How To Add Keywords To Blog Post For SE

Tips to Add keywords in blog post: Recently I was reading a query in a forum “where to put seo keywords in my article?” and then I have decided to write a detailed article to point out the best places in your content to keep your keywords to get better SEO benefits & search engine ranking.

Keyword research is the back-bone of every content we write, but if you don’t put the keyword in proper places then the outcome might be different. Although it is not 1005 correct, but one should always try to keep the keywords in proper places to get better chance to rank better compared to the competitors, although this is one of many criteria to rank first in google.

10 Places to put keywords in blog post to rank better

1) Keyword in Title

Title is the most highlighted place where the placement of keyword matters most. One should make sure that the main keyword is there in the title. The length of the SEO title is 65 characters. So try to put your keyword in first 65 char only. If possible put the keyword in the beginning, but only if it looks natural. E.g. I kept the main keyword of this article “tips to Add keywords in blog post” after 10 to look attractive.

2) Keyword in Permalink

Permalink is another important place where keyword placement plays a big role for better ranking. You can check out the permalink of this article.

3) Keyword in first paragraph

First paragraph of the blog post is very crucial as user is looking for what the entire content is about. make sure you keep the main keyword and also possible related terms to make the first paragraph as a brief description of the entire content.

4) Keyword in Image Alt tag

Most of the time we upload images to make our blog post SEO optimized but forget to put a meaningful & SEO friendly alt tag. This is a very common mistake many bloggers do in the early days of blogging. make sure you keep the main keyword in the alt tag to keep the seo checklist perfect.

5) Keyword in H2 or H3

Dividing the entire blog post in various sub-headings improves the readability of the content. Make sure you keep proper heading with related or tweaked keyword to make your blog post seo optimized.

6) Bold, Italic , Underline important Keywords

This is a very old practice and very effective if you use in optimal way. If you are able to write a 1000+ word blog post then try to make few important keyword and related terms as bold + italic + underline to give search engine good signals about the keywords. Don’t use it too much and meaning less way which might reduce the readability of the article.

7) Outbound Link to relevant high-quality sites

Giving outbound link to high authority websites are a very good practice every blogger is doing these days. You can find out a relevant article in your blog post niche and the link t he same providing the keyword as anchor text.

8) Internal links to related articles

Similar to the point above, if possible try to link your other blog posts within the article with similar kind of keywords or tweaked keywords as anchor text.

9) Meta description

Meta description is the best place to provide short description about your blog post. make sure you keep all possible keywords in a natural way to explain the brief about your article.

10) while replying comments

If you are able to create a good content then people will definite love to share their views by commenting in your blog post. While replying to their comments, try to put keyword terms in your reply in natural way to boost your blog post on-page SEo factors.

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