How To Fix Slow WordPress Site On Bluehost (Improve Website Speed Tutorial)

Do you think your WordPress is very slow on Bluehost hosting? Then you are at the right place as I will help you to fix slow WordPress hosting on Bluehost.

I have used Bluehost Shared hosting & Bluehost Cloud hosting plans a few years back. So I am well aware of this problem. After that, I have migrated this website from Bluehost To SiteGround hosting. You can check out my web hosting company by using this website.

who is hosting my website

So, in my SiteGround Vs Bluehost comparison, I have shared everything in detail and you can easily find out that SiteGround offers a lot of premium features & fast servers compared to Bluehost. With SiteGround GoGeek plan, I am not facing any slow WordPress site issue. In fact, I wrote a detailed website speed optimization guide where I have mentioned more than 20+ points to get a fast loading website.

Steps To Fix Slow WordPress Site On Bluehost

Now, as you are using Bluehost shared hosting plan and facing a slow WordPress site issue, here are a few steps you can take to get a fast loading website on Bluehost itself.

1. Uninstall All Unnecessary Plugins

To run a successful WordPress blog, you need all the necessary WordPress plugins. But mostly I found people are installing many plugins for certain features which are not necessary. With every single plugin, additional JavaScript, HTML, CSS files are going to add on your website and it impacts your website speed. So, make sure to remove all such plugins.

Besides that, there are many plugins that cost HIGH-CPU usage. Identify such plugins and find a good alternative plugin. This kind of plugins is also responsible for your slow WordPress site on Bluehost problem.

2. Update To Latest PHP Version

If your server is not updated with the latest PHP version, then you are risking your website. Yes, below PHP 7.2 version servers are not secure and can’t provide good speed. They also lack a lot of new good features. That’s why check your PHP version now and update it to the latest version.

siteground cpanel php version upgrade

If your web hosting plan doesn’t support to latest PHP version, then you must switch to a fast hosting plan like SiteGround, A2 Hosting, etc. I have shared a detailed guide on how to update the PHP version for WordPress sites. I am sure you will find that useful.

3. Install WP Rocket Cache Plugin

There are many good cache plugins available for WordPress. But I only trust WP Rocket plugin and use that on my blog too. WP Rocket plugin is a very powerful cache plugin that will take a lot of your headache and make sure to handle the majority of speed-related issues. Just spend $49/year for 1 website and get this plugin now only. My website is loading fast because of this plugin only.

wp rocket facebook poll result

4. Optimize Your Images

If you are using a huge number of images on your website, then you must optimize your images.

  • Choose the right image format like png, jpeg, gif as they are the best file format and supported by all popular web browsers.
  • Always compress the images before uploading them to your WordPress site. You can use websites like TinyPNG,, etc.
  • Use the Image Optimisation plugin. You can get this feature with SiteGround SG Optimizer Plugin and WP Rocket plugin.
  • Activate Lazy Load images so that you can render image loading and speed up your website loading. For that, you can install any Lazy Load Plugin or if your website is on SiteGround, with SG Optimizer you will get this feature. This can be done with WP Rocket Plugin also.

5. Disable Unnecessary WordPress Settings

There many default WordPress settings that are in no use for u, but they are consuming a lot of bandwidth & CPU usage without our knowledge. To get them removed, I have installed another plugin called WP Disable. Just install that plugin and disable unwanted WordPress features as per the below screenshots.

  • Disable Emojis. This is an extra .js file that WordPress adds. Unless you absolutely love emojis, you can safely get rid of it.
  • Remove Query Strings. This is something that a lot of testing tools will ding you for.
  • Change the Heartbeat API frequency to 60 seconds. This lessens the load on your server while still giving you the benefits of the Heartbeat API.
  • Change Revisions to 1. While some people like to completely disable revisions, I find it helpful to still store at least one revision. It still lessens the load, while also giving you at least one revision in case something goes wrong with your current draft.
  • Disable Google Maps embeds. If you absolutely need Google Maps, you can leave it on. But most sites can get by without direct Google Maps embeds. The plugin will let you exclude certain pages if you just need to use Google Maps on a specific page.

6. Install Cloudflare

This is another crucial activity to get a fast loading website on Bluehost. Yes, if you are facing a slow WordPress site issue on Bluehost WordPress hosting plan then make sure to activate the Cloudflare account on Bluehost. Bluehost offers settings through cPanel itself with the help of a single click. Just activate and enjoy a fast loading website.

setup cloudflare with siteground

7. Optimize Your Database

If your database is not well optimized, it can slow down your WordPress admin area. I faced that a lot while using Bluehost, but right now has zero issues after shifted to SiteGround & installing WP Rocket Plugin. This can be easily done using WP Rocket Plugin, but if you don’t have that plugin you can install another plugin WP-Optimize and optimize your database.

wp rocket database optimisation

8. Switch To Fast Hosting (SiteGround)

After applying all of these settings also if you think your website is loading slow on Bluehost, then it’s time to switch to a better hosting plan. Switch to SiteGround GrowBig plan as a beginner or GoGeek plan if you have a high traffic website.

SiteGround offers multiple premium features that will make sure your hosting servers are high quality, secure and fast loading. Besides that their support in incredible.

SiteGround Server Resources GrowBig Vs StartUp

SiteGround has been voted as #1 Best WordPress hosting in many Facebook Polls and discussions on Twitter. Not only that, many Top marketers shared some amazing feedback about SiteGround Hosting. Here are a few of the proofs.

siteground facebook new poll
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siteground facebook poll 2016
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Besides that, there is plenty of discussion on Twitter also. Here are a few proofs.

siteground twitter1
siteground twitter3
siteground twitter2
siteground twitter4

Thanks for Tom Dupuis for collecting these amazing social proofs about SiteGround Hosting. This is not the end, here is a screenshot of Twitter when Yoast SEO Plugin moved their website on SiteGround.

Yoast on Twitter SiteGround

Trustpilot is a website where people share their genuine reviews after using any website of their services. And when you visit their website and search for SiteGround, you will find something like this.

siteground online reviews trustpilot
siteground online reviews trustpilot
bluehost online reviews trustpilot

There are more online proofs and positive SiteGround reviews I can share in this guide.

siteground hosting review
siteground hosting review
siteground online reviews
siteground online reviews
siteground review

Conclusion: Which is The Best WordPress Hosting?

So, if you are struggling with slow WordPress site on Bluehost shared hosting, then I would recommend you to switch to a fast hosting like SiteGround Hosting. I have shared enough proof about SiteGround hosting and how good is their service. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any disadvantages. SiteGround renewals are quite expensive and they don’t offer any FREE Domain.

But honestly, I don’t feel like they are drawbacks as I am always ready to spend money for quality hosting. Besides that, if you are okay to have a website on Bluehost, then make sure to apply these tips to speed up your website on Bluehost Shared hosting plans. Feel free to write a comment below and share your queries & experiences below.

How to Fix Slow WordPress Hosting on Bluehost
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