​​​​Invitation To Participate In Expert Roundup Post

Hello Bloggers,

2018 is going to end in the next few days and we are up for welcoming the new year. So, what are your blogging plans for 2019?

As a blogger, we did many experiments where we got success as well as failures. But, ultimately what we learned from that experience matters the most.

Every blogger is a fighter, even after the failure we come back strongly with new plans to continue our passion.

I want to start 2019 with a solid blogging plan and here are my blogging resolutions.

  • Organizing an expert round-up post on my website https://www.bloggingjoy.com.
  • Work extensively on improving my website content, with better keyword research, data and more words.
  • Continuing my Running journey and able to run smoothly a couple of 10K events.

What Is Your New Year Blogging Resolution for 2019?

I am inviting you to take part in this roundup post and share your learnings & experiences of 2018 and most importantly your New Year’s Blogging Resolution, Blogging plans to take your blog to next level in 2019.

Google Form Linkhttps://goo.gl/forms/yf18PXG2qsDo127g2

  • Deadline: 28th DEC, 2018
  • Go Live: 1st JAN, 2019

I am sure, this way we can explore each other’s strategies at one place and grow together. So, please spend some time to fill up this form so that I can feature your valuable thoughts in this Expert Round-Up post.

This is my first roundup post and I don’t have any previous experience. So, please feel free to provide your suggestions to execute it smoothly. Your suggestions & pieces of advice are always welcome. 🙂

expert roundup
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