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Finally, Thrive Theme Builder is launched. Yes, Thrive Themes was working on this amazing product to create a complete theme builder with which anyone can create a conversion-optimized modern website in just a few minutes. In this article, I will share how much does Thrive Theme Builder will cost you with a detailed Thrive Theme Builder review.

Just to give you a demo of this amazing Thrive Theme Builder, here is a detailed guide about how to create a website from scratch using Thrive Theme Builder.

Thrive Theme Builder Tutorial 2020

What Is Thrive Theme Builder?

Earlier, with the help of Thrive Architect or any popular drag & drop page builder plugin, one can easily create stunning landing pages. But if you want to design the complete layout & structure of a website, you need a theme builder. That’s what is Thrive Theme Builder is all about.

thrive theme builder Pricing

Thrive Themes has stopped selling their WordPress themes from long back and they started working on a brand new product, Thrive Theme Builder. As they already had Thrive Architect, they took that concept ahead and come up with this amazing WordPress Theme Builder Plugin.

Thrive Theme Builder Lets You Visually Design & Build Your Perfect WordPress Theme. The next-generation visual Theme Builder for WordPress is finally here. Build, edit and customize every aspect of your WordPress website with a visual drag-and-drop designer.

thrive theme builder Review
Thrive Theme Builder Review 2020

Thrive Theme Builder is not a plugin, and it’s not some workaround or “hack” to get more out of your current theme… you’re getting a revolutionary new theme builder that gives you unparalleled control over every aspect of your WordPress site.


ShapeShift is the 1st Thrive Theme Builder Theme which you can easily use and do changes to get an amazing design for your website. I am sure they will create more such child themes for Thrive Theme Builder.

Thrive Theme Builder Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

If you want to buy Thrive Theme Builder, then you can’t buy that product alone. Thrive Theme Builder is a part of the Thrive membership Plan. Yes, you have to buy Thrive Memmebrship first and with that, you will get all the Thrive Themes Products with their newly launched Thrive Theme Builder as well.

thrive membership discount

How Much Does Thrive Membership Cost You?

In the market nowadays, people will find several WordPress themes, but Thrive themes is one of the leading theme designers in the WordPress market. So before purchasing such a top-class WordPress theme for a particular website, users must gather all possible information regarding Thrive themes.

Therefore, in this article, we will highlight the pricing structure of Thrive themes so that users can make a proper estimate before purchasing it.

Here is the list of amazing plugins that comes with Thrive Themes membership pricing.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is basically a flexible visual editor. With the help of this Thrive Themes product, users can easily edit and modify their website. Thrive Architect pricing.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a popular WordPress plug-in that is used to create a beautiful opt-in form on any WordPress website. Moreover, it also helps to create highly targeted campaigns that eventually attract a number of visitors. Thrive Leads Pricing.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is a useful Thrive Themes plug-in, which helps to attract a huge number of email subscribers by raising interesting quizzes on any websites.

Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive Headline Optimizer is another powerful plug-in that helps to track the number of clicks on any headline, i.e., the Click-through Rate on any blog, headlines, or widgets. It also generates engagement reports, which eventually help to determine the performance of a particular site.

Thrive Comments

This Thrive Themes plug-in is also included within the Thrive Themes Membership, which makes the comments section more interesting by using upvote and downvote buttons.

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is a useful marketing tool that helps to increase a website’s sales by adding countdown timers.

And now in this list, Thrive Theme Builder has also included.

Details Of Thrive Themes Pricing plans

Thrive Themes offers two types of Membership plans. One of the plans known as Thrive Membership available at $30/month is mainly for the Entrepreneurs and the individual website owners, while the other one known as the Agency Membership available at $69/month is basically for the Agencies and Web Designers.

thrive membership discount
Thrive Theme Builder Pricing 2020

Honestly speaking, it is always better to purchase the membership plans rather than buying the themes separately as the membership plans contain all the products of Thrive Themes, which are described above.

However, users can also purchase the Thrive Themes WordPress themes only instead of going for all the products under Thrive Themes. If users only want to buy the Thrive WordPress themes for a single website, then they have to spend $49, and for an unlimited number of websites, they have to pay $67.

Thrive Themes Annual Membership License with the promotion code

thrive membership discount
Thrive Theme Membership Pricing 2020

Thrive Themes every year offers an Annual Membership license to their customers. If a user purchases the annual membership license by applying the promotion code, he/she will get 24% off on the actual membership plan price.

So by applying the promotion code, Thrive Themes Membership will cost $19/month instead of $30/month for individuals and, on the other hand, $49/month instead of $69/month for the agencies.

FAQs related to Thrive Theme Builder Pricing 

What does Thrive Membership include?

Thrive Membership includes all the exciting tools which are described above along with unlimited updates and top-class support facilities. Inlcuding the newly launched Thrive Theme Builder.

Does Thrive Themes has a money-back guarantee policy?

Yes, Thrive Themes offers a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. As a result of this feature, if users don’t like the services of Thrive Themes, they can give up the service to get back the entire invested amount. 

Does Thrive Themes offer Promotion Code?

No, Thrive Themes doesn’t offers any coupon code or promotion code. But if you buy Thrive Membership Plan for more than 1 year, then you will get 24% OFF Thrive Themes Discount.

Do users need to pay the Membership charge for a single time or is it a recurring amount?

Generally, users need to pay only one time for all the products of Thrive Themes. However in order  to purchase the membership plans of Thrive Themes, users need to spend a considerable amount of money every year, i.e., the charge of the membership plans is a recurring amount.

Conclusion: Is Thrive Themes Builder Worth Buying?

If you are spending money to create high-quality websites, then you should not spend more after buying this Thrive Theme Builder. Yes, you can create stunning websites for your clients also using any theme in the background.

In fact, you don’t need any additional page-builder plugin. Just get a thrive theme builder & start creating a conversion-optimized WordPress website in a few minutes. Make sure to grab Thrive Membership Plan for 1 year to avail this 24% discount.

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