10 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups and Small Businesses 2019

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Whether you are planning a startup or own a small business, it is important to build a strong digital marketing strategy to succeed amid the neck tight market competition.

In this era of the smartphone revolution, the behavior of consumers are changing drastically. Online promotions directed towards building brand identity and reputation in a systematic way can help your business grow bigger within a short span of time.

Since budget is the key factor for most startups and small businesses when it comes to online marketing for a new brand, here are some sure shot digital marketing strategies for 2019 that will help your business outshine the competitors at minimal costs.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

1. Launch an Engaging Email Marketing Campaign

There is quite a buzz in the digital marketing industry pointing to the downsides of email marketing. But, email marketing is not dead yet. Instead, it is one of the most successful, low cost and effective ways to strengthen the relationship with your target audience.

To make sure, your newsletters do not appear spammy to the recipients, here are some tips to remember while developing the email copy:

  • Make sure to send emails to your target audience only
  • Be careful when building your email list
  • Send all newsletters from a single address, your customers can recognize
  • Write a catchy subject line containing the main information
  • Address the customer by name
  • Customize your emails with particular offers based on the consumer’s purchase history/ interests
  • Keep the length of the newsletter short
  • The information in the email should be complete and easy to understand
  • Add pictures and graphics to make the email fun and interesting
  • Do not forget to add one or more call to action (CTA) asking the customers to visit your website, click a link in the email, grab an offer, invitation to take a survey or submit feedback

2. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

According to the research by Statista,

[click_to_tweet tweet=”By the year 2020, the number of smartphone users will cross 2.8 billion.” quote=”By the year 2020, the number of smartphone users will cross 2.8 billion.” theme=”style3″]

The portable large screen gadget has emerged as the medium for seeking information over the internet.

Customers are online throughout the day, even when traveling. Considering this massive transition, the popularity of responsive web design is highly growing among webmasters.

It takes some easy efforts and bit of investment to upgrade an existing website with a new seamless, highly functional and optimized responsive WordPress theme.

3. Use Chatbots to Improve Customer Relationship

As per the survey conducted by Salesforce, over 51% of marketing professionals are making use of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to spread information, improvise communications and help the consumers to make informed decisions.

Considering this growth, the trend is likely to grow by 27% in 2019.

AI-powered Chatbots has emerged as one of the most popular and cost-effective digital marketing tools for small businesses to receive orders, send automated responses, answer queries and so much more.

Many marketers are already making big bucks through integrated customized chatbots on their mobile app and websites. It is an excellent idea for the small business owners to incorporate messenger apps like Slack, Whatsapp or similar other platforms to communicate with their customers.

4. Create Google My Business (GMB) Profile

According to the research reports generated by netmartketshare in January 2018, Google is the largest search engine in the world accounting 74.52% of the net searches worldwide.

The Google My Business (GMB) Page is yet another free tool from Google for the small businesses to improve local search marketing. Business and contact information on GMB helps to build brand reliability on the internet and connect with your target audience.

Having a GMB profile is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies that will help your customers to find you on the world’s leading search engine with complete information including Google+, Google Search and Maps.

Once you create the GMB page for your business, you can track insights, use the Google Analytics and Adwords tool, contact page visitors through Hangouts and much more on the easy to access account dashboard.

5. Use Video Marketing to Convey Product Knowledge

The importance of video marketing is growing and is all set to make all the difference in the coming time for every business. Most marketers are doing well shooting a simple explainer video using any standard smartphone.

A short video exhibiting your product/business concept helps in comprehensive understanding for the visitors within a couple of minutes or less. It can take up to 10 to 15 minutes to read a long text on your website apart from seeming too monotonous to read the entire content.

As per the research by Hubspot,

[click_to_tweet tweet=”More than 54% of the consumers prefer to see the video content from a brand before choosing a product. ” quote=”More than 54% of the consumers prefer to see the video content from a brand before choosing a product. ” theme=”style3″]

Moreover, an eye-catching video on your landing page is likely to raise the conversion rates by 80%.

Live video marketing is yet another interesting way to communicate with the target audience and deliver your brand message. Today several businesses use Facebook Live as a powerful medium to conduct live webinars, host events, offer online classes, take interviews and so much more.

6. Create an Appealing Facebook Page to Promote Your Brand

Having an engaging Facebook page is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies of current age. If you already have a dynamic presence on Facebook and popular among friends, it is easy to move a step ahead towards marketing products and services on this social media platform.

Create a business page, start a new Facebook group (like this one), to explore multiple options to connect with your target audience within a few days. It is simple, effective to launch brand awareness campaign even free of cost. For those who are new to Facebook promotions, herein are some quick tactics to make your efforts successful:

Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

There are a lot of options to customize your page to accord a professional look to your business profile on Facebook. You can post photos of your shop or even promote services, an eCommerce store and much more.

Make your profile look complete and reliable by adding the business address, contact number, business hours, website and other details. For enhanced communication, you can provide an email address or prompt the visitors to contact through the Facebook messenger.

Publish Posts Frequently

To succeed in your campaign, you must publish engaging posts at regular intervals (if possible one per day) or at least 4 times a week.

Make sure all the posts are related to the type of product or services you are trying to promote on the page. The posts can include festive offers, voucher codes or even product information.

Promote Your Page

There are many ways to promote your page on Facebook. Once you create a complete profile, invite your friends to view/like the page.

This is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies for small business owners to maximize business presence online. With little investment, you can also use the boost post tool to reach out to the consumers quickly.

7. Start a Blog for Your Business

It is not an easy task for startup business owners to start a blog from scratch. However, there are several reasons to create a blog related to your small/ startup business.

  • WordPress alone accounts for over 400 million views every month.
  • Around 47% internet users read blog posts regularly either published on the social media or other networks.
  • According to the web analytics, businesses running a blog receives 55% more traffic compared to a business without a blog
  • It is easy to drive traffic to your website from an informative business blog
  • Blogs with quality content help to convert visitors into long term potential customers

However tough it may be, having an active blog is one of the most important digital marketing strategies for startups to get the needed boost.

8. Use Simple and Clutter-free Infographics

While adding relevant pictures amid the text content is interesting and useful to engage the visitors, you can augment the impact with infographics.

Before structuring your content, consider the following aspects about infographics and why they are so important for driving traffic to your website.

  • Eases the process of delivering information quickly
  • Offers a summary of data or statistics in just a glance
  • Helpful for creating the perfect brand message for the target audience
  • Useful for grabbing the attention of visitors on social media sites and generate traffic to the business website

When developing infographics, there are certain elements to make them engaging and meaningful.

  • Maintain standard text font so that it is comfortable to read and understand
  • Use neutral colors as the base to highlight texts and graphics, while making it soothing for the eyes
  • The infographic should be fun and informative carrying the brand message clearly
  • Maintain average length of around 8000 pixels for the entire body of the infographic
  • Give a catchy but contextual title

9. Maintain the Right Keyword Balance In Your Contents

When it comes to developing contents for your website, blog and social media accounts, the most important step to get started is choosing the most important keywords based on the type of products or services.

Whether you are optimizing your contents for the social media or the search engines, it is the related search terms that help the customers to find the products and services on the internet.

Optimizing your contents for the high performing local keywords and semantic searches is one of the best digital marketing strategies to implement. It plays an eminent role in beating the tight market competition.

While performing and planning the keyword strategy, there are certain factors to consider:

  • It is important to find the accurate keywords to match the search terms of your niche customers/ target audience
  • Use local keywords
  • Do not stuff your contents with too many keywords
  • Maintaining low keyword density helps to improve results for organic searches
  • Use head terms, semantic and long tail keywords in your articles and blog posts
  • Local keywords help you rank higher on the search engines for local searches
  • Use Keyword research tools to find the right combination of keywords for your business

10. Create an Instagram Profile for Your Brand

[click_to_tweet tweet=”With over 800 million active users every month, Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular platforms for the brand owners to build an identity in the competitive market.” quote=”With over 800 million active users every month, Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular platforms for the brand owners to build an identity in the competitive market.” theme=”style3″]

From entrepreneurs to small businesses, there is ample scope for the brand owners to make the platform shoppable and increase sales. When creating and optimizing your Instagram account, there are certain factors to consider to maximize conversions.

  • Content with relevant, accurate and unique hashtags is essential to appear in the search results
  • Videos and photos in the Instagram Stories help to drive traffic to a company’s website, blog, product page etc
  • Adding shortened links in the profile bio is yet another strategy to get organic traffic
  • The Instagram Business profile is a free feature to receive shoppable feeds
  • Getting high with the increasing number of followers is prospective opportunity to make money with affiliate marketing on this app

Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups and Small Business: Conclusion

The above mentioned digital marketing strategies and tactics are all set to make the difference for marketers and business owners in the coming time.

However, there is no reason to limit your efforts to these ideas alone. Social media is a very strong platform to build brand awareness. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and other networks have dense traffic of active users throughout the day and very helpful for the businesses to find the target audiences quickly.

The startups, as well as existing small business owners, are doing well with content marketing. No matter how well you try to optimize your website for the search engines, it is not possible to grow your traffic and sales without the availability of high quality, informative and unique content. Content planning and development takes the giant share of all your digital marketing efforts.

Last but not least, digital marketing is a continuous process wherein the perseverance, research and ability to adopt the emerging marketing trends helps the marketers to achieve the business goals and grow bigger.

Did I miss anything important? Please feel free to share your favorite digital marketing strategies, which have worked well for your business.

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