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How do you check Domain Authority of any website or your competitors? Although MOZ is a very popular tool to check domain authority online, one can’t check multiple domains using MOZ domain authority checker.

Then what are the best MOZ DA checker alternatives? In this article, I will be sharing the list of free bulk domain authority checker tools which will be very handy for every blogger & internet marketers.

  1. Domain Authority Checker from
  2. Website Authority Checker from
  3. Bulk Domain Authority Checker from
  4. Bulk DA Checker from
  5. Open Site Explorer Tool from MOZ [DEAD]
  6. Bulk Domain Authority & Page Authority Checker –
  7. Domain Authority Checker – Bulk Check DA & PA – SEO Weather
  8. Bulk Domain Authority & Page Authority Checker – PrePost SEO [My Pick]
  9. Bulk Domain Authority, Page Authority & MozRank Checker –
  10. Domain authority checker | DA checker PA Check domain authority –

What is Domain Authority

In simple terms with domain authority, one can easily understand how good or bad is any website’s matrix. Domain authority value ranges from 0-100.

Domain authority is a matrix calculated by SEOmoz or MOZ. They generally update DA matrix in every month, but not 100% sure.

Generally, there should be some criteria to judge a website or power of a domain to rank higher in Goole. And domain authority is doing exactly the same thing. Although one can’t say that these matrices are 100% correct, but it is very useful and almost matches with the calculation.

A new website will always have domain authority 0. With time and regular work, DA of website increases. You can check my article on how to increase your website’s domain authority fast.

Domain Authority VS Page Authority VS Trust Flow

Well, with domain authority we can understand the power of the entire domain. And similarly, there are 2 other matrices available, page authority and trust flow. They are almost doing the same thing, but with a little difference.

Domain authority score will tell you about the authority of the domain, while page authority will only give you the score for your websites individual page. If your website is having a good page authority, that means most of the articles on your website is having good ranking in search engines.

Trust Flow or TF is another popular matric from Majestic SEO. This is also another good score to judge a website, how strong the website is to rank a keyword higher in Google search. Trust flow improves with a regular posting schedule, regular social share and that is only possible with quality content.

These 3 matrices are very much useful for every blogger or SEO professionals to determine the strength or authority of any website.

Why You Need A Domain Authority Checker

So, the very basic thing to increase your website’s DA is by getting quality backlinks from other website’s having good domain authority.

In that case, whenever you are looking for any guest post or sponsored post on other websites you should know how much domain authority you are targetting. So that your investment can be worthy.

In various Facebook groups, these days people are offering the paid guest post of free guest post opportunities on their websites claiming high DA and PA matrix. It is always better to get the website URL first and then verify the same using any of these bulk domain authority checker tools.

Note: Just want to mention don’t do these common guest blogging mistakes.

How To Check Domain Authority & Page Authority in Bulk ( More Than 1 Website)

You can easily install the domain authority checker chrome extension and find out DA of any site. Check out the Domain Authority Google Chrome extension, if you are using Google Chrome as your default browser.

Simply click on that link and then add the extension. After installing you will find the stats on the right side of chrome everytime you visit a website.

Otherwise, you can also install Moz toolbar to keep a track of not only DA but other Moz factors like Moz trust, spam score, Moz authority and many more.

But, this way you have to check DA of any website one-by-one. In case you want to check domain authority of more than one website at the same time? Here I use the most popular bulk domain authority checker tools from

Step #1: First of all you have to visit their website’s DA checker tool using this link.

Step #2: Provide the name of your website one by one with HTTP or HTTPS. E.g. here I am checking the DA of my website, &

bulk domain authority checker

Step #3: Click on the CHECK AUTHORITy button and wait for few seconds to get the result. You will get DA, PA, MOZ rank, IP address etc.

best domain authority checker

Note: This data is taken on 23.05.2018 which will definitely change with time. It may go up or go down depending on various factors while calculating domain authority as per my efforts behind each domain.

Have you checked your domain authority recently? MOZ has updated the DA score recently and this is the time to check your DA score and start taking further actions to improve your domain authority to attract advertisers & bloggers. You can also share your favorite bulk domain authority checker tool by writing a simple comment below.

Top 10 Free Bulk Domain Authority Checker & Chrome Extension
Top 10 Free Bulk Domain Authority Checker & Chrome Extension

How do you check Domain Authority of any website or your competitors? Although MOZ is a very popular tool to check domain authority online, one can't check

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