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40+ AppSumo Deals For April 2020 [Lifetime Deals & Discounts]

Waiting for upcoming AppSumo deals for April 2020? Then let me tell you that AppSumo has disclosed their April 2020 lifetime deals & offers on more than 10 software & tools. I update this page regularly with every single upcoming AppSumo Deals [Last Update on April 8th, 2020].



Deal Price

Deal Page

Get the Sumo-ling royal treatment with AppSumo Plus

$99.00 $500.00

Superfast collection, sharing, and management of real video testimonials

$69.00 $828.00

Deliver dynamic content to visitors based on their characteristics and site interactions

$49.00 $199.00

Create, schedule, and analyze all your social media posts

$39.00 $683.00

Your favorite stock image deal is back and more affordable than ever

$39.00 $299.00

Easy phone number validation for 240+ international calling codes

$49.00 $120.00

Create better business proposals faster with totally customizable templates

$49.00 $349.00

An accurate and automated way to clean up your email lists

$49.00 $649.00

Customize referral campaigns in minutes that get people talking about your business

$59.00 $1500.00

Easily digitize business cards with the world’s most accurate AI-powered scanner

$9.00 $14.99

Instantly convert blog posts into high-quality audio to expand accessibility and reach

$49.00 $180.00

Boost page speeds and SEO rankings with effortless image resizing, optimization, and CDN delivery

$49.00 $348.00

60+ customizable, plug-and-play widgets to upgrade your website

$49.00 $180.00

Make podcast magic with professional audio processing, recording, and post-production

$39.00 $99.00

The shared inbox solution that transforms email communication into team collaboration

$49.00 $2294.00

Communicate, collaborate and manage emails all in one place

$59.00 $220.00

Super-fast, unbranded video hosting for your website

$69.00 $1188.00

Boost email replies and track messages with a simple system that automates follow-ups

$49.00 $144.00

Sell, deliver, and manage your audio programs online from one seamless platform

$99.00 $1188.00

Boost page speed and improve SEO ranking with automatically optimized images

$49.00 $120.00

Get more out of meetings with an advanced, versatile webinar platform

$99.00 $144.00

Get more leads and increase sales by streamlining communication

$59.00 $784.00

Scale lead generation by finding, verifying, and contacting leads with one tool

$49.00 $1500.00

Improve customer communications and support by tracking their unique behavior

$59.00 $2884.00

A simple Google Chrome plugin to create great videos by recording your webcam or screen

$39.00 $1308.00

Design and manage award-winning emails inside WordPress

$49.00 $499.00

Book meetings, host calls, and automate invoicing all in one place

$99.00 $348.00

A better way to build WordPress forms, sign-ups, surveys, polls, and checkouts

$49.00 $69.00

A comprehensive tool to track SaaS trials and drive conversions

$59.00 $1188.00

Use real-time social proof to skyrocket your conversions

$49.00 $1200.00

Manage employee data and put your HR admin work on auto-pilot

$79.00 $792.00

Grow your email list by collecting verified emails with social opt-in links

$49.00 $1190.00

Engage visitors and convert leads with customized, automated marketing campaigns

$49.00 $2640.00

Create customized videos for social media in only a few clicks

$69.00 $600.00

Get more done with a cloud-based video calling and presentation solution

$69.00 $684.00

Know exactly where your emails go, from ‘send’ to sale

$59.00 $155.88

Grow your YouTube channel with easy-to-use tools

$49.00 $400.00

A website builder with all the bells and whistles

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$69.00 $599.00

Connect with your customers on Facebook Messenger and Telegram

$49.00 $167.76

A library full of professional, royalty-free stock videos

$39.00 $400.00

A powerful platform to fully manage meeting content

$49.00 $2398.00

Things You Must Know About AppSumo Deals

appsumo deals

So, keep a track of this page to stay updated with all the latest deals & offers from AppSumo. Just remember a few things before availing these deals.

  • You will get lifetime deals on AppSumo (one-time payment for life).
  • They don’t pick any product, you will get all quality products with best AppSumo deals.
  • As soon as the deals disclosed, they will finish in the next 2-3 days.
  • You will get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The top AppSumo deals you should not miss

1.Videopeel Lifetime Deal

VideoPeel is a user-friendly platform for collecting, managing, and sharing video testimonials from one centralized location.

  • Unlimited custom video collection campaigns
  • Remote video capturing (phone, tablet, & desktop)
  • Video hosting, transcoding and encryption
  • Reply to submission directly from VideoPeel
  • Video syndication (YouTube and Facebook)

Price: Actual price $828.00. But after AppSumo Deals you will get a discounted price of $69.00 only.

2.SendFox Lifetime Deal

SendFox is an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators that lets you compose and send unlimited customized emails.

  • Scheduled email campaigns at any time of the day
  • Unlimited triggered automation (with unlimited emails per automation)
  • Lists and tagging to keep your contacts separated
  • WYSIWYG email editor to make writing emails easy
  • Advanced analytics to track opens, clicks, and more

Price: Actual price $240.00. With AppSumo Deals you have to pay of $49.00 only.

3.Elfsight Lifetime Deal

Elfsight is an all-in-one platform with 60+ ready-made, customizable widgets to boost your website with zero coding required.

  • Lifetime access to 60+ Elfsight widgets
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future updates to the widgets included in your plan
  • Only for new Elfsight users who do not have existing accounts
  • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason

Price: Actual price $180.00. With AppSumo Deals you have to pay of $49.00 only.

4.Soundwise Lifetime Deal

Soundwise is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create and sell audio products online while fostering your community of listeners.

  • No transaction fee on audio program sales
  • Unlimited audio storage and hosting
  • Uploading of companion materials (PDFs, texts, images)
  • Audio recording from dashboard
  • One-click deployment of free soundcasts to Apple, Google & Spotify Podcasts

Price: Actual price $1188.00. With AppSumo Deals you have to pay of $99.00 only.

5.Play.ht Lifetime Deal

Play.ht lets you instantly convert blog posts and written content into audio files that can be embedded or distributed as podcasts.

  • Lifetime access to Play.ht
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Customizable audio player
  • Publish to iTunes
  • GDPR Compliant

Price: Actual price $180.00. With AppSumo Deals you have to pay of $49.00 only.

6.MailPoet Lifetime Deal

MailPoet helps you stand out in any inbox by creating and delivering beautiful emails directly from WordPress.

  • Lifetime access to MailPoet
  • All future plan updates
  • Only for new MailPoet users who do not have existing accounts
  • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

Price: Actual price $499.00. With AppSumo Deals you have to pay of $49.00 only.

7.Boost Lifetime Deal

Boost is a unique email list building tool that uses social network APIs to quickly create opt-in links so you can generate more leads.

  • 5,000 New leads per month
  • All available social networks
  • Unlimited pixels/tracking codes
  • White-label: domain, dashboard, portal
  • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason

Price: Actual price $1190.00. With AppSumo Deals you have to pay of $49.00 only.

8.HR Partner Lifetime Deal

HR Partner is a comprehensive HR platform where you can manage employee data and HR processes all in one place.

  • Employee Management
  • Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Employee Onboarding Checklists
  • Recruitment & Applicant Tracking
  • Leave Requests, Approvals, & Accruals

Price: Actual price $792.00. With AppSumo Deals you have to pay of $79.00 only.

9.Swarmify SmartVideo Lifetime Deal

SmartVideo is an unbranded video host that offers super-fast and buffer-free playback, plus unlimited bandwidth, encoding, and storage.

  • Unbranded, lightweight video player
  • Unlimited bandwidth & storage
  • 100K Monthly video views
  • Video acceleration (Instant start + stall prevention)
  • Automated YouTube and Vimeo conversions

Price: Actual price $1188.00. With AppSumo Deals you have to pay of $69.00 only.

10.Depositphotos Lifetime Deal

Depositphotos is a library with over 100 million high-quality and royalty-free stock photos and vector images.

  • 100 photo/vector downloads from Depositphotos
  • All images are royalty-free
  • Images may be used for commercial purposes, both online and print
  • Images can be downloaded at any time
  • Image usage rights are revoked upon refunding

Price: Actual price $299.00. With AppSumo Deals you have to pay of $39.00 only.

FAQs Related To AppSumo Lifetime Deals

How AppSumo Started?

AppSumo was founded in 2011 with the sole intention of providing awesome products to end-users at a great price. If you check their about us page you will find more information related to this.

How AppSumo Works?

They generally collaborate with tech companies and host their products on their website with the best lifetime deals. If you have explored the above mentioned AppSumo deals, then you will easily understand how AppSumo is working. And as a customer, it is insane to get such a huge discount on popular software or tools.

How AppSumo Makes Money?

It’s very obvious that AppSumo will make money by sharing the profit or getting a commission from each product sale. Although I didn’t find any proper reference for the same, this is how it looks like only.

What Is A Lifetime Deals & Is It really Lifetime?

Yes, when a product gets featured on AppSumo they make sure the product will be available for the buyer for a lifetime. That means till the time the product will available and that is how they agreed with every product owner.

How long these AppSumo deals will valid?

There is no such expiry date or validity attached to the product. It depends up product to product. But generally, they went live for 1-week approx. Sometimes the deal may end up in 2-3 days due to the popularity of the product. But you can keep track of the upcoming AppSumo deals as the same deal may come back in the future as well.

Conclusion: Don’t Miss These AppSumo Deals (April 2020)

AppSumo is the #1 platform to find breathtaking deals on popular software & business tools. They come up with new product promotions every week and the deals are simply amazing.

I will be updating this page with all upcoming AppSumo deals for next month. Right now make sure you grab the AppSumo deals for April 2020. They will be available for a few days only. For more updates, keep a track of this page regularly.

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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