Guest Posting For SEO: Beginners Guide To Build High-Quality Backlinks

Do you know what is guest blogging in SEO? What is a guest post on a blog? Guest blogging is one of the best link building strategy of all time. Although the perception of guest post has changed for many bloggers in last few years, but still guest blogging is one of the key way to build quality links for many top bloggers.

Recently I came across many challenges while looking for guest blogging opportunities in various blogs of blogging niche. I am able to convince few bloggers, but most cases I found failure. After that I have realized various facts which might help beginners to prepare for their next guest blogging campaign.

Best Guest Posting Tips for Beginners to avoid article Rejection

Only post on relevant blogs: Whenever you are approaching a blog for guest blog, the first question you may get is the topic of your blog post. In many cases people are trying to write for blogs where the target blog is not from a similar niche. in such a case you may get a rejection mail. Better to look for similar niche blogs.

Avoid using rich anchor text: In everyday life, we have also rejected many guest posts as they were trying to get a back link with dofollow rich anchor text. Getting a dofollow link is too difficult these days and if you ask for an rich anchor text, then definitely your guest post will not accept. better to link to your home page with a branded anchor text to stay safe from every aspect.

Link out to other resources: try to write a content and mention high authority blog’s relevant pages to help users to get engaged more in the topic. Mostly try to refer to Wikipedia articles, as you will find everything like what is kind of staffs.

Writing epic content: Well, this is one of the challenging thing in blogging niche. You may have noticed that many bloggers are writing more than 2000+ words article these days. If you are trying to write in such a blog, then you have to be ready with such epic post with detailed analysis. In other niches, I am sure 600+ words are enough to get approval.

Interlink & affiliate link: Whenever preparing a guest article for a blog,E.g. let’s say you are writing a guest article for our blog. then try to find out the relevant articles which you could link in your blog post and also affiliate link mention opportunities.

Share the guest article: After you guest post is published, don’t just sit idle and get happy by getting a dofollow link. now its your turn to promote the post in your social circle and wherever possible. Not only that, you should follow up the article and answer all upcoming comments.

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