20 Motivational Quotes For Bloggers


Do you read motivational quotes? If you are a blogger or just started your blogging journey, you must start reading motivational quotes to stay positive. To be a blogger, in the long run, you have to highly focus on your passion & interest. I found these 20 motivational quotes for bloggers are highly relevant and help you to avoid all distractions to get success in your blogging journey in 2020.

Most of the times, bloggers fail to continue their journey as a blogger in the first year itself. And the reason behind that is underestimating the core skills required to run a blog & be a blogger. Blogging is not just creating a website and sharing tons of articles.

Best Motivating Quotes For Blogging

To become a successful blogger, you should have your own vision, own style to educate people in that niche and connect with as many people as you can either by helping them or networking with them. You can Join My Facebook Group To make more blogging friends.

So, you have to stick to your blogging plan, stick to your passion, read more to learn more so that you can share more knowledge & experience through your blog content. And for that, I am sure these 20 Positive and Motivating Quotes for Bloggers will definitely help you to be positive.

Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle

John Acuffnt Here

This is so true in blogging and one most important perception everyone should clear. We are easily get carried away with the success of people. And we think that we can easily beat or overtake them. But always forget the effort or time invested by that person to reach on top of that position. So, don’t compare with successful people in your niche. Rather try to know more about their growth story & how they become successful, how much time & effort they gave to become on top.

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them

Chris Grosser

This is another awesome motivational quote that I truly agree with. We always try to skip any situation by saying that we didn’t get the right opportunity to do the right thing. This is not at all true. If you have skills & talent, no one can stop you to crack that opportunity.

Just take an example of a recent YouTube viral video sensation, Ranu Mondal. She used to sing in the railway station and got whatever people offered her (food, money, etc). But one fine day, someone uploaded her video on social media and she becomes a viral sensation. Now she became the playback singer of one of Himesh Reshmiya’s upcoming movies. So, that is a true example of how the opportunity will find you if you have real talent and have the passion to do something.

Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising

Milton Hershey

As a blogger, we all know the importance of advertisement or promotion. We try our level best to promote our content on different platforms, whether people respond or not. But here we forget the actual meaning behind our promotional efforts, whether people want this or not.

People are looking for solutions to their problems and if we can create that through our blog post or content, then they will automatically promote or advertise that. So, it’s always good to write on something which will bring a smile on someone’s face rather than putting too much effort into keyword research & profitable keywords, etc.

Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm

Sir Winston Churchill

I believe success is not a benchmark or destination where we are trying to reach. It is completely depending up the person seeking that. The definition of success is always varying from person to person.

A person who keeps trying even after failing multiple times can only feel the true enjoyment of success. The feeling of doing something better from previous is an actual success, irrespective of what other people think. The ultimate thing matters are your passion or how much you love to do the same thing even after failure.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new

Albert Einstein

When you try something and doesn’t able to finish it as expected, we call it a failure or mistake. So that means, the person who did many mistakes or failures in life, has also tried a lot. The more we keep trying, we know how much passion for that to happen and we are trying to closer to one more step.

Many people simply avoid trying anything, because they fear to face the failure. But that’s where you will never realize whether you can achieve that without trying to do that. Remember one thing, people who try a lot only able to taste success.

The harder the conflict, the greater the triumph

George Washington

Well, we all know about a few terms in our blogging. I am talking about competition. We always say that it is not worth trying after something which is highly competitive. Have you ever realized why something becomes too competitive?

The reason is very simple. When you know that the return from something will be tremendous, many people will try for that and it becomes competitive. But the bottom line is, it is still the most profitable thing. So, if you can plan something unique, work hard and put some serious effort, in the long run, you can definitely break that competition also. And I am sure the feeling of beating something tough is well known by all of us.

Any idea is only as valuable as its ability to solve a problem

Sally Hogshead

That’s 100% true. In fact, the meaning of the term Idea is that only, to find a workaround for a problem. These days, many people are coming up with awesome startup ideas. And among them which is more relevant to solve any problems of our life get success.

I believe the same thing in blogging also. As a blogger, we must share articles that will help someone to learn something, get a solution to their problem. In fact, that’s why people are searching on the internet these days before making any kind of decision.

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation

Herman Melville

This quote is perfectly suitable for bloggers. As a blogger, we are mostly sharing similar types of content. But it is our responsibility to share the same topic with our own experience & in our own voice.

People love to read stories of the person if they enjoy reading. Even if they read it somewhere else. So, always try to create your own style, don’t copy others at any angle. I have noticed many bloggers simply copy the design, presentation style and content style of successful bloggers. This way, you are actually reminding the reader about that successful blogger, at the same time losing your credibility.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing

Walt Disney

This is quote is very straight forward and nothing much to explain. You must spend your quality time taking in actions, rather than talking to someone or analyzing too much.

If you can learn something new every day, you can teach something new every day

Martha Stewart

That’s what I call the true meaning of blogging. Through our blogs, we are actually doing the exact thing. Personally, I read a lot and at the end of the day, I list what I have learned so that I can share those points through a blog post with my readers.

When you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant

Dan Schawbel

Branding is everything in 2020. If you can brand yourself or prove your worth among your audience, people will forget others and follow you only. Even if there are many people around them, they will fall in love with the way you speak and share information. So, build that trust, grow yourself as a brand.

If you can learn something new every day, you can teach something new every day

Martha Stewart

Teaching is the best profession. But to educate or teach people, you have to enhance your knowledge daily. The more you will learn, the more you can share information with others. So, keep learning and spread everything by sharing your knowledge with all.

If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking

Steve Jobs

You should always have the hunger to find your ultimate goal. If you want to achieve your goals in life, you have to chase the goal until you get it. Don’t get frustrated after a few times or giving multiple efforts. Even if you are failing in your efforts, if you have faith in your goal or idea, you have to keep efforts to prove yourself. Just keep doing it.

You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life.


There are many people around us as friends & family. Even if they love you or you have a good connection with them, that doesn’t mean that everyone actually understands you. That is what you have to find out and always stay connected with those people who actually understand you, understand your work and feeling. Stay away from people who don’t understand you, always judge you in the wrong way and demotivate you. Find out the like-minded people.

In order to succeed, we must first believe we can

Nikos Kazantzakis

This is the ultimate motivational quotes for bloggers. If you trust yourself, trust your idea and abilities, then only you can achieve success. Success is not something defined. It is different for different people. To understand your abilities and accordingly set your targets and then keep giving your 100% efforts to get that done. So trust your skills, abilities first.

You just can’t beat the person who never gives up

Babe Ruth

In our society, we always try to beat people in every single aspect. I believe this is a very wrong attitude. A person who is good at content writing is enjoying his/her life and abilities. As a new content writer, we don’t have to beat him.her. Rather we can learn from that person and try to be a better writer for us. You may get more projects & earn more money in the coming days. But that doesn’t mean you beat that person. Maybe that person is happy with limited success. So, it’s all about beating your fear, inabilities and grow as a good human being with a good character.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started

Mark Twain

Many people actually ask me what is the secret of getting success in blogging. I replied to them how do you define success in blogging? I believe, it is totally different from different people. I am enjoying blogging while connected to a lot of similar people, earning a decent income, etc. There are people who are making millions and that is what they want. And the secret behind all of their success is their passion for blogging. So, find out whether you have that passion or learning & delivering. If it’s there, then nobody can stop you to become a successful blogger.

Success is normally found in a pile of mistakes

Tim Fargo

This is one of my favorites in this list of 20 Motivational Quotes For Bloggers. Without doing mistakes, one can’t learn or experience things in real life. As a blogger, I did plenty of mistakes from 2007 to till date. And today I know that whatever I have learned in my life is because of those mistakes only. So, keep trying and never look back even if you fail multiple times. With every failure, you will realize something and that is the ultimate learning of anyone.

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all: Read a lot and write a lot 

Stephen King

I am sure I don’t have to say much about this quote. It’s very simple, content writing is not always about writing a similar copy with good SEO score. For that there many automated tools or article writing software available. But people love to read stories with emotion and that is what you have to learn. Just read as much you can to understand how different writers are narrating the topics, how they are adding emotions and giving the personalization touch. That’s the real power of a writer.

Content is king, but distribution is queen and she wears the pants

Jonathan Perelman

Even if you are good at writing amazing content, how will you deliver this to the right audience? That is where content promotion plays a big role. Many people follow the 80/20 rule. This means you spend 20% of your time in creating content but spend 80% time to promote your content.

Conclusion: Best Motivational Quotes For Bloggers

So, these are a few of the best motivational quotes for bloggers, that I loved and explained in my own words. I have not written to them, I have mentioned their actual author names with every single quote.

As a blogger, you have to keep yourself motivated daily. Otherwise blogging is a very monotonous activity and there are a lot of distractions. When you see other people are getting success or making money, but your blog traffic is going down.

Build your own targets and work for that accordingly, without looking around what others are doing. People are faking things also in social media. So keep yourself aware of everything and stay motivated. I hope you will also find these motivational quotes inspirational. Share this article on social media if you find this worth reading.

motivational quotes for bloggers


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20 Motivational Quotes For Bloggers

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