Bluehost Affiliate Program Review 2020 [Earn Up To $125/Sale]

Looking for the highest paying web hosting affiliate programs in 2019 to earn big commission? Then you are at right place as I am going to share my real-time experiences working with Bluehost Affiliate program in the last few years.

Web hosting niche is one of the most profitable, at the same time very competitive niche. That’s why every hosting company offers great commissions on selling off their plans. But do you think it is easy to earn money promoting web hosting affiliate programs? The answer is NO.

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What is Bluehost Affiliate Program?

The Bluehost affiliate program is similar to every other web hosting affiliate program only. You can promote their web hosting plans and on a successful transaction, you will earn a commission. This is a one-time commission, means you are not going to earn recurring commissions in case the customers renew the hosting plan.

bluehost affiliate

If you look for the popular hosting companies, without any doubt Bluehost will be on top of the list. I know there are a couple of Bluehost alternatives like Siteground, HostGator, A2  hosting etc. Not only that, the biggest advantage of promoting Bluehost is that they are still the # WordPress recommended hosting.

wordpress hosting

In this article, I will share my experience with Bluehost affiliate program and also try to share my honest Bluehost review so that one can find it useful. I hope you will find this Bluehost Affiliate Review 2019 useful and try to maximize your affiliate commission.

How much does Bluehost pay affiliates [Commission Structure]

By default, the starting commission is $65 per sale. But if you can make more sales, they will increase your commission rate to higher up to maximum $120/sale.

Right now I am getting at a rate of $75 / sale, but that is not due to an increase in a number of sales. But I have mentioned about their web hosting in 2-3 websites and that’s why they have increased my commission or bounty rate.

Here is a snapshot of my Bluehost earning so far. Although it’s not in millions, I was quite happy with my effort. You can see that the referring URL shows mypassiveincometips (which I have redirected to and a few other sales from (my wife’s blog).

bluehost affiliate program income report

My highest ever Bluehost Single Sale Commission is $120. I think this is the highest commission provided by any web hosting affiliate program. They did that during a promotional sale and during that, I got 2 sales.

Bluehost affiliate payment method

The best part of Bluehost affiliate program is that you can be totally tension free with the affiliate payout. You just spend your energy on promoting their programs. Whatever money you earn as the commission will be automatically paid to your PayPal account time to time. In fact, they are one of the best web hosting providers with the best affiliate payment system.

How to join Bluehost affiliate program

The best part of Bluehost affiliate is their commission structure. When the tops web hosting provider like Hostgator will pay you $50 per sale, Bluehost will share a commission of $65.

Not only that, if you can write an exclusive guide about how to install WordPress on Bluehost hosting plan, you will get a chance to get a commission of $75/sale. I have written a similar article to eligible for that commission.

Follow the step by Step guide to Sign up with your Bluehost account.

Step #1: First of all you have to click on the Bluehost Affiliate Sign Up link

Step #2: Next you will be directed to Affiliate Signup Form. It will look like below. Just fill up the basic information like your username, password, email address, and PayPal Account information. Make sure you are choosing the username carefully, as your username will be there on the referral link. Then submit the form.

bluehost affiliate sign-up

Step #3: After submitting the form you will get the details in your mail. You can directly login to your Bluehost Affiliate dashboard and start exploring various options.

Things to do After Joining Bluehost Affiliate Program

So, you are done with your Bluehost affiliate program and now you have to do these necessary things to make your Bluehost Account working for you.

Checklist #1: First choose your payment method. Bluehost provide Paypal as the only payment option. This is the best way to accept international payment if you are in India. If you don’t have a PayPal account then please open a Paypal account. You can open a Paypal account with the use of your Credit card or debit card also easily.

Checklist #2: Next, fill up the tax declaration form. You will find 2 types of forms available, fill the form accordingly and submit for review.

  1. W-9 Form: For US Citizen or Business (Resident Alien, Corporation, etc.)
  2. W-8BEN Form: For non-U.S. Persons

Checklist #3: Find out the Bluehost referral link that you need to use in your content. You can also opt for banners and other links from the Links section. If you need some specific banners, then you can easily contact Bluehost Affiliate team and they will help you.

Checklist #4: Make sure you read the complete terms & conditions of the Bluehost affiliate program, especially if you are planning to promote through Bluehost coupon. Bluehost never share any coupon code, so make sure you don’t use the term in the URL. This may ban your Bluehost account.

Checklist #5: Bluehost has updated their money back guaranty policy, so update your old content or write accordingly. And also make sure you kept an affiliate disclaimer on your website or every single article.

Why Bluehost Affiliate Program is So Popular?

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting company in the world and they are making sure that their brand is popular among everyone. Not only that, they are the most used web hosting programs across the world.

top countries use bluehost

They spend huge money for promotion and affiliate commission. As an affiliate marketer, it is always good to stick with an affiliate program who pays well on time without any issue and at that point, Bluehost Affiliate program has no comparison.

There are many high paying web hosting affiliate programs who also pay an even higher commission, but the way Bluehost is connecting with the bloggers and marketers is simply amazing. Their affiliate team very much active and help bloggers to promote their product in a better way.

Over the period of time, you might have seen a trend where every blogger shared a content explaining how to start a blog from scratch, and in that article, almost everyone mentions about Bluehost hosting plans only.

In fact, I did the same thing, but the conversion is not satisfactory yet and that is due to the high competition of this niche & product. It is very difficult to rank for popular keywords around Bluehost like Bluehost Review, Bluehost Coupon Codes, Bluehost Black Friday Sale etc.

Note: If you want to make money through affiliate commission, then you have to be very good in content marketing and ranking articles on top of Google search for related terms. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to get a good conversion.

Why You Must Check These Best Bluehost Affiliate Alternatives

Well, don’t take my words negatively even if it looks like. Actually, almost everyone is running after promoting Bluehost with the old methodologies.

The competition is very high these days and if you have some solid knowledge of SEO and link building then you can definitely try this.

I am not saying that you should not try, but the thing is you have to understand that this is one of the topmost hosting affiliate programs with which people like Harsh Agarwal, Pat Flynn, PinchofYum and many pro-bloggers making millions even today sharing a special cheapest Bluehost plans.

pat flynn recommending bluehost

You have to believe on your hard work and also keep faith on your luck that someone will click on your links and buy a Bluehost shared hosting plan.

In my case, I have migrated my website to Bluehost and now exploring Bluehost by sharing various useful tutorials and hosting knowledge. I have also shared some tricks which actually worked for me to earn a commission from Bluehost affiliate program.

There are many other good and popular web hosting companies who are also providing high commission structure. In fact, many top bloggers are moving to such hosting companies and started recommending them.

So, in short, I have to summarize why you must look for Bluehost Affiliate Alternatives in 2019, the major reasons are:

  • Due to the high competition, it is very difficult to promote article via blog post. As you will find it very difficult to rank your article for all Bluehost buyer keywords.
  • Bluehost is one of the many hosting companies under the EIG umbrella. This actually hits their reputation down and at the same time other hosting companies like SiteGrouns, A2 Hosting is started growing in business.
  • There are many negative reviews available online about Bluehost hosting plans. Especially people are complaining too much about their low-quality support. Although I did not find many in the last 2 years.
  • Competitors are offering more features especially to boost website speed, which is a most important ranking factor in 2019.

SiteGround Vs Bluehost affiliate

SiteGround is one of the best-rated WordPress hosting providers in 2019. They are grabbing the market very fast and has been proving themselves as the best alternatives of Bluehost shared hosting. Not only that, but SiteGround has a very good affiliate program also with a very good commission structure.

siteground affiliate program review

You can even make $125/ sale in case you can provide more than 21+ sale in a month. Here is the commission structure of SiteGround Affiliate Program.

Sign Up To SiteGround Affiliate Program

Bluehost Vs HostGator affiliate program

HostGator is another oldest web hosting provider. They are also in this business for a long time, but the best part is that their service is still reliable and their web hosting plans are really cheap. In fact web hosting plan wise, there is hardly any difference between HostGator & Bluehost.

hostgator affiliate program review

HostGator affiliate commission structure is also very good and it is almost similar to SiteGround only. HostGator is such a reliable hosting company from a long time that almost every marketer has one account with HostGator.

Sign Up To HostGator Affiliate Program

Bluehost Vs A2 Hosting affiliate program

A2 Hosting is the new entry and they are the most talked web hosting company in India. Yes, if you are looking for an India based hosting company with great support and high-quality plans then A2 Hosting is the answer. They are offering great commission structure to all their affiliates.

a2 hosting affiliate program review

A2 Hosting offers different coupon codes and promotion throughout the year. This makes little easy to promote their web hosting plans. Other than that they are the best SSD based hosting company in India. If you want to buy hosting plan using debit card [as you don’t have PayPal or Credit Card] then A2 Hosting is a very good alternative to SiteGround or Bluehost.

Sign Up To A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

Things To Note Before joining Bluehost Affiliate Program

  • The default Bluehost Affiliate payout amount is USD$100 within twelve months of the first Qualified Purchase
  • The affiliate referral fees are determined approximately 45 days after the end of the month in which the Qualified Purchase is recorded.
  • You are required to supply a PayPal address to receive payments.
  • You have to fill up the Bluehost Affiliate Tax Form after joining.
  • If you would prefer to receive payments by check, you must notify Bluehost and payments will be sent to the address you provide. Please note that payments by check take up to an additional thirty (30) days to arrive.
  • For larger affiliates with balances of over $10,000 per month, Bluehost offers a wire transfer option.
  • In the event that Bluehost re-issues any payment, a USD$35 charge will apply and be deducted from the Affiliate’s earnings.

Tips to Make Money With Bluehost Affiliate Program

Now the point is how to promote Bluehost so that one can purchase using your affiliate link and you can earn a commission. Here are few tips to promote Bluehost and make money online.

  • The best way to promote Bluehost is writing an exclusive Bluehost review article.
  • Other than that you can also create a post or page to share all Bluehost coupon codes or Bluehost discount at one page. E.g. right now Bluehost memorial days sale 2016 is going on where Bluehost is offering a web hosting plan @ $2.95/month only. This is the best time to make maximum money as a Bluehost affiliate.
  • Create some PPC ads using Google AdWords or Facebook ads to promote any special Bluehost sale.
  • Create a micro niche website on Bluehost coupon code and attract targeted traffic. Remember that using Bluehost in your domain name might lead to affiliate cancellation, as per Bluehost affiliate terms & conditions.
  • On special occasions in a year like Black Friday or Cyber Monday when all hosting companies share some coolest deals of the year, you can also write exclusive articles on Bluehost Black Friday Sale and grab people’s attention and earn more commission.
  • Write useful Bluehost hosting tutorials regularly to spread awareness, which will also convert sales in the future.

Winding Up The Bluehost Affiliate Program Review 2019

Top bloggers like Pat Flynn is making some 6 figure income from Bluehost affiliate itself. This is also telling that how much they have optimized their Bluehost promotional content or strategy and how much difficult it is to beat this competition.

But nothing to worry, as a better plan always beat the existing results. You just have to try always and put your honest effort continuously.

So, far in last 1 year, I was able to make around 30+ sales from Bluehost, which is quite good as per my efforts and time I put for that. But I know this is nothing in terms of earning money from an affiliate program. And the major difficulty I face is the high competition among affiliate marketers & bloggers.

You are confused with the hosting, then you must read these articles.

Which WordPress Plugins & Tools You Must Use

I know as a beginner you might be amazed reading the Bluehost affiliate success stories around the internet. But remember one thing, they are all expert marketers, who are champion in selling products.

If you are starting a blog on Bluehost then make sure you are doing enough research to craft your experience with Bluehost and then properly showcase them, so that you can let your visitors educate why they must sign up for Bluehost.

I would love to know how much money you make using Bluehost Affiliate Program so far? Do you recommend Bluehost as the best web hosting affiliate program? What are the other good hosting affiliate programs a newbie can promote and earn good commissions? Just write a comment below and share your thoughts.

bluehost affiliate
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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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  • Hi Santanu,

    Recently i have started writing on SEO related things. After reading your post on how to make money with bluehost affiliate program, I decided to write on bluehost affiliate program. I will signup with your affiliate link when i start writing on this article.


    • Thanks Vikas. Bluehost is one of the best web hosting affiliates who provide a high commission. Recently I am able to make 2 sales by promoting Bluehost shared hosting plans on Bluehost Memorial day sale.

  • Randy Lierman says:

    Great insights! This is a great help to my affiliate journey. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great post. You have explained clearly about bluehost affiliate program. Thanks for listing all methods how to promote bluehost.

  • often visit your blog mate! am starting a new affiliate blog on blue hosting this post is really helpful for me specially about the payment points.. at this moment am writing articles on servers and domains. thanks santanu for sharing good info!

    • You are most welcome charan. It is really a good idea to start a blog on Bluehost only. This will increase the authority and bring only targeted traffic which is most important for affiliate marketing. Keep up the good work and also share your learning here time to time.

    • Bluehost is one of most popular hosting affiliate program and many top bloggers are trying to create micro niche site around Bluehost discount or Bluehost coupon. I believe if you can build good links with quality article, then you can definitely be able to rank the website and then make good money as well.

  • Hi, Santanu this is my first time here and I really enjoyed your post but as I am also planning to promote bluehost on my blog but when I saw their commission structure they are providing $65 per sale right but how come you made $125 per sale. On the page of yours are “Bluehost India Coupons 2016″ are you promoting blue host india affiliate link or affiliate link. As it makes more sense since you are promoting bluehost india and visitors of india will feel hesitant when they see that they have to pay in dollors instead of INR.

    Also please tell me how to avail $75 per sale as you talked about” how to install blue host on wordpress”

    Waiting for your reply Santanu.

    Rohit Singh

    • Hi Rohit,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Actually I am promoting both Bluehost India and Last month Bluehost offered $120 bounty for all affiliates and I was able to make 3 sales from Regarding Bluehost India, I was able to make a single sale and I will be updating about Bluehost India Affiliates in my upcoming posts.

      I hope I am able to answer your queries. Feel free to share your further thoughts if any.. 🙂

      • ” if you can write an exclusive guide about how to install WordPress on Bluehost hosting plan, you will get a chance to get a commission of $75/sale. I have written a similar article to eligible for that commission”

        Please clarify this Santanu thanks in advance

        • Yes, the default promotional bounty for Bluehost affiliate program is $65 only. But based on your promotional strategy you will get higher commission rate as well, for that you have to contact Bluehost affiliate team for more details. The best way to do is by writing a Start a blog article or How to install WordPress on Bluehost.

  • Dear Santanu,

    I wanted to offer small bespoke website design for free, joomla or wordpress websites. I will have a form that users will use to upload the content they need, then I will just build the website for them within a short period. The only catch is I will tell them they require hosting my hosting service at 120usd per year or encourage them use more professional Bluehost services through my affiliate link. It will have to be either of the two. My question is can that be considered as a bleach of affiliate guidelines.

    Thanks for your help.

    • I think regarding terms you should contact their Bluehost affiliate team to get clarification. They are very prompt and helpful while responding and I am asking them many questions time to time.

  • I think, it is a must join program. I would check out and i am waiting to earn my affiliate income through Bluehost. I suggest you to write a review on Ipage web hosting affiliate sale.

  • Great achievement Santanu….even i have join Bluehost affiliated program and this tuturial will really help me in making some passive income through this program..thanks for sharing this information…!!!

    • Thank you for finding this useful. Bluehost has become very popular and that’s why competition is also high. I think now a days its little difficult to make money using Bluehost.

  • Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to create an online business. Any programmes that are easy to join and have good products to sell will be good to join. Bluehost has a great affiliate programme.

    Enjoy the journey!

    • Thank you Mandy for your comments. I think choosing the right product is the key to get success and make money in affiliate marketing. Bluehost affiliate niche has almost saturated and has been targeted by many pro-bloggers and SEO experts. So as a beginner it may be difficult to beat the competition and make decent income from this Bluehost affiliate program. Besides that, one can find some profitable low competition Amazon product and start building a niche website to make money.

  • Santanu!!

    Thanks for this review, currently i am monetized my blog with ipage affiliate program but after reading your post i will definitely try bluehost affiliate program.


    • Hi Maria, iPage is also a good web hosting and I think cheaper hosting provider. Bluehost is spending more on promoting and that’s why everyone is get attracted to their affiliate program. As a web hosting provider, I read mixed reviews about Bluehost, but personally I found its good in last one year. Looking forward to explore more and share my experience through this website.

  • What a detailed guided post you have written there Santanu!
    This makes perfect sense. It seems I was talking to you and cleared all my doubts and questions. Congratulations for your commission with them anyway. Good luck ahead!

    • Thank you Pankaj for your kind words. I tried to share my knowledge and learning so far with Bluehost, but I am share there are many more things to learn.

  • Hey Santanu,
    I have read several things about bluehost and various piece of article including many on the bluehost website itself. But nothing clears the concept as much as this article does.
    I am looking forward to make money through bluehost affiliate program once i have enough traffic rolling into my blog.

    • Thank you for finding my efforts useful. You can share your experience after getting some success with Bluehost affiliate program. Good luck.

  • Thank you for the tips. I agree about the competitor being the more likely choice due to a lower price point – heck- I signed up through pinch of yum for the $2.95 but I gave it a shot because I do believe in bluehost and I thoroughly recommend it. It’s just unfortunate that people starting out have a higher price point but all you can do is work hard to meet their standard.

    Thanks again

    • Yes, the competition is really high as almost every blogger is trying to promote Bluehost plans. But in another way, there is huge demand and Bluehost is really selling anything and that’s why it is worth to put your efforts as well. But at the same time, one should also work on other affiliates parallelly.

  • Bluehost affiliate programs pay, never believe but tried them and I got paid within my first 2 months of joining th

    • Yes, Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting affiliate programs. They have paid millions so far to many affiliates. I have shared my Bluehost affiliate account screenshots as well.

  • Great post bro

    I use bluehost for a while now and it is really amazing to use, no regrets promoting them

  • Since BlueHost is part of the Endurance Group, it offers pretty much the same model as other EIG brands like iPage and A Small Orange.

    From my personal experience, this is what you can make the max of some of the brands that I’ve tried.

    BlueHost up to 10 referrals per month: $120 per sale.
    iPage up to 10 referrals per month: $150 per sale.

  • Very good. You have done a lot of research. I have got a lot of help for Blogging, which I very well understood, thank you.

  • Thanks for the encouragement. Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting company and undoubtedly their affiliate program is the best. You can earn a very good amount of money by joining Bluehost affiliate program in 2020.

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