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SEMRush Review 2020: Best SEM & PPC Tool + Complete Tutorial

Keyword research and a solid blogging plan is the key to build a successful blog with time. How you do that? If you ask me, I follow the same and always prepare a content plan first. In that context, this SEMrush review will help you to understand the process and follow the right path.

When I started this blog, I spend quite enough time to understand how my competitors are working on their blog, what are the keywords for which they are getting traffic and what kind of affiliate articles are working best for them. I used the SEMrush tool to do a competitor analysis and find out almost every single piece of information I need to grow this blog.

What Is SEMrush Tool?

SEMrush is one of the most popular software for bloggers, digital marketers. With this one tool, you can easily perform multiple tasks like keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page, and technical SEO fixes & many more. In fact, they have released a social media scheduling tool (with the launch of Social Media Poster) & SEMrush writing assistance.

semrush review
semrush review 2020

So, in a single term, SEMrush is a very powerful All-in-one SEO & competitors analysis tool. This tool is so powerful that SEMrush is used widely by top marketers, bloggers & agencies to do a complete analysis of their competitors. A perfect All-in-one marketing tool.

semrush stats

Right now in the market, there are few competitors of SEMrush and they are Ahrefs & Serpstat. I have used Ahrefs and they have some unique features compared to SEMrush. But pricing wise and simplicity wise SEMrush is far better and that is what I am going to narrate in this detailed SEMrush review.

Why SEMrush Is Best SEO Tool in 2020 (SEMrush Vs Ahrefs Vs Moz)

I am sure you have explored the list of keyword research tools in the market. Without any doubt, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz are the 3 big giants. But how to know which tool is worth investing when pricing is almost the same?

Yes, all these 3 tools will cost you almost $100/mo. But you can enjoy their free trial period as well.

  • SEMrush gives 14 days FREE trial
  • Moz has a 30 day trial period
  • Ahrefs will allow you for 7 days

But when you compare all these 3 tools from a features point of view, SEMrush is the winner with lots of features. SEMrush is not limited up to a keyword research tool anymore. You can do a lot of things that I am going to share below in this detail SEMRush review guide 2020..

In that regard, SEMrush can help you to save money for other tools like writing assistant, social media poster, etc. When other 2 are very good at their typical features like SEO analysis, keyword research, competitor’s analysis, Backlink analysis, etc which is also included in SEMrush. So, SEMrush is a real value for money product.

As SEMrush is very popular among marketers, you will find a huge collection of tutorials and how-to tutorials shared on different websites and blogs. This tool is used by many marketers and that why you will find many experts who can help you to utilize this tool to the max.

Should I Invest in this $100/mo SEO Tool?

This is what you have to understand by reading this detailed review. You must have a solid plan to execute so that the data you collect from SEMrush can be implemented to grow your website.

In case you have an SEO business or running a Digital marketing agency, then to analyze the potential client you have to invest in a marketing tool like SEMrush.

If you don’t do that, then your competitor will surely grab that client by offering better data analysis and SEO plan for that client. But that doesn’t mean that you have to jump with the SEMrush paid plan from day 1.

Get Your 7-Day Free Access to SEMrush Pro ($49.97 Value)

Detailed Review of SEMrush (#1 SEO Marketing Tool)

To make this SEMrush review useful and easy to understand, I have shared a lot of screenshots to explain every single feature of SEMrush. Let’s summarise what we are going to cover in this review of the SEMrush tool.

  • Top 9 SEMrush Features
  • Understand SEMrush Pricing Plans
  • How To Sign Up for SEMrush Free Trial
  • SEMrush Reviews By Customers

Let’s get started!

Top 9 SEMrush Features To Rock Your SEO Campaign in 2020

SEMrush has so many features, that you as a blogger may not even realize initially. This SEO tool is not just bound to do keyword research & competitor analysis. You can do a lot of advanced analysis to get the best plan for your website.

Let’s explore such 9 awesome features of SEMrush.

1.Know Your Website Stats First

Do you know how well your website is performing? I am sure you are checking your webmaster & Google analytics for collecting those data, but without SEMrush you will not be able to explore the 100% truth about your website.

high paying adsense keywords

Put your domain on SEMrush and check the overview to explore different stats like:

  • Top Organic Keywords
  • Top Paid keywords
  • Organic Search Positions
  • Total Number of Backlinks (Dofollow/Nofollow)
  • Display advertising (If you run PPC Ads)

You can download the entire data as CSV file and then analyze it later. With SEMrush Free Trial, you can download everything about your website and then analyze them later.

2.Competitor Analysis (Do 100% Post Mortem Of Your Competitor Site)

The importance of competitor analysis no more a hidden trick. In fact, now a day’s keyword starts from the competitor research only. If you don’t know who is your competitor, then find out that first buddy.

To stay ahead in online business, you have to keep a track of every single move of your competitors. SEMrush is the #1 SEO tool regarding that as you can find every single move like high traffic keywords, latest build backlinks, etc.

With the SEMrush FREE trial, you will be able to enjoy the full features of the SEMrush Guru account and easily download all the data of your competitors.

SEMrush offers 6 main reports to find competitors based on the following criteria. Click on the links below to explore the detailed SEMRush tutorial for every tool.

  1. Organic Competitors Report (based on shared organic keyword rankings)
  2. Backlinks Competitors Report (based on shared backlinks)
  3. Advertising Competitors Report (based on shared paid keyword rankings)
  4. PLA Competitors Report (based on shared Google Shopping keyword rankings)
  5. Position Tracking Competitors Discovery (based on a custom list of target keywords)
  6. Market Explorer (based on common website categories and audience interest) 

Let’s take an example fo website swimmingpool.com and try to find out its competitors. TO do that, open the SEMRush website and login with your credentials. Put the website URL and look for either Organic Research or Backlinks. In both cases, you will find a Competitor option and click on that.

semrush competitor analysis tool
semrush competitor analysis tutorial 2020

Make sure you choose around 1-10 competitors. Not more than that, as this may end up downloading many files and you will lose the focus of taking action from that analysis. Here are a few benefits of preparing a list of your competitors.

  • You can find a good resource of similar niche blogs where you can write a comment and get a backlink.
  • Analyze those websites to find out the high traffic articles & keywords. This will help you to understand what kind of content plan will work for your blog too.
  • Analyze their backlink profiles and find out the list of websites accepting guest articles. Not only that, you can easily find out the list of profile creation websites, web 2.0 sites, forums form where they are getting backlinks and many more.

3.Rank Tracking (Observe position changes of domains)

Getting into #1 Google or Bing ranking is not at all easy tasks. But as soon as you reach there are you done with your job? No.

There are competitors who are continuously monitoring you using tools like SEMrush and plan a better strategy to beat in your search ranking. So, if you want to become smart enough, then use the SEMrush position tracker tool and always updated it with your next moves.

SEMrush position tracking tool
SEMrush position tracking tool

You can easily observe position changes of domains with SEMrush. And accordingly put enough SEO efforts like building more backlinks, getting social signals, filling the content gaps, etc to stay on the top positions.

4. Find out New Competitors

If you don’t know who is your competitors, them SEMrush is here to help you out. Generally, we consider our competitors as per our visibility or the bloggers we are following.

But with the SEMrush tool, you will find the real competitors who are actually competing you for the same niche and similar keywords. Not only that SEMrush, will keep suggesting you with the new competitors who are gradually growing in your niche. This is just the perfect thing you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Sign Up with SEMrush Free Trial Now.

5. Run a complete website audit & fix errors

SEMrush site audit is a very popular and essential feature of this tool. You can easily find out the technical errors, On-Page SEO problems with 100% complete suggestions to fix them.

semrush website audit tool
semrush website audit tool

A website with technical errors can’t able to perform well, even if that has high-quality content. Search engines always love to crawl error-free websites and SEMrush can easily help you to fix this.

SEMRush Site Audit tool will help you to find out all the technical problems of your website in detail.

  • Loading speed: Page loading speed is a major ranking factor, and it noticeably affects your users’ experience, especially on mobile. SEMRush can help you to find out whether your pages are loading fast or not.
  • Crawlability: Find out whether all your pages are properly crawled by Google & other search engines or not.
  • Content issues: Whether your content is properly SEO optimized or not, you can analyze with SEMrush.
  • Meta tags: Meta Tags are very important to rank higher in Google. You can audit your entire website to find out all articles have proper Meta tags or missing.
  • HTTPS security protocols: Security is very crucial for every website. If all your pages are not working properly from the SSL point of view, this report will find those pages and warn you to fix the HTTPS issues quickly. Besides protecting your users, HTTPS also positively affects your rankings.
  • Internal linking: Internal linking is the most underestimated link building technique. But SEMRush will help you to fix this technical SEO problem also. Do it properly, link all relevant articles and distribute the page rank properly.
  • JS and CSS errors: SEMRush audit tool can catch all your website structural issues like JS or CSS or HTML related errors.
  • AMP implementation: If you have implemented AMP to speed up your WordPress site, then make sure to check whether they have done properly or not. If not, AMP can ruin all your hard work and rankings.

So, I am sure you have understood the importance of website auditing. With the SEMRush FREE Trial account, you can audit your 100 pages of your website.

6. On-Page SEO Checker [Formerly SEO Ideas]

We all know the importance of on-page SEO while ranking on top of search engines. A page with highly optimized for On-Page SEO can perform far better compared to its competitors.

semrush on page seo checker tool
semrush on page seo checker tool

There are a lot of free tools which will help you to do free on-page SEO analysis. But with SEMrush on-page SEO tool you will get accurate suggestions. So that you can actually implement them.

SEMrush compares lakhs of websites and then compare your pages with them and find out all the On-Page SEO gaps. E.g. like your content’s relevancy and quality, backlinks’ trustworthiness and reputation, page title, H1, H2 tags, and meta description. Here are a few of the amazing things you can do with this SEMRush SEO tool.

  • There are 200+ Google ranking factors, and we all are chasing after that to get the #1 position in Google. But still, we miss many crucial ranking factors, as Google is continuously changing its algorithms. With the SEMRush On-Page SEO checker tool, you can promptly check to see if you comply with all of the on-page/off-page SEO elements. This is a very tedious task and if you hire an SEO Expert, then you have to spend a hell lot of money & time. But with the SEMRush tool, you can analyze everything your own and fix them as per the suggestions.
  • Not only that, besides finding the issues of your content, this tool will also help you to collect all data related to the keyword you are trying to rank and suggest all possible actions to take for improving your search ranking.
  • You will get a very detailed analysis tool to understand the top 10 results of Google search for a particular keyword, you are trying to rank. E.g. Semantically-Related words and phrases, Backlinks, Content length, Keyword usage, etc.

You need this level of detail to create a successful digital marketing strategy for your blog or your client’s website.

With SEMrush it may take a few minutes for you to find in which websites if you build backlink can help you to outrank your competitors.

semrush backlink analysis tool
semrush backlink analysis tool

Yes, you just have to use the SEMrush backlink analysis tool and find out from where your competitors are getting quality backlinks. If you are looking for quality blogs for guest posting, then this is the best way to find out the list of blogs that accepts guest post.

This is exactly how people are exploring your blogs and sending emails every day for accepting guest posts or sponsored articles. So, you can actually discover every detail about your and your competitors’ backlinks using this SEMrush Backlink Analysis Tool.

  • You can find out the latest backlinks created by your competitors.
  • You can find out what kind of backlinks your competitors is creating. E.g. Profile Links, Guest Posts, Press Release, Forum Commenting, Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Article Submission, etc.
  • Analyze the ratio of do-follow vs nofollow backlinks.
  • Find out the list of similar niche blogs without any effort and you can use them at least for blog commenting.

8. PPC Analysis

PPC Ads are very popular these days. Even smart affiliate marketers are running PPC ads for their landing pages and making $$$ without even having a website. Just search for any buyer intent terms on Google, I am sure you will find few Google Ads in the first 2-3 positions. So, how to know whether your competitor is running such PPC ads? That’s what SEMRush PPC Advertising Toolkit will help you.

semrush ppc advertising toolkit
semrush ppc advertising toolkit

That means you must know for what your competitors are putting a lot of money for PPC Ads. With SEMrush you can easily find out all those keywords and Ad copies and easily plan a better & optimized one. You can do a lot of things with this amazing tool.

  • First of all, you can find out the list of your PPC Ads competitors.
  • Find out on what keywords your competitors are bidding more money.
  • You can take ideas from their Ads and the way they have designed and further optimize your Ads for better conversion.
  • Also find out what kind of Ads (Media, Banner, text, etc) are working best for your competitors.
  • See which keywords trigger their products to show up in Google Shopping results.
  • Pick the most prospective niches for PPC.
  • Analyze historical data and predict trends.

So, a lot of things you can do with the SEMRush tool. If you are a Digital Marketer then SEMRush is a must for your everyday Digital Marketing campaign.

9.Lots of Useful Tools For Marketers

SEMrush offers a lot of tools to make your every life awesome. You can’t imagine that they have almost every single tool to boost your digital marketing agency business. Here are a few of the popular tools from SEMrush.

  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • PPC Keyword Tool
  • Content Analyser
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Social Media Poster
  • Social Media Tracker
  • SEMrush writing assistant
  • Backlink Audit Tool

SEMrush Pricing Plans (Pro Vs Guru Vs Business)

If you are overwhelmed with all the features & power of SEMrush then I am sure you want to explore the different SEMrush pricing plans. How much does SEMrush cost you? That is what I will explain here.

SEMrush offers 3 different plans. Although you will find their plans little costly, but if you compare SEMrush pricing with Ahrefs, Moz & Raven Tools, then you will find SEMrush is quite affordable. plans

semrush pricing
semrush pricing 2020

All plans will price as monthly billing or annual billing option. If you go for the annual billing option, you will get a 16% discount on SEMRush price. Let’s explore the 3 different SEMrush pricing options.

  • Pro – $99.95/Month (Ideal for beginners and bloggers)
  • Guru – $199.95/Month (Ideal for small business owners and solopreneurs)
  • Business – $399.95/Month (Ideal for marketing agencies and marketing teams in big companies)
  • Enterprise: This is a custom plan and especially for big companies & agencies.

If you have an even higher need than this, they do also provide custom plans. For that, you have to contact them to discuss your requirements.

SEMRush Pro Plan Pricing

This is the best SEMRush plan for a blogger or internet marketer. This is the basic or starter package of SEMRush and perfectly designed for freelancers or individual marketers. This plan will cost you $99/mo. You may think this is very costly, but if you realise the power of this toil then this is a very valuable investment for your online business. You can always sign up for 14 days SEMRush trial period before buying this tool.

Here are few of the features of SEMRush Pro Plan.

  • Results per report:10 000
  • Reports per day: 3000
  • Keywords metrics updates per month: 250
  • Historical Data: NO
  • Product Listing Ads: No
  • Projects: 3
  • Keywords To Track: 500
  • Pages To Crawl per month: 100000
  • SEO Ideas Units: 500
  • Social Profile For Monitoring: 50
  • Social Profiles For Posting: 10
  • Pages To Audit: 50
  • Plagiarism Checks Per Month: No

SEMRush Guru Plan Pricing

SEMRush Guru plan is for a small business owner or a freelancer, who provides regular SEO services to his/her clients. You can easily manage multiple clients as the number of projects that can be added is 15. Do aggressive keyword research and competitors research, as this plan offers more resources compared to SEMRush Pro Plan. The SEMrush Guru Plan costs $199 a month (monthly checked) and $1992 (annually billed)

Here are a few of the features of the SEMRush Guru Plan.

  • Results per report:30000
  • Reports per day: 5000
  • Keywords metrics updates per month: 1000
  • Historical Data: Yes
  • Product Listing Ads: No
  • Projects: 15
  • Keywords To Track: 1500
  • Pages To Crawl per month: 300000
  • SEO Ideas Units: 800
  • Social Profile For Monitoring: 100
  • Social Profiles For Posting: 30
  • Pages To Audit: 20,000
  • Plagiarism Checks Per Month: Yes

SEMRush Business Plan Pricing

The business plan is basically for larger Digital Marketing agency or SEO companies. Feature-wise, both PRO & GURU plan offers almost every feature, but they provide fewer resources and limitations. As a blogger, you must use the tool as per your need only, don’t simply spend time researching different domains without any aim. This way you will end up consuming your limits. Anyway, SEMRush Business & Enterprise plan has very high limits of data access so that an organization can access a single plan for many employees.

Here are a few of the features of SEMRush Business Plan.

  • Results per report:50000
  • Reports per day: 10000
  • Keywords metrics updates per month: 5000
  • Historical Data: Yes
  • Product Listing Ads: Yes
  • Projects: 25
  • Keywords To Track: 5000
  • Pages To Crawl per month: 1000000
  • SEO Ideas Units: 2000
  • Social Profile For Monitoring: 300
  • Social Profiles For Posting: 50
  • Pages To Audit: 20,000
  • Plagiarism Checks Per Month: Yes (10)

The table below contains features and restrictions of each plan:

Price $99.95/Month $199.95/Month 399.95/Month
Projects 5 50 200
Keywords 500 1500 5000
Pages to crawl 100,000 300,000 1,000,000
SEO Ideas 500 800 2000
PDF Reports 5 20 50
Social Profiles 50 100 300
Get 14-day Free Access to SEMrush ProVisit SEMrush to learn moreVisit SEMrush to learn more

In addition to these plans, there is also a custom plan and a plan for enterprise clients.

If you’re managing 1-3 sites, I’d recommend you sign up for the SEMrush Pro plan. If you run an agency and deal with multiple clients and projects, then perhaps Guru plan might be the right fit for your requirements.

SEMrush Reviews Online (What People Are Saying)

Top Bloggers & Affiliate marketers like Anil Agarwal, Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Ankit Singla are using SEMrush tool extensively and they found terrific growth in their blog traffic.

Not only that, they are continuously using this tool & recommending this tool to their readers to use every day for a different purpose. E.g. analyze your blog content, find out the content gap, find out the quality backlink sources doing competitors research, explore the opportunities of Facebook & Google advertising etc.

Not only that, when you are planning to start a new blog to make money online, finding a profitable niche is very difficult nowadays. But with a tool like SEMrush, one can easily analyze any big website and find out many profitable niches which is yet to be explored. You can’t do this activity without a paid tool like SEMrush.

Besides that, if you search for a positive or negative review of SEMrush on popular websites like G2Crowd, TrustRadius, and Capterra, etc you will be amazed to find the reviews & feedback people shared.

As per the latest data, here is the latest SEMrush ratings (It’s amazing)

[The above ratings were last updated on Oct 30, 2018]

Final Verdict Of SEMRush Review 2020(Is SEMrush Worth To Invest?)

I am not the right person to tell you whether SEMrush is worth for you or not. You have to use this tool once and apply all the suggestions if you are genuinely looking to grow your website.

Try SEMrush 14 day trial and plan for your next website doing in-depth competitor research. I am sure 14 days would be enough to do that and build a solid plan for your next website.

Once you get success, you will find that SEMrush is really worth to invest. When top bloggers are spending huge money for SEMrush to find out the profitable keywords, then they can’t be wrong.

But you have to understand one thing, to make the investment for SEMrush worth, you have to put a similar volume of efforts. If you are not making a good amount of money or not able to take enough actions, then monthly spending $100 for a tool will definitely hurt your pocket.

But to understand that, you must get a 14-day free trial of SEMrush PRO:

Get 14-day FREE Access to SEMrush Pro ($49.97 Value)

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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