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Searching for SiteGroud Renewal discount 2019? Then let me tell you clearly that, like every hosting company you are not going to get any special discount or coupon while renewing SiteGround hosting plans.

Even though you get a 70% discount on SiteGround plans while buying for the first time, don’t expect a single penny off while renewing. So, SiteGround renewal is expensive and this is one of the biggest drawback of SiteGround hosting compared to others.

Here are the details of the SiteGround renewal price for all of their plans.

  • Start-Up Plan Renewal Price: $11.95/mo (starting price $3.95/mo)
  • GrowBig Plan Renewal Price: $19.95/mo (starting price $5.95/mo)
  • GoGeek Plan Renewal Price: $34.95/mo (starting price $11.95/mo)

Every plan offers a flat 70% discount on any hosting term you buy. Means, whether you buy for 1 year or 2 years or 3-year SiteGround hosting plan, you will get a fare discount of flat 70% on the entire billing amount.

You can Compare SiteGround Plans To Get 70% Discount.

Problem Bloggers Are Facing While Renewing SiteGround Hosting

Almost every web hosting providers follow this simple trick to get customers on cheap pricing. Just check one example of a blogger on a Facebook group, facing issue while renewing SiteGround Start-Up plan.

siteground renewal discount

This is a very common problem every blogger face while they are done with the initial discount term of any web hosting. E.g. when I purchased Bluehost PLUS plan 2 years back, I bought the same for 12 months only.

Although I availed a special Bluehost discount price @ $2.95/mo for 12 months. But after finishing my 1-year term, I had to pay the renewal charges as per the actual price only.

So, on a similar note, you might be happy to purchase SiteGround hosting plans with a massive 70% discount. But remember that while renewing after the initial terms, you have to pay the full price of SiteGround plans. At least I have not done the same mistake this time and bought SiteGround for next 3 years.

siteground 75 off coupon

This picture is enough to tell you that, I have saved more than $500 on SiteGround renewal for the next 3 years. I will be renewing my SiteGround GrowBig account after 3 years only.

But the best part is that I have recovered that amount within the first month itself (during Black Friday 2018 Sale). Yes, I got 4 SiteGround sales which means a $200 commission. So, you can say that I am enjoying SiteGround hosting for the next 3 years for free of cost. 🙂

siteground affiliate income

Tips To Save On SiteGround Hosting Renewal in 2019

Now let me consider there are 2 types of buyer.

  1. Who has already purchased SiteGround and up for renewal
  2. People who are researching on web hosting plans and not able to decide on how many years they should buy SiteGround. In other words, people who are ready to buy SiteGround for the first time.

In case of SiteGround Renewal

If your SiteGround hosting plan is up for renewal, then you can either pay the SiteGround renewal charges or else look for a new hosting company. Yes, you can switch to a different hosting company where you can avail much more discount as a new buyer and migrate your website.

But this is not a good option, as SiteGround is a very good hosting company and only because of the budget issue you should not change your hosting providers. You must keep enough efforts to promote SiteGround to make more sale or increase your blog income to support your web hosting charges.

Why SiteGround is Best for WordPress?

  1. SiteGroud is voted as #1 web hosting in many Facebook Polls.
  2. SiteGround servers are updated to the latest PHP version.
  3. Their latest SPEED technology will make sure your website is hosted on trusted servers.
  4. SiteGround has a track record of delivering 100% uptime.
  5. SiteGround Supercacher and SG Optimizer plugin will help you to speed up my website.
  6. SiteGround offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.
  7. Activate Free Cloudflare from SiteGround cPanel itself.
  8. They offer FREE website transfer service.
  9. SiteGround offers 4 different Data centers to choose from.
  10. SiteGround offers FREE backup which is enough to make sure your website secure.
  11. SiteGround support team is very much knowledgeable & response time almost nil.
  12. SiteGround 70% Discount is applicable on every hosting term you buy.

SiteGround has been voted #1 many Facebook Polls

Best managed WordPress hosting 2018 Facebook Poll.

siteground facebook poll 1

SiteGround was rated #1 in 2017 as per the Facebook poll as well.

siteground facebook poll 2

Even in 2016 Facebook poll also, we saw the same result.

siteground facebook poll 2016

I tried to search other Facebook groups and found another Facebook poll where Siteground was voted as #1 web hosting company out of 18 companies.

siteground facebook poll 3

Check These SiteGround Alternatives for 2019

In case you face any trouble with SiteGround or you have some genuine SiteGround issues or complaints, then definitely, you must look for a potential SiteGround alternative mentioned below:

  1. FastComet (Cheapest renewal charges @ $2.95/mo)
  2. A2 Hosting (You can get 51% discount)
  3. Bluehost (Plan starts $2.65/mo for the 36-month duration)
  4. WPX Hosting (Avail 50% Off on 1 month)

Still, I would say think twice before switching from SiteGround to other hosting plans. As you have to renew the same after 1 year and you will on the same situation.

Even if you have decided to change your hosting from SiteGround to another host, make sure to go for a quality hosting provider with at least 3 years plan. You can save huge on renewal expenses.

Buying Web Hosting For The First Time? Go for SiteGround 3 Years Plan

To make your doubts clear, let me share a detailed calculation.

Let say you are buying SiteGround for 12 months using their 70% Off SiteGround promo code offer. In that case, you have to pay only $3.95 x 12 = $ 47.4 (below screenshot is including the domain registration with SiteGround)

siteground hosting price

Then next year, if you want to renew SiteGround hosting for the next 2 years you have to pay $ 11.95 x 24 = $ 286.8

So, in 3 years you would be paying around $47.4 + $ 286.8 = $ 334.2

Now, what if you would have bought SiteGround for 36 months from the beginning only like I did.

At that time, you had to pay $3.95 x 36 = $ 142.2

Total Saving is $ 334.2 – $ 142.2 = $ 192 (If you would purchase initially for 3 years)

I think this is clear enough, how much you can save on your web hosting plan. This is a very basic mistake every beginner do and repent later on. SiteGround is a good hosting, you can trust their services as many top bloggers are also using their services.

And, as I showed you on top. By making few sales only you can get your invested money back. So, start learning on how to promote SiteGround or any web hosting affiliate program to generate sale & earn good commission. If you have WPEngine affiliate, you can even earn $200 commission with a single web hosting sale.

So, better to grab this 70% OFF SiteGround offer for the next 3 years.

Is SiteGround Really Good For WordPress Hosting?

Still, if you have a 2nd though on SiteGround, then there are a lot of positive discussions going on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook where SiteGround has been voted as the #1 hosting service.

siteground twitter review

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Conclusion – SiteGround Renewal Discount Tips

So, there is actually no way one can save on web hosting renewal price. This is a very old trick every hosting company follows. They will give you a massive discount on initial plans (for new buyers only) and later you have to renew hosting plans on the actual price.

Does that mean we have to change to different hosting every year? NO

But as a blogger also, you can be even smarter. Just make sure you buy hosting from reputed & popular hosting providers (like Bluehost, SiteGround, A2 Hosting, FastComet etc) at least for 3 years. This way you will definitely save huge and host your websites on a trusted web hosting company.

Make sure you don’t miss the 70% OFF SiteGround Discount.

I would like to know your strategy of saving web hosting charges while renewing SiteGround or any other hosting provider. Have you ever get any SiteGround renewal discount? If so would you like to share with our readers what is the trick or eligibility? Just write a comment below and share your experience.

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