Best Free Website Hosting Sites 2018 (With Best Paid Alternatives)

In today’s expensive world people always look for free services although without compensating with the quality. Nowadays numerous website hosting companies/providers are available, but the majority of the provider charges a large sum of money to offer their service.

So it is essential for the website owner to try out some of the free Website Hosting companies/providers although these free providers are not as effective as the paid ones. But these providers are useful enough to help the website owner in every possible way.

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Therefore in this article, we are going to discuss few reliable Web 2.0 sites where a user can host their website for free along with some of the top free Web Hosting Companies.

This article will also contain the negative points of free Web Hosting also. But to avoid such free web hosting services, there are few good alternatives where you can buy reliable hosting plans at the cheapest price.

Cheap Hosting ProvidersPrice/monthStorage
iPage$1.99 (Free Domain)Unlimited
Hostgator$2.75 (Reliable Hosting)10GB$2.95 (#1 WordPress Hosting Providers)50GB
SiteGround$3.95 (60% Discount)10GB
A2 Hosting$3.92 (51% Off special Coupon)Unlimited

Reliable Web 2.0 Sites where a user can host their site for free is a blog publishing web service which was founded in 1999. Later in 2003 Google acquired They have a straightforward interface, and so the bloggers can easily post their blogs here.

Blogger comes with options for designing and managing the user’s blog all laid out in a sidebar menu.

Designing options are separated into two areas, template and layout. The layout screen allows the user to decide the position of the sidebars, headers and the blog posts, while the template screens let the user pick and customize the aesthetic look of their blog.

Blogger provides a handful of templates which are simple in design. The tools to customize the templates are basic and only allow for minor changes. If the user wants any significant changes, then they would have to implement it through HTML.

Launched in 2005, is a popular free blog hosting service that is used by some heavyweight names like BBC, Reuters, and Sony. More than 50 million users work on

It has a straightforward interface, and hence a user finds it very easy to navigate through It even allows the user to design and run their blog according to their choice. WordPress also offers sophisticated tools to build a professional website if the user requires a page for their business or media channel.

Don’t Miss 100+ Best Black Friday WordPress Deals for Internet Marketers comes with a large number of SEO optimized themes which are updated weekly. It helps the user to add a custom domain and eventually helps the user to carve out personal space on the web. also provides 24/7 customer support facility to help the user in every possible way. The customer support team always answers the quarries of the user through emails, and the pro users also get real-time assistance from the engineers via live chat. is a popular cloud-based website building platform that makes it easy for everyone to create stunning, professional and usable websites. In users can choose from a large set of templates and customize them according to for their needs. was founded in 2006, and today it is one of the most popular and well-established website building platforms, having over 90 million users worldwide. has a straightforward interface, thus enabling non-technical users to create their own websites without learning any programming language or web designing.

With their drag and drop site builder, the user can set up the different type of websites like the simple business site, blog, online shop, photography portfolio, online CV, event or others. was launched in 2006 by a group of students, and in 2008 reached over one million users. supports CSS/HTML editing. Web hosting is included with every hosting package, while a free domain for one year is available with every paid plan of The user can even register new domains easily.

Find your domain and create your site at!

The user can select from a wide range of high-quality premium themes and use them for free. The editing and customization process of these designs is very straightforward. The user can also import their themes and customize it with comes with a simple drag and drop builder through which the user can easily insert a wide range of widgets and add different features to their website. With just a click anyone can add text boxes, titles, image galleries, buttons, newsletter, contact forms, maps, and media.

Some of the top free Web Hosting Companies

x10Hosting is a free Web hosting provider, and hence they provide a full web hosting account and the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and cPanel. They also offer a one-click web software installation facility along with an easy to use website builder.

Main features of are as follows

  • com servers have more than 300 one-click installers to make setting up of software quick and easy.
  • com comes with 100% Pure Cloud SSD Servers
  • It has a straightforward and user-friendly interface.
  • It supports easy file uploads and edits with the help of FTP.
  • In the user can manage MySQL databases via PHPMyAdmin.
  • The user can easily configure email inboxes and domains.
  • They have a high-quality customer support team.
  • It provides unlimited storage and unlimited monthly traffic. has a load-balanced cluster platform which is up to 15 times faster than the general one-server hosting platform solution. It was founded in 2005. Freehostia’s data centers are located in Steadfast, Chicago, USA.

All their web hosting plans are optimized to work with the most popular PHP web hosting applications like Joomla, WordPress, phpBB, OsCommerce, and even with more than 50 other free scripts offered by one-Click Applications Installer.

Main features of are as follows

  • Its server offers 99% uptime guarantee.
  • Its free plan, Chocolate, gives the user 250MB disk space, 6GB bandwidth each month.
  • Its free plan also provides the user with PHP & MySQL compatibility and 3 POP3/IMAP email accounts.
  • com offers 24*7 customer support facility.
  • The user can access its server from anywhere.
  • Its Control Panel supports more than 15 languages.

5GBfree is an online free website hosting company that helps people to host beginner sites without spending any amount. 5GBfree provides 5GB of free hosting space to any user along with 20GB of monthly bandwidth, 3 MySQL Databases, and PHP scripting.

Main features of are as follows

  • Its server offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • It provides weekly backups.
  • It provides free subdomains.
  • com gives it customers 24*7 customer care service facility.
  • It uses cutting-edge technology and security features to ensure that the clients are getting the best services from them.
  • com uses top-US based data center along with CloudLinux operating system for better performance.
  • It has one add-on and one parked domain. is a free web hosting provider that is running since 2005. It contains five servers from where the user can select the best server according to their need. allows users from all countries as long as the site content is legal.

Main features of are as follows

  • It provides weekly backup.
  • Its registration process is automatic, and hence the user will be able to access their account within a few minutes.
  • Its server offers a 99.8% uptime guarantee.
  • It has a very efficient customer support team.
  • It provides FTP support through which the user can upload and edit files.
  • It offers free domain and subdomain hosting.
  • It comes with preinstalled phpMyAdmin.

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Main points which prove that free hosting is not as effective as paid hosting

#1. Poor Customer Service

Customer service is an essential part of any web hosting service. If any site goes offline, then the user will want to contact the host for assistance. Unfortunately, free web hosts have poor customer service in most cases.

Although the user will be able to send them an email, it could take several days before the user gets an actual response. In the meantime, their site will remain offline.

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#2. A Free hosting generates annoying ads

A common problem that any user faces with free hosting is the presence of ads. If the web hosting service is free, the user is forced to display ads on behalf of the hosting company. The hosting company generates revenue from these ads.

#3. Slow Speed

Free web hosts usually offer slower download and upload speeds than paid web hosts. Upload and download speed is essential because in 2010 Google announced speed as a ranking signal, meaning fast-loading websites are more likely to rank higher in Google’s search results.

So, if the user uses a free web host, they can expect longer load times and subsequently lower search rankings. Not only a free hosting service will hurt the user site’s rankings, but also it can discourage users from actually visiting the site.

#4. Security issues

A free web host generally does not offer any protection from cyber-attacks. They often contain security vulnerabilities that the hackers can exploit to access the hosted websites.

#5. Limited Storage Space

A free web host has limited storage space. Some free hosts even offer only 1 GB of storage. Nowadays, a two-minute HD video can take up more than 1 GB, so 1GB storage is not at all sufficient.

Even if the user does not upload videos, the used photos, text and files can easily consume more than 1 GB after which they will have to pay for additional storage.

#6. With free hosting users generally gets more downtimes

Paid web hosts generally offer a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, but the free hosts do not. Free web host servers frequently go offline for maintenance, either due to hardware failure or due to negligence.

As previously mentioned, their customer support facility is also not up to the mark, so the user faces a lot of problems if the servers frequently fail.

#7. A free host does not provide automatic Backups

It may happen that an editor might accidentally delete an important file or if sometimes the website needs to be compromised in a cyber-attack then the website owner can relax knowing that the web host has already created a backup copy.

But a free web host does not offer automatic backups. They should not expect the free host to provide automatic backups for them although the user can create backups manually,

Best Web Hosting Companies which offers cheapest Plans

Page comes with an easy drag-and-drop website builder for beginners. iPage also contains advanced options for professionals as well. This hosting provider offers an introductory $1.99 monthly price that includes all free tools

In iPage by using a VDeck cPanel, users gain access to various tools that help them to manage their business effectively. You can save more during iPage Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 Sale.

HostGator is a reliable Web hosting service which is simple to use and offers an array of useful plans for consumers and small businesses. A user gets all the services by spending only $2.75.

The feature-packed HostGator is a top choice which has a quality cloud, reseller, dedicated, and virtual private server (VPS) server packages, but it is the company’s cheap hosting plans that really stand out from the other Web Hosting companies. Don’t miss 85% Off HostGator Black Friday Sale 2018 to get maximum benefits.

  • (Free Domain + Free SSL Certificate @ $2.65/mo Only) offers inexpensive cloud hosting and VPS hosting plans. This provider has in-house built servers for powerful and lightning fast speeds while maintaining optimal uptime. It has low tier packages with advanced functionalities.

By spending only $2.95, the user can get access to their basic shared web hosting plan with one website, 50 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, five email accounts, 24/7 customer support, and much more. Make sure you avail the upcoming Bluehost Cyber Monday Discount to get hosting at the cheapest rate.

SiteGround is a famous web hosting provider that offers web hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting. This provider has data centers in Asia, Europe, and the US to provide location-specific services.

By spending only $3.95, users gain access to 10GB storage, bandwidth capable of supporting 10,000 visits, free email accounts, and SSD storage. The best time to buy their hosting plans is during SiteGround 70% Off Black Friday 2018 Sale.

  • A2 Hosting (Best SSD Hosting Plans Start With 51% Discount)

A2 Hosting is a web hosting provider that offers a large number of services, like shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting. A2 Hosting’s primary data center is located in Michigan, USA, while it has additional data centers in Europe, Asia, and Arizona, and the USA.

By spending only $3.92 under its web hosting plan, any user gets access to unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, free SSDs, along with Linux and Windows hosting. They have already shared A2 Hosting 2018 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Coupons recently.


Let’s have a quick look at the web hosting providers who are offering almost free hosting plans. That means the cheapest shared hosting plans to start a blog in 2019.

Cheap Hosting ProvidersPrice/monthStorage
iPage$1.99 (Free Domain)Unlimited
Hostgator$2.75 (Reliable Hosting)10GB$2.95 (#1 WordPress Hosting Providers)50GB
SiteGround$3.95 (60% Discount)10GB
A2 Hosting$3.92 (51% Off special Coupon)Unlimited

In this article, we have given all the possible information about free Web Hosting. So, if the readers follow all the points properly, they will be able to select the best free Web Hosting services for their website.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. This will not cost you a single penny extra. Thanks for the understanding and rewarding me for my hard work.

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