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Thrive Leads Review 2020: #1 OptinMonster Alternative + Best Lead Capture Plugin For WordPress

Review Of: Thrive Leads from Thrivethemes.com

What is Thrive Leads: A Powerful email list builder plugin from the industry experts. They are one of best OptinMonster alternative.

Why You Need Thrive Leads: Email list building is one of the crucial part for every online business to grow your audience. With this tool one can easily collect email of your website visitors.

Ease of Use

Beginner friendly


One-time payment


Best in the industry

  • Collection of opt-in forms
  • Drag & Drop interface
  • Integrate with almost every single email service
  • Smartlinks feature
  • WordPress hosted plugin, specific to your site only
  • Need an initial knowledge to use this

Thrive Leads Pricing

Thrive Leads comes up with 3 different pricing plan. For 1 website, you can get this plugin at $67 only. For 5 sites you have to pay $97 only.

Get Access to Thrive Leads!

Thrive Leads is one of the most popular email list builder plugins for WordPress blog. They are one of the many awesome tools from Thrive Themes. You can check out the list of tools from Thrive Themes. I am using a few of them and they are simply awesome.

thrive leads testimonials

Generating leads is one of the most important factors to grow your business online. Not only does it provide you with the best way to contact potential customers, but it makes sure that you aren’t wasting money on resources that aren’t getting you better profits.

thrive leads button

You can generate leads online and collect email IDs, phone numbers and what not but using older tools to generate and collect leads will end up being too costly for you. In 2018, there are ways to generate leads in a much intelligent way. One of these ways and tools that you can use is Thrive Leads.

Thrive Leads Review 2019 (Top 5 Features To Watch Out For)

Let us take a look at the five of the best factors that you should invest in Thrive Leads and use it to build an email list for your blogging business. Installing Thrive Leads on WordPress is a very quick & easy task.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

thrive leads design

Thrive Leads gives you a drag and drop form builder that you can use in order to create your own forms. You can also choose to use a pre-made template which you can also customize with the drag and drop builder.

The drag and drop builder gives you full control over all the elements of the form. You can change the way how the text looks, how the field looks and more. The templates make sure that you can get started with a form as soon as possible if you don’t want to spend time customizing it.

Extremely Accurate Targeting

thrive leads advanced targeting

Thrive Leads lets you make different forms and you can use them with advanced targeting options. You can show different forms on different pages. You can choose to target a different audience using the tags and categories on WordPress.

You can also show the form in-line inside a post or a page so you can target your audience in areas of the post of the page that grab their attention in the best possible manner. You can show your forms in a post that you want, in all posts in a specific tag and category, on 404 pages and more. You can target your audience as the post that the form is being shown.

A/B Testing for Best Leads

thrive leads ab testing

The quality of the leads is much more important than the number of leads. Thrive Leads lets you perform A/B testing so you can try different things to see which form is working well for you and how well are you able to convert your visitors into leads.

You can try different form types, different content, different triggers, and even different offers and Thrive Leads lets you set it up very easily. After setting up an A/B test, the Thrive Leads plugin can automatically choose the winner form that is getting you the best results and then you will be able to generate better leads.

Integrated Analytics for better results & leads

thrive leads reporting

Thrive Leads also has a built-in analytics tool which you can use to get the following information.

  • Conversion Report – Information about the number of leads being generated
  • Conversion Rate Report – Check the conversion report to check the conversion rate to identify how you can make the rate better
  • Cumulative Conversions Report – You can check the conversion details and numbers over time or a specific time period
  • Comparison Report – Ability to compare forms and lead campaigns
  • List Growth – You will be able to see the growth of a list over time
  • Lead Referral Report – Find out where your leads are coming from
  • Lead Tracking Report – Find out the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • Content Marketing Report – Find what content produces the most leads

With analytics integrated into the plugin itself, you will be able to look at the reports and tweak your campaigns in a better way.

thrive leads support

Thrive Leads Pricing 2019 + How To Save

Thrive Leads, even if it comes with so many amazing features comes at a very nominal price. You get a drag and drop builder, A/B testing ability, analytics and everything with Thrive Leads built right into the plugin.

  • Single Site ($67).
  • Up to 5 Sites ($97) — must be your own websites.
  • 15 Site License ($147) — for use on client sites.
Thrive Leads Pricing

All in all, if you are looking for a plugin that helps you generate leads in a better way and also lets you customize how your lead generation forms look and with the help of analytics make them better, you can go for Thrive Leads.

thrive leads review
thrive leads button

Thrive Leads Alternatives 2019 & Comparison

This market is very competitive and you will find many potential Thrive Leads alternative available in market. Few of them are OptinMonster, Bloom, Clickfunnels, Convert Pro, ConvertKit, SumoMe etc.

But here I will show you the comparison of Thrive Leads with the top 3 email list builder plugins and why Thrive Leads is a better option.

Thrive Leads Vs Bloom

  • Bloom doesn’t have Exit intent technology
  • You can’t buy Bloom, you have to go for Elegant Themes package

Thrive Leads Vs OptinMonster

  • OptinMonster has more features, but the pricing wise it is very costly compared to Thrive Leads. In case of Thrive Leads, you have to pay one-time fee when for OptinMonster you have to pay monthly or annual recurring charges
  • Beginner friendly plugin specially for bloggers & internet marketers.

Thrive Leads Vs Convert Pro

  • Pricing wise, Thrive Leads is cheaper compared to Convert pro. Convert Pro charges annual charges, when Thrive Leads is a one-time payment only.
  • You will also get lifetime updates for Thrive Leads. But for Convert pro as per subscription period only.
  • Thrive Leads is a drag * drop block based visual editor, which is missing in case of Convert pro.
  • Huge number of conversion focus templates are available already for Thrive Leads. In case of convert pro they have limited number of templates.

Final Verdict: Thrive Leads Review 2019

  • Huge library of ready-to-use templates
  • Create awesome exit intent popups in few clicks
  • Just one-time payment and life time updates free
  • Very cheap & affordable compared to others (Only $67/1 site)
  • A product of a very trust able brand, Thrive Themes.
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