KWFinder Review (2018) : Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

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If you are looking for longtail pro alternative, then KWFinder is the best pick. Yes, KWfinder is the new keyword research tool in the market with some awesome features. We are going to explore the detailed review of KWFinder with a complete tutorial.

Long tail keywords are the goldmine for every blog, as one can bring tons of traffic. But how to find profitable & low competition long tail keywords? Then you should read this KWfinder review and follow the step by step guide to find long tail keywords in just a few minutes.

What is KWFinder Keyword Research Tool?

This is a keyword research tool which will help you to find you hundreds of long-tail keywords with high search volume and low SEO difficulty. Check out the simple step by step guide to find low competition long tail keywords using KWFinder.

You might have used the free Google keyword planner who has lots of limitations. As a premium keywords research tool, there are a couple of good options in the market and they are

This tool is a part of Mangools SEO tools. Means, Mangools is the parent brand and under which there are 4 different types of tools which will make your SEO 100% complete.

  • KWFinder (Keyword research)
  • SERP Watcher (To analyze SERP results)
  • SERP checker (The rank tracker tool)
  • LinkMiner (Backlink Analysis)

mangools package

That means you have to buy the Mangool package to enjoy any one of all 4 tools. It is actually very cheap if you subscribe for 1 year as they offer 40% off on their annual plans.

KWFinder Review 2018 – Is It Really The Best Keyword Research Tool?

By default, you can use this tool for up to 5 keywords. although its a limited access, but one can understand how this tool works and how to find long tail keywords using the basic free plan.

kwfinder free plan

How KWFinder helps you in your keyword research (Key Features)

Without wasting much time, let’s find out the key features of KWFinder keyword research tool.

User Interface: The best part of KWFinder is their user interface. If you have used long tail pro, then I am sure you might get frustrated with the slow interface and complex navigations. But with KWFinder, even a newbie can easily explore various options and start exploring the keyword tool.

kwfinder user interface

Accurate Search Volume: Most of the time it is very difficult to get the accurate search volume for any keyword. Especially if you have used free Google keyword planner tool, you might have noticed search volumes in ranges. This is very difficult to understand. But KWfinder will give you almost actual search volumes of every keyword you search.

SEO Difficulty of Keywords: The most important thing before you choose any keyword is to check the keyword difficulty to rank. With KWFinedr you can easily calculate the keyword competition score and then accordingly plan a strategy to rank them.

Local SEO Keywords: You can also look for geo-specific keywords and target any country. This is good mainly for websites making money using Google AdSense program. You can easily find out the keywords dominating any particular location with different languages also. This is one of the best local keyword research tools without any doubt.

Instant Usage: You don’t have to install or download anything to use this tool. Simply log in and enjoy their web interface and start your keyword research immediately.

No Adwords Account: You might have noticed almost every keyword research tool need to link your Adwords account first and then only start working. But with KWFinder, you don’t have to use your AdWords account. If you don’t have any AdWords account, then also it will work perfectly for you.

Few Improvements of KWFinder to make it best Keyword Research Tool

Despite so many awesome features, I think there are a couple of disadvantages of KWfineder tool as well.

  • The free plan is having very few search options.
  • Even if you compare the plans, you will find the Number of keyword suggestions is limited based on your plan
  • Another annoying thing I don’t like is to find the keyword difficulty by clicking the calculate button every time. It is not displaying for all the keywords.
  • But, despite few negatives or improvements, I think KWFinder is really a good keyword research tool for finding long tail keywords quickly.

How To Start With KWFinder? Step By Step Guide (KWFinder Tutorial)

As I have mentioned, you don’t have to buy first to start your keywords research with KWFineder. You can easily register and enjoy the free access (with limitation).

Click here to visit KWFinder website first and register with your email id for free.

As soon as you log in, you will find a screen like below where you can see 3 types of searches in 3 different tabs. You can also directly access the KWFinder app using this link

  • Suggestions: Default search with keyword suggestions
  • Autocomplete: You can find out the relevant phrases that match your seed keyword.
  • Questions: This will tell you what are the questions people are searching related to the main keyword.

kwfinder home page

Let’s start our keyword research for one of my favorite keywords “make money online” and choose the country as India and language as English.

kwfinder search

Here is what I get as soon as I click on the Find Keywords. For India, the main seed keyword is showing difficulty as 49/100, which is indicating as possible for India.

kwfinder search result

Now if you analyze further, the above screen has 2 different section.

In the left side, you can find out the details about the keyword showing different parameters in 4 different columns.

  • Trend – the trend of search in the last 12 months
  • Search – average monthly search volume (exact match) in the last 12 months
  • CPC – average cost per click of the listed keyword
  • PPC – level of competition in PPC advertising (min = 0; max = 100)
  • KD – SEO difficulty of a keyword based on DA, PA, MR, MT of the pages on the first Google SERP (min = 0; max = 100)

On the right side, where you can see the difficulty score with the actual SERP results for that main seed keyword. You can analyze those entries by exploring different metrics showing like below.

  • DA – Domain Authority (developed by Moz) predicts how well a website will rank on search engines
  • PA – Page Authority (developed by Moz) predicts how well a specific page will rank on search engines
  • MR – MozRank of the URL represents a link popularity score reflecting the importance of any given website on the Internet.
  • MT – MozTrust of the URL is similar to MozRank, but rather than measuring link popularity, it measures the trustworthiness of the link
  • Links – the number of external authority-passing links to the URL
  • FB – the number of Facebook shares for the URL
  • LPS – SEO competitiveness rank – the higher it is, the harder it is to compete (min = 0; max = 100)
  • Est. visits – estimated visits per month on this SERP position

You can analyze the SERP results further by clicking on the Analyse button. It will open a new window with all the top results of Google search for that keyword.

serp checker tool

By looking at the websites competing for the keyword, you can easily understand whether it will be worth to target that keyword, even if the difficulty score shows possible. If you can create a better content and get some high-quality backlinks then you may beat the competition in long run.

KWFinder Pricing Details & Offers

As I have shared already, KWFinder is a part of ManGools SEO Tools and you have to buy their package with other 3 SEO tools. Now, you can choose from 3 different plans BASIC, PREMIUM and AGENCY as per your need. Every plan has their own limitations.

kwfinder monthly billing plan

E.g if you consider the KWFinder point of view, then here are the details of keyword search limitations as per their plans.

  • Basic plan: Import up to 200 keywords 100-times a day = 20,000 keywords
  • Premium plan: Import up to 700 keywords 500-times a day = 350,000 keywords
  • Agency plan: Import up to 700 keyword 1200-times a day = 840,000 keywords

They offer both monthly billing and annual billing plans. In case of yearly plans, there is a 40% off on the pricing. This is a great saving and considering the importance of keyword research in blogging, one can surely subscribe KWFinder for 1 year at least. At the same time, one can enjoy all of their SEO tools.

kwfinder discount code

Conclusion – Is KWFinder Really A good Tool To Start Your Keyword Research?

There is no doubt about the power of this KWFinder keyword research tool, as one can use this tool to explore various aspects of any keyword. One can do in-depth analysis and find out the best low competition & high search volume long tail keywords, which can be ranked high in Google search.

There are many positive reviews and good feedbacks about this awesome tool available online. Just have a look at here.

kwfinder testimonials

So, without wasting much time I think you should start using this KWFinder tool right away. Most importantly, you can try their free plan with certain limitations to find out whether it is good enough for you.

Sign Up for KWFinder Free Plan Now.

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