9 Killer Tips to Increase Google Adsense CTR (Click Through Rate)

Don’t you want to Increase Google Adsense CTR to make more money from your blog? But do you how to improve your Google Adsense CTR so that yo can earn good with the same traffic & effort? Higher the click through rate means higher Google adsense income. In this article I will share such 9 killer tricks to increase your Google adsense CTR with which you can easily double your adsense earning.

What is Google Adsense CTR or Click Through Rate?

Google AdSense is the most popular PPC (Pay Per Click) network with which one can easily monetize a website and make money from various clicks received on the ads placed in content. Now the CTR means, the percentage of people who clicked on the ads which later convert into commission.

That means if more people clicks on your ads, your CTR will improve and your earning will also increase. Here one more factors called CPC or Cost Per Click also come into calculation. If your CPC is high then less number of clicks can produce a higher income compared to more number of clicks with lower CPC.

E.g. for the keywords “how to increase cpc in adsense” and “how to increase adsense click through rate” advertisers has bid $0.2 / click on your website and you are getting daily 100 clicks for these 2 keywords. If you make around $10 from this stats, in case your CPC increase by $0.1, your income will also increase for the same clicks. Here the page views will also come into the calculation. This is just an example to say my point.

How To Increase Google Adsense CTR or Click Through Rate

Here is the 9 tips that will surely help you to increase your website’s CTR over the period of time.

Website Niche: Your site’s niche will play a big role when you are monetizing your content with adsense. Niches like health, finance, insurance, loan are most profitable and if you have a site on any of those niches then your website will attract advertisers to get targeted traffic. In the similar way, people will find more relevant ads, which means CTR will increase, so as blog income.

Profitable Keywords: As I said a targeted niche website will play huge role to increase your adsense income, in such a case look for related long tail profitable keywords to build more authority.

Write More Content: Try to write enough content in your articles and try to place your adsense code within the content properly. Don’t irritate users and reduce the readability factor.

A Clear Web Design: A clean and adsense ready WordPress theme is a must, so that you can provide your readers a better reading experience with beautiful color combination, images etc. In case your readers find your content presentation or website layout looks Spam, they will exit immediately.

Know The High CTR Zone: Use hotspot method to find out where your users are clicking more in your webpages. E.g. generally the place below article title is the high CTR zone and you should not miss an opportunity to place a big ad unit there to increase adsense CTR.

Match The Ad Color with Text Color: I have seen many people putting ads in different color to identify that which are ads. You can show ads within content with similar color as texts, so that in case any relevant ad appear user will find it more useful to click.

Experiment Ad Spaces: Never stick to a same ad placement rule. Always switch your adsense blocks within each other, if possible the placement of ads as well. This will sure increase your adsense CTR from new as well as returning visitors.

Big Ad Units: Always use big ad units and try to fit them above the unit in such a way that they look normal rather than a page full of ads only.

Create Landing pages:  You can create landing pages with some exclusive offers with adsense code inbuilt on them to welcome your users or when they are trying to exit you website.

If you are a newbie trying to increase Google adsense income gradually by building traffic and writing more content daily, then you should start applying these golden tips to increase adsense CTR and enjoy a higher income. I hope these tips help to get your Adsense CTR up by at least 100% if not more. Good luck and make more money!

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. This will not cost you a single penny extra. Thanks for the understanding and rewarding me for my hard work.

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