SiteGround GrowBig Review 2019 (The Best SiteGround Plan After Hosting My Website From Last 6 months)

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I thought to share a detailed SiteGround GrowBig review with all the benefits I observed after using for more than 6+ months. If you are confused about which Siteground hosting plan is best for your blog, then I can help you to choose the best SiteGround plan.

SiteGround hosting offers 3 types of plans: StartUp, GrowBig & GoGeek. As a beginner one can start with StartUp plan. But if you compare StartUp Vs GrowBig, you will find GrowBig has more features like unlimited websites, Free migration, priority support, advanced-cache, more traffic limit,  free backup & more by paying just $2 extra every month. When GoGeek is for high traffic sites with very expensive pricing.

SiteGround has earned a lot of positive feedback and grown as #1 WordPress hosting providers in different social platforms. I have shared a lot of social proofs on SiteGround in this article. Within a short period of time, they got more than 8 lakh customers and providing high-quality hosting services.

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Quick Review of SiteGround GrowBig Plan (Pros & Cons)

Well, I will share a detailed review of SiteGround GrowBig Hosting package, but before that let me summarise what you are going to get by paying monthly $5.95 in your hosting package. I have already mentioned that GrowBig is far better compared to StartUp plan when we compare the features.

Pros of SiteGround GrowBig:

  • You can host unlimited websites on SiteGround GrowBig plan (compared to StartUp)
  • SiteGround GrowBig Plan is just a few $2 costly from StartUp plan with many additional features
  • Priority support (quick live chat + ticket response), not available in StartUp plan
  • Advances SiteGround cache system to make your website load faster, not available in StartUp plan
  • Enjoy free backup up to daily 30 (in case of StartUp, it’s daily 1), not available in StartUp plan
  • More server resources mean more fast loading website
  • Offers more storage, 20GB compared to 10GB of StartUp plan
  • SiteGround GrowBig plan provides email storage of 2000MB.
  • You have a plan to start an eCommerce website, then SiteGround GrowBig plan comes with 1-year Free Wildcard SSL. And for all sites Let’s encrypt SSL certificate is free for life.
  • If you compare SiteGround GrowBig Vs Bluehost Plus plan, SiteGround GrowBig offers more power to boost the performance of your website with a better support system.
  • Enjoy Free website migration, which is not available for StartUp users.
  • Use WordPress Starter plugin, which makes the process of launching a fully-functional site a lot easier and faster and it is very convenient especially for users that are not very technically savvy enough.

Cons of SiteGround GrowBig Plan

  • The SiteGround renewal price is comparative very high, compared to Bluehost.
  • SiteGround GrowBig plan comes with a traffic limit of 25,000/mo. That means if you have a few high-traffic websites, you may have to upgrade to GoGeek plan which is seriously costly compared to GrowBig plan.
  • The GrowBig plan does not come with staging and also lacks other GoGeek features.

I host my website on SiteGround GrowBig Plan

Last year during SiteGround Black Friday Sale, I bought GrowBig plan for 36 months and saved a lot. I availed 75% OFF discount & saved more than $500 for the next 3 years. It’s a big relief for renewal expenses. And here is the screenshot of my purchase.

Siteground 75 off discount

You can have a look at SiteGround Account screenshot also below. I can now focus on blogging till 2021 without worrying about my hosting renewal charges. That’s the beauty of investing after a quality hosting.

siteground admin panel

This is not the end, as I am an affiliate of SiteGround WordPress Hosting I promote SiteGround through my blog. And within a few months, I am able to generate a few sales which were more than $200. That means the money I invest for SiteGround ($178 for 3 years) is already regained through their web hosting affiliate program.

siteground affiliate income

StartUp Vs GrowBig Vs GoGeek (SiteGround Hosting Comparison)

I have also prepared a quick comparison of all 3 SiteGround plans & here is the tabular format of this. I am sure you will find this very useful.

Which SiteGround Hosting Plan is BestStartUpGrowBigGoGeek
Websites1 SiteUnlimited SitesUnlimited Sites
Website Space10GB20GB30GB
Data TransferUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Free Site TransferNoYesYes
Monthly Traffic10,000 visit25,000 visit1,00,000 visit
WP Special cacheNoYesYes
One-Click StagingNoYesYes
SuperCacherLevel 1 OnlyAll 3 levelsAll 3 levels
Priority SupportNoYesYes
Sign Up (Flat 70% OFF)buy now buttonbuy now buttonbuy now button


Why SiteGround Is Best For WordPress? Let’s find out.

I have shared my honest feedback on why SiteGround is the best hosting for WordPress blog. But people generally get confused while deciding among SiteGroud StartUp vs. GrowBig vs. GoGeek.

Off course pricing, wise StartUp plan is the cheapest SiteGround plan. But the question is whether you are getting everything you need at that pricing?

Can you get even more with little more investment? And that’s where this SiteGroud GrowBig review guide will help you to understand.

Why You Must Go For GrowBig Plan From SiteGround

There are various useful features of SiteGround GrowBig Plan, but here we will show you the most effective ones. So go through this section to know more about its amazing features which are being discussed here one by one.

1. More Server Resources than StartUp

This is the biggest reason why I always recommend SiteGround GrowBig plan, rather than the StartUp plan which looks cheap. This is the key reason I found while preparing this SiteGround GrowBig review guide, to decide over StartUp plan.

Definitely, it is cheap but just look at the fact that StartUp users have ~ 10,000 visits per month & GrowBig users have ~ 25,000 visits per month by paying just a few more money.

  • Simultaneous Server Processes: 10
  • Simultaneous Connections from Single IP: 10
  • CPU Seconds / Program and Script Executions: 1000/hour, 10000/day, 300000/month
  • Average Process Execution Time per Day: 2 seconds
  • Shared Service CPU Usage: No more than 20% for a period longer than 10 seconds
  • Server Memory per Process: 768 MB
  • Inodes: 150,000
  • Minimum Cron Job Interval: 30mins

2. High Uptime

If any website or blog is growing faster, then the website owner needs a website that is 24/7 live to entertain his/her customers. Although many big web hosting companies claim 100% uptime guarantee, genuinely speaking most of the times their actions do not justify their claims.

  • SiteGround has always opted to use in-house crafted solutions to provide its users with top-quality web hosting services.
  • SiteGround web hosting platform is developed on Linux containers to offer remarkable stability, especially when any website experiences unexpected traffic spikes.
  • SiteGround’s server monitoring system monitors all its servers after every 0.5 seconds.
  • It has the ability to proactively resolve any issue without requiring human supervision. That is how SiteGround assures 99.99% uptime with GrowBig plan.

How to check your website’s uptime record?

SiteGround offers an awesome tool to check your uptime quickly. Here is what I got when I checked for this website. Click here to check your website Uptime.

3. Fast Loading Time

Apart from uptime, the loading time is also a big factor for creating a high-quality website. SiteGround speed technology is no more hidden and when you compare them with the other popular hosting companies like HostGator, Bluehost, SiteGround offers better infrastructure.

siteground page loading report

Many users have tested their website with the GrowBig plan and eventually experienced loading times of 722ms. 722ms is much faster than the average loading times taken by other web hosting companies.

  • SiteGround hosting plans are stored on cutting-edge Solid State Drive (SSD) technology
  • They use NGINX web server technology to speed up your website
  • SiteGround SuperCacher allows website speed optimization through Memcached
  • Activate free Cloudflare CDN through SiteGround cPanel in few clicks only
  • SiteGround hosting plans are updated to the latest PHP version
  • Their servers are HTTP/2 enabled.

4. High-Performance WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is the one and only web hosting service that offers managed WordPress hosting on all accounts. This is a special feature that matters a lot when a person is planning to launch a high-quality WordPress website.

siteground performance speed

Once a user opts for the GrowBig web hosting plan, SiteGround manages all the services such as security, speed, updates, support, and offers enhancement programs to make things simpler for the user.

SiteGround always assures its users about continuous monitoring of WordPress related bugs in order to perfectly protect their site with tailored WAF rules.

Moreover, Daily backups, regular plugin updates, and free WordPress updates make SiteGround GrowBig plan essential for WordPress users.

In this SiteGround GrowBig Review so far, I am sure you understand why they are totally different compared to other hostings. They are stressing only on your website speed & performance optimization, which is the key to create a successful blog in 2019.

5. Free Website Migration

The biggest advantage of SiteGround is their Free Website Transfer service. It is a blessing for bloggers who are struggling with their existing hosting provider and want to move to a world class hosting company like SiteGround.

You don’t have to pay any fee, unlike Bluehost charges $149 for this activity. If you are an expert in website migration, then it may not be an issue for you, but for beginners or non-technical persons, it is a very difficult task.

6. 30 Days Money Back

Many website owners choose free web hosting trials to test the performance of other web hosting companies, but SiteGround does not offer any such free trials. Instead, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee in case if a user is not satisfied with their web hosting service.

So we can say that SiteGround is always committed to provide the best experience, and if it fails, it will return all the money that the user has paid for buying the GrowBig web hosting package.

7. eCommerce Features

SiteGround GrowBig plan is the only shared hosting plan which offers solid eCommerce features. Few of them are

  • Let’s Encrypt Free SSL — SiteGround GrowBig plan comes with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL which a user can find and activate in their cPanel.
  • Wildcard SSL — GrowBig and GoGeek plan include a wildcard SSL with a free 1-year subscription which secures a site and its respective subdomains while giving the user a site seal to showcase to the end users.
  • Shopping Carts — Users generally gets the support of all major shopping carts in SiteGround GrowBig hosting plan.

siteground ecommerce features

So, these are the six main features of SiteGround GrowBig plan. SiteGround GrowBig plan always gets the upper hand among all other web hosting services only because of these amazing features.

SiteGround Is The Best & There Are Lots of Social Proofs

They got very positive feedbacks from Industry Experts, like Syed Balkhi of WPBEGGINNER.COM.

siteground review

In social media like Facebook, you will find many discussions where SiteGround has been recommended by many professionals, bloggers, and internet marketers.

Check this Facebook Poll on Bloggerspassion Group.

bloggerspassion facebook group

Another FB Group blogging network has similar discussions.

BloggingNetwork facebook discussion

This is not the end, there are more social proofs which is making it clear that SiteGround is the best WordPress hosting providers. Even though their renewal charges are high, they have a traffic limit on their plans.

siteground facebook poll 3siteground facebook poll 2016siteground best web hostingsiteground facebook poll 1siteground facebook poll 2

Even I found some awesome discussions on Twitter as well.

siteground twitter review

FAQs on SiteGround GrowBig plan

I this section, I tried to answer lots of questions related to this SiteGround GrowBig plan. Hope this is helpful. In case you have further questions, you can feel to ask the same by writing a comment below.

What is the actual cost of the SiteGround GrowBig Plan?

The actual price of SiteGround GrowBig plan is around $19.95/mo. But if you avail this initial 70% discount, you can buy this plan @ $5.95/mo only. But make sure you go fo rat least 3 years to enjoy this discount. This is a one-time discount only and after that, you have to pay @ $19.95/mo only.

Does the GrowBig plan come with one-click installs of major systems?

Yes, SiteGround GrowBig plan comes with 1-click installation software which allows a user to have WordPress running fast, without having to understand MySQL databases, usernames, FTP, etc. You can also ask SieGround support team to help you install WordPress.

Is 20GB storage on SiteGround GrowBig plan enough?

5GB storage is enough for most of the people, but SiteGround provides 20GB storage in the GrowBig plan. For hosting only WordPress sites, a user won’t need more than a few GBs because WordPress doesn’t use too much space. So we can say that 20GB storage is more than enough in most of the cases.

Does GrowBig plan have different server resources than Startup plan of SiteGround?

SiteGround StartUp plan comes with very basic features. But from their GrowBig plan, SiteGround offers some awesome features and server resources to give webmasters enough freedom to host their websites.

Does SiteGround GrowBig offer free Site Builder?

Yes, SiteGround provides free drag and drop site builder on all their plans which includes GrowBig plan as well. But, personally I don’t experiment with many Site-builder, rather I use Thrive Architect to design my few pages like deals page, home page etc.

Is there a free domain name included with the GrowBig account?

No, this is just a normal hosting account, and so it does not include a domain name with it although a user can purchase a domain name through SiteGround. If you want to save money on your domain registration, then better to go with Bluehost. But remember, this FREE domain registration is only for the first year, after that you have to pay the domain renewal price.

Is SSL Free with SiteGround GrowBig Plan?

Yes, SiteGround offers Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate FREE with every hosting plan. But from GrowBig plan onward they also give Wildcard SSL free 1 year which is good for eCommerce website owners.

How many daily backup is allowed in SiteGround GrowBig plan?

The best part of SiteGround plans is their free backup feature. To keep your website highly secure you must have a FREE backup feature. Although the majority of hosting providers charges for that, SiteGround offer FREE backup. Although for StartUp there is some limitation, for GrowBig plan you will get every day 1 backup FREE.

Conclusion: Is This SiteGround GrowbBig Review 2019 Worth?

After going through the entire article, a user will understand that SiteGround GrowBig plan is really a great value for money for your WordPress blog.

I wrote this SiteGround GrowBig review guide after using their hosting for a few months, and I can say that it is a value for money hosting provider.

You can always upgrade to SiteGround GoGeek or Cloud plans. If your website grows exponentially, then it is good to try the SiteGround advanced plans. But to start a website from scratch, SiteGround GrowBig plan is worth trying.

My website is hosted on SiteGround GrowBig plan and here is the snapshot of the same.

siteground admin panel

So, if you are seeking for a web hosting plan with the better performance the SiteGround GrowBig plan is highly recommended. You just have to sign up with SiteGround and then ask their support team to migrate your website to their hosting.

It is a very smooth journey with SiteGround and feeling my website is in safe hands. As you can reach to their highly technically skilled customer support agents anytime. They will make sure your issue is going to be resolved asap.

Before finishing this SiteGround GrowBig review, I just want to share again why I SiteGround is a totally unique shared hosting providers compared to others.

  1. SiteGroud is voted as #1 web hosting in many Facebook Polls.
  2. SiteGround servers are updated to the latest PHP version.
  3. Their latest SPEED technology will make sure your website is hosted on trusted servers.
  4. SiteGround has a track record of delivering 100% uptime.
  5. SiteGround Supercacher and SG Optimizer plugin will help you to speed up my website.
  6. SiteGround offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.
  7. Activate Free Cloudflare from SiteGround cPanel itself.
  8. They offer FREE website transfer service.
  9. SiteGround offers 4 different Data centers to choose from.
  10. SiteGround offers FREE backup which is enough to make sure your website secure.
  11. SiteGround support team is very much knowledgeable & response time almost nil.
  12. SiteGround 70% Discount is applicable on every hosting term you buy.

If you find this SiteGround GrowbBig review useful, then feel free to share this in your social media profiles. Also, do not hesitate to ask your question by writing a comment below.

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