​​​​FREE WordPress Blog Setup

Welcome to my Free WordPress Blog Setup service. Under this service, I will help you to create a blog WordPress with my personal assistance. In simple words, you have to buy a domain + hosting and provide me the login details. Then I will set up the entire website with all essential configurations. So that you can start writing content without wasting your time on these technical settings.

Install WordPress

I will install WordPress on your domain and do all the necessary configurations.

Install Premium Theme

I will install a premium theme, Genesis Framework on your blog.

Install SEO Plugin

I will install all the best SEO Plugin with necessary settings.

Speed Optimization

I will install a Cache plugin and do all necessary settings to speed up your website.


I will install & setup a security plugin to protect your website from cyber attacks.

Phone Consultation

After everything, you can talk to me for 30 minutes and clear all your doubts.

What You Have To Do?

01. Buy Hosting

Get your domain & web hosting plan using my affiliate links. Choose any one of the hosting plan.

02. Validate Purchase

Then email me the details of your purchase (receipt or domain name) and send me an email.

03. Get Started

On successful validation, I will install WordPress and all necessary settings to create a blog for you. 


This service is only for them who are not able to set up their WordPress blog. I will not ask you any additional money, just you have to buy hosting using my affiliate links. If you have any doubt, you can always chat with me on Facebook. I will help you to create a blog on WordPress and set up completely.

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