Genesis Aspire Pro Theme Review (StudioPress 3rd Party Theme)

Searching for the best WordPress theme for your Amazon affiliate website? Did you check out Aspire Pro Theme from StudioPress? Yes, this is one of the most popular Genesis child theme for Amazon site in 2018.

In this article, I will share a detailed review of the Aspire Pro Theme with some real-time examples of Amazon affiliate websites using this Genesis Aspire Pro Theme (Check DEMO Here).

genesis aspire pro theme

To start with, let’s talk about one of the most popular Amazon affiliate website, This website makes huge money in a short span f life and simply fire up the blogging world.

After the huge success of this site, now the internet is flooded with thousands of Amazon affiliate websites powered by Aspire Pro Theme in a similar way.

10beasts amazon affiliate site

Why Your Business Need Premium WordPress Theme Powered By Genesis Framework

To run a business properly, the owner must work hard and spend a lot of time on it. It is essential to assign appropriate time to all the business related work because otherwise the customer base goes elsewhere for their services, and all of the hard work goes in vain.

To endorse the business properly, the owner must maintain his/her website. So, to manage the sites, it is essential to find the most appropriate themes for the websites.

Selecting a proper theme for any website is not at all a hectic task if the owner always stays updated regarding the best WordPress themes. These themes enhance the quality of the site to a large extent and can be added to the website through the WordPress plugins.

genesis framework review

So, to make your life StudioPress & CopyBlogger team came up with Genesis Framework long back. This is not just an evolution but created it’s own niche in this world of WordPress theme.

Check out some of Genesis’ best features:

genesis framework features

Introduction to Genesis Aspire Pro Theme Review 2018

The Genesis Aspire Pro is a trusted third party multipurpose theme. It was created by Wes Straham, who is also the founder of Appfinite.

aspire pro theme review

Wes is a well-known theme developer, and he is currently offering various genesis themes on his website. The Aspire pro is presently sold and displayed at StudioPress Themes.

  • The Aspire pro is efficiently designed with a high-quality interface and is also packed with various amazing features. Aspire pro has a simple interface and helps the website owner to customize their website according to their need.
  • It has advanced functionality that allows a business owner to sell a product online, and also gives a beautiful appearance to the website.
  • Aspire pro’s look is very attractive and it helps the website owner or a blogger to grab the attention of a large number of people.

There are various sites available which offer similar kind of business so it is essential to make a lasting impression straightaway, which a person can surely expect from Aspire Pro Theme.

Main features of Genesis Aspire Pro theme

  1. Mobile Friendly

This premium business theme has a fluid responsive design that generally adjusts to small, wide and all types of resolutions. That means the website owners can easily get lots of clients who are browsing the internet from mobiles, tablets or desktop devices.

The themes get resized and adjust contents on visitors screen so they can watch images, fonts, menu bar and everything in the proper mode.

In Genesis Aspire Pro every content section is loaded with smooth animated style. That means visitors can keep scrolling on the homepage, and by doing that they will get to know every detail about the website owner’s business.

  1. Fixed Header

Aspire Pro has a floating header section which always stays on screen while scrolling on pages. That means the visitors will not need to navigate on the top when they want to access menu bar or header elements.

The Appfinite team has implemented this theme to a modern navigation system that has left a positive impact on the browsing experience of the user.

  1. Unique Layouts

Genesis Aspire Pro just like other premium WordPress themes has three main layouts. So a person can switch page sidebars on the left or right position or go with the full-width layout.

The sidebar is useful for displaying banners, recent posts and other matter related to posts. On the other hand, full width is useful for a landing page, homepage, and other important page related matters.

Genesis Aspire Pro also has a custom header so that a person can change design and elements as required.

  1. Theme Options

To get rid of coding StudioPress and all Genesis child themes come with customizer panel. Customizer panel has options to set background color, accent colors, font style, background image uploader, logo uploader, and home widget management sections.

Genesis settings page offers three layouts, SEO and blog page options. So a person needs to click a few buttons to select desired color skins, layouts and navigation style.

aspire pro theme options

  1. Background

Generally, big brand websites have large full-screen images on the top area. This customization is now possible with the help of Aspire Pro WordPress theme. This customization option helps the visitors to get an idea about the company.

There is a background image uploader option through which a person can display an image of their choice. So this is an effective way to welcome home visitors with stylish business or brand oriented posters.

People can also use a widget section to display intro or custom text for this section, or can even keep it alone without content overlays.

Some additional features of Genesis Aspire Pro Themes

  • Its sidebar is 360px and content area is 700px.
  • It offers various widgets such as 16 Widgetized Home Page (Front page 1-13 plus Home Mid Left Sidebar, Home Mid Second Sidebar, Home Wide Sidebar) Primary Sidebar & 3 Footer.
  • The Genesis Aspire Pro has three layouts which include Content/Sidebar, Sidebar/Content & Full-Width.
  • It also has slideshow options.

Advantages of using Aspire Pro Theme

  1. Genesis Aspire Pro keeps the page content in a proper narrative order, and hence it gives a simple vertical design for easy visual eye movement and flow. This theme helps to divide the content into two halves, but with a clear connection between the two parts.
  2. Genesis Aspire Pro lets the visitors read about the website perfectly without any pause or break and leads them right into the call-to-action menu. This theme is skillfully designed which helps the bloggers or website owners to attract more and more people and finalize the business with them.
  3. This theme contains 16 front page widgets. This helps a website owner or blogger to easily engage the readers with various products which are available on that particular site.
  4. The website’s owners can utilize the feature content areas and make attractive feature images to capture more readers and eventually make the site more popular.
  5. The primary goal of Genesis Aspire Pro is to impress more and more readers. And I think this is what every blogger or internet marketer is expecting, high traffic.

It has certain additional features which makes it very beneficial for the website owners or bloggers. Such additional features are as follows.

  • It offers powerful coding.
  • Generally provides unlimited domain usage.
  • It works with most of the browsers including the recent versions.

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Disadvantages of Genesis Aspire Pro

Everything has certain negative aspects along with the positive points so Aspire Pro is also not an exception. This theme also possesses some negative points which should be upgraded in the near future to make it more attractive and beneficial for the users.

Genesis Aspire Pro has many advantages, but on the other hand, it has very few limitations due to which it can be considered as a useful WordPress theme.

The Cons of Genesis Aspire Pro are as follows

  • For using Genesis properly, a person must have a sound knowledge about plugin installation process
  • A person must also have a proper understanding about PHP/HTML and WordPress functions to properly execute Aspire Pro theme setup.

From both the point it is evident that a person must have proper knowledge about WordPress related matters to overcome these minor disadvantages.

Genesis Aspire Pro Pricing & Discount

A person can access Genesis Aspire Pro with a one-time purchase fee. They also get unlimited updates and fantastic StudioPress support.

aspire pro theme review

Those users who are new to the StudioPress community can buy the Aspire Pro including its Genesis Framework for $99.95.

If you have purchased Genesis Framework earlier, then you will get an extra 25% StudioPress returning customer discount. I think that is the best way to buy any Genesis child themes.

genesis framework pricing

Besides that, if you want to save big on StudioPress themes, you must take a look at their Pro Plus package where you will get lifetime access to their entire theme collection. You just have to pay a one-time fee and enjoy for rest of your life.

If you want to save more on pro plus pack, then you have to wait till StudioPress Black Friday Sale. This is the best time to grab the best WordPress theme pack for the lifetime.

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Conclusion – Review of Aspire Pro Theme

So Genesis Aspire Pro is a professionally designed blogging theme that is perfect for any niche. Yes, you can start any kind of website and use this awesome theme. Definitely, it is the best theme for Amazon site or micro niche affiliate site, but you can use this theme for any general niche also.

It is probably best suited to business owners who offer a product to sell, and it is equally useful for blogging purpose. So after analyzing all the points, Genesis Aspire Pro can be undoubtedly considered one of the best WordPress themes in 2018. What do you think? Write a comment below and share your thoughts.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. This will not cost you a single penny extra. Thanks for the understanding and rewarding me for my hard work.