I also provide date and month format using Yoast SEO plugin. This will increase your CTR and drive good organic traffic to your blog.

#6. Take Interviews of Popular, Influential Bloggers in Your Niche

Nowadays people also search for blogger interviews to read individuals blogging journey. This is always motivating and give a boost to stick to your blogging plans. At least I am following this thing.

You can list out the top bloggers in your niche and contact them for sharing their interviews. You can share their detailed interviews with the inspirational blogging journey, various tips & tricks for newbie bloggers.  This will surely help you to get more referral traffic.

Whenever I feel saturated, I try to find out good interviews with many top bloggers and read their blogging journies, how they struggle and learn things from their own failures. This gives me enough boost to get back to my work again.

Here are few great bloggers’ interviews shared on different blogs.

#7. Organising Expert-Round Up Posts

Roundup posts are already a proven way to bring good traffic to your blog. When you prepare a roundup post covering various expert bloggers in your niche, then you will get a good amount of shares and promotions from all the bloggers included on that.

These kinds of round-up posts are actually gold mines of information, real-time experiences from where you can get so much practical knowledge. I am a big fan of reading such round-up posts as I can read what people did to get success, why they have failed to certain things and how they have recovered.

#8. In-depth Articles

This is the last point and the most effective point of this article. If you really want to drive organic traffic to your blog, then you have to write long content with in-depth information. The average content size which makes to the Google first page is more than 2000 words.

So, if you can produce an article with 4000 – 5000 words, then the chances of ranking high for any keyword will definitely increase. Although there are other factors like keyword competition, blogs’ authority etc. But this is a key practice which can really help your content to rank higher. And that means your content can easily drive free organic traffic.

Conclusion: Tips To Drive More Organic Traffic To Your Blog By Content Writing

There are various ways with which you can drive traffic to your blog. But organic traffic or the natural traffic is what you need to get the necessary conversion. The reason is very simple, if people find your website while searching for their queries then they will click your content and try to get benefited from that.

So, you must know what people are searching for and how. Accordingly, make your content plan, optimize your blog post titles and improve meta description to increase CTR. Altogether, it will help your content to rank higher and in return, your website will get huge organic traffic.

Hope this small guide will help you. I am sure there are many other types of content which can drive traffic to your website and I would love to know about them from you as well. Write a comment below and share your experiences here to make this article worthy for readers.

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