SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review 2019 : Only for Serious Bloggers

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Yes, if you care for your blog and really want to give your blog a best hosting platform, then you must switch to Siteground. WHY? Read this detailed review of SiteGround WordPress hosting with my personal feedback.

Why This SiteGround Review Is Different Than Others?

I am not trying to overdo anything here, as SiteGround itself has so many positive features to give a shoutout. I am sharing many real-life proofs and evidence to support my decision to move my website from Bluehost to SiteGround in this article.

Who should read this SiteGroud review further? 

If you are searching for cheap web hosting services and pricing is your only criteria to choose a hosting then please don’t proceed further. I can say you may check out $2.65/mo Bluehost plan (consider this Bluehost trick).

But if your problem is website performance or bad shared hosting experience, then you are in the right place. A fast loading website can only rank higher in Google (of course you should have quality content).

Is SiteGround Overrated? Don’t trust my words, just read this first (PROS)

In the space of shared hosting, every single hosting company is busy promoting its cheapest plan or best web hosting plan.

But how many of them are actually promoting the features which your website actually need? 

SiteGround does that and that’s why they are the #1 WordPress hosting providers. Just check these 12 points, which your web hosting company will never talk about.

#1SiteGroud is voted as #1 web hosting in many Facebook Polls. I have shared the screenshots below. Not only in Facebook but I have also have shared some proofs from Twitter as well. Just check the other companies on those polls and among all people voted SiteGround as #1 WordPress hosting.

#2SiteGround servers are updated to the latest PHP version. (They are the only shared hosting company to have latest PHP 7.3)

#3SiteGround talk about SPEED. Yes, their latest SPEED technology will make sure your website is hosted on trusted servers.

#4100% uptime is practically impossible, but SiteGround has a track record of delivering the same.

#5You don’t need an additional Cache plugin. Yes, I don’t use any cache plugin for this website, as SiteGround Supercacher and SG Optimizer plugin itself ie enough to speed up my website.

#6SiteGround offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates in every plan and Wild Card SSL (for 1 year) for a higher plan. This is a good deal for eCommerce websites.

#7Activate Free Cloudflare from SiteGround cPanel itself.

#8You don’t have to pay a single penny to transfer your website to SiteGround. They offer FREE website transfer service and SiteGround support team will help you to finish that. If you compare SiteGround Vs Bluehost, you will be surprised that Bluehost will ask $140 for site transfer.

#9SiteGround offers 4 different Data centers to choose from. They are again unique on this point compared to their competitors like Bluehost, HostGator, A2 Hosting etc.

#10Security is another key factor SiteGround promote. Yes, their servers are highly secure, offer FREE backup which is enough to make sure your website secure. You will not find a FREE back up feature in shared hosting space with any web hosting company.

#11SiteGround support team is very much knowledgeable. Just check out a few of the screenshots I have shared below to understand their in-depth knowledge about their hosting plan and also how helpful they are to resolve your problems. Without any doubt SiteGround offers a 5 star rated support.

#12You don’t have to go for high price VPS plans, as SiteGround has almost semi-dedicated feature plan within the shared hosting plan only. You can check the features of their GoGeek Plan once.

But, SiteGround has certain disadvantages also (CONS).

I migrated from Bluehost To SiteGround to enjoy better benefits of SiteGround WordPress hosting. I read many positive reviews of SiteGround hosting plan to date. And that’s why I thought to transfer this website from Bluehost to SiteGround.

  • SiteGround pricing structure is a little high compared to others. In fact, their renewal charges are very high.
  • SiteGround plans are traffic based. Means StartUp plan can hold up to 10,000 traffic, GrowBig can up to 25,000 monthly traffic etc.
  • They don’t offer FREE domain name, which is very common in case of shared hosting plans

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

Yes, the only problem I can see here is the pricing which might be a concern for beginners. But that is also not a problem. SiteGround offers a 70% discount for new registration. Make sure you go for 3 years to save maximum. I did the same thing.

Besides that, the performance they are offering is worth the price. It is better to go with a premium web hosting company like SiteGround with little extra investment. I don’t like to try something cheap first and then go for the best after realizing. On top of that, if you consider the 70% OFF SiteGround discount, it is quite cheap only.

Click Here To Grab The 70% OFF SiteGround Offer

Detailed Review of SiteGround WordPress Hosting 2019

I have no hard feelings with Bluehost, as I have still a couple of websites running on Bluehost. But there are many advantages of SiteGround web hosting plans which I started enjoying in the initial few days of migration. In fact, you can read some awesome SiteGround reviews shared on their official website.

1. SiteGround Will Make Your Website Load Faster

Do you know how long should it take for a website to load? 

[click_to_tweet tweet=”According to Kissmetrics, 47 percent of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, and 40 percent of visitors will leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds.” quote=”According to Kissmetrics, 47 percent of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, and 40 percent of visitors will leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds.”]

The average website load time in 2019 is improving as everyone is understanding why page-speed is the top priority. This is the question of eating my brain and that is why I write this SiteGround review around their SPEED technology only.

  • How can I make my website load faster?
  • How do I reduce the loading time of my WordPress website?
  • How to fix a slow WordPress site?
  • How can I improve my WordPress website speed?

Google has also produced the following infographic on page load industry benchmarks:

mobile page speed
Image source:

Then I came across plenty of positive reviews of SiteGround decided to migrate my website to SiteGround. Before migrating to SiteGround, I took the Pingdom Tools screenshots, where this website is taking more than 2 seconds to load.

bluehost page-speed test

After migrating to SiteGround hosting, I configured free Cloudflare and Supercache plugin [SG Optimizer] and then checked both Gtmatrix, Pingdom tools, and couple other page-speed tools.

The result is simply awesome, this website is loading less than 2 seconds. Here are few of the website load test snapshot I have performed on a couple of website load test tools. I have also linked with the exact pages so that if you refer those links, they will direct you to the correct page-speed. I am working on optimizing page-speed further.

I achieved 100/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights Tool [Desktop], simply awesome.

google page speed test desktop

In the case of the mobile version, it is showing 91/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights Tool [Mobile], which is considered as the fast website only.

google page speed test mobile

GTMetrix is one of the most searched websites to test website load. This tool gives me awesome result compared to the earlier version. Although I am trying to achieve 100/100 PageSpeed and also 100/100 YSlow Score. And GTMetrix is showing the website loading time less than 1 seconds.

siteground page speed test gtmetrix

I found awesome when I found Pingdom is also showing the page-speed as less than one seconds. If you check the screenshot I kept for Bluehost, it is showing a great improvement in website load time.

siteground page speed pingdom

I know this is just the beginning. And the way SiteGround is promoting performance & page-speed as their major criteria to sell their web hosting plans is simply awesome. You will also find many useful tutorials and well-documented resources to resolve your web hosting related issues.

2. Voted No. 1 WordPress Hosting Provider [FaceBook Poll Results]

This is the key attraction part of this SiteGround review guide. As here I am going to showcase many Facebook Poll screenshots, where people voted SiteGround as #1 Web Hosting Company.

There are a lot of positive discussions going on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook where SiteGround has been voted as the #1 hosting service. Let’s check a few of the evidence of why SiteGround is the best WordPress hosting providers in 2019.

siteground twitter review
Image Source:

Here is another screenshot, I took from another FaceBook group. I took this image from TOM DUPUIS’s blog.

SiteGround Facebook poll

Best managed WordPress hosting 2018 Facebook Poll.

siteground facebook poll 1

SiteGround was rated #1 in 2017 as per the Facebook poll as well.

siteground facebook poll 2

Even in 2016 Facebook poll also, we saw the same result.

siteground facebook poll 2016

I tried to search other Facebook groups and found another Facebook poll where Siteground was voted as #1 web hosting company out of 18 companies.

siteground facebook poll 3

3. Recommended by WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & Many

Do you know that SiteGround has now become one of the three WordPress recommended web hosting providers? Don’t believe my words? Then you have to check out the below screenshot.

Although Bluehost has occupied the top position for a long time, recently SiteGround gave tough competition and has beaten them in almost every segment. Without any doubt, you will find SiteGround as the winner in all SiteGround VS Bluehost comparison. Not only that, SiteGround is the only hosting company which is recommenced By WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

SiteGround recommended by

siteground wordpress hosting

SiteGround recommended by

siteground drupal hosting

They are also recommended by Joomla.

siteground joomla hosting

4. High-Speed Technology (Best SSD Hosting Service)

When we talk about site speed, many people think that with only page speed optimization one can achieve the best speed. Do you know that your hosting company is highly responsible for your website speed? With SiteGround, you can speed up your website to the next level.

siteground speed technology

SiteGround use the latest technology like NGINX servers, solid states drives (SSDs), PHP7, 1-click Cloudflare CDN, and HTTP/2 servers etc which will make sure your website will load faster. If you compared SiteGround Vs Bluehost, you will find that the major difference is Bluehost doesn’t offer SSD hosting and also their shared hosting is not updated to PHP7.

5. Latest PHP Version (PHP 7.3)

SiteGround hosting plans are updated with latest PHP7. I am not sure how many of you really check the PHP version of your hosting company while buying. With PHP7, you can assure that you are getting better speed compared to the previous versions. Without any doubt, SiteGround is the Best PHP 7 Hosting service.

best php hosting

6. Best Cache Experience With Supercacher + SG Optimizer

If you think that with only W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket cache plugin you can achieve the best result, then get ready to experience even far better. Yes, with SiteGround Supercacher + SG Optimizer plugins (in-built) you can get even far better browser cache for your website. You can check out the complete SiteGround supercacher review tutorial on their website.

7. Different Data Centers

While signing up with SiteGround, you will get options to choose from any one of the 5 data centers – Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Milan, or Singapore. This is a very good option, as you can choose the nearest data center as per your country to get the best website load experience.

siteground data center

8. Great Up-Time Record

SiteGround has kept the record of good up-time hosting. You can see the below experiment done by, where it is showing that 99.99% uptime. This is simply awesome. Click this link for the latest updates on uptime and response time.

siteground uptime

9. Award Winning Support

I have already shared a few survey screenshots below where it is clear that SiteGround has won a couple of surveys when we talk about phone support, email support or live chat support. Here is another snapshot of SiteGround live chat support discussion taken from

siteground live chat
Image Source:

If you want to file any SiteGround complaints online, then follow this guide. Or use SiteGround mail support and contact their team.

10. Highly Secure

SiteGround uses many features to make sure your website is highly secure online. You can use their features like Power Redundancy, Hardware Redundancy, LXC-based stability, Unique Account Isolation, The Fastest Server Monitoring, Anti-Hack Systems & Help, Proactive updates and patches, SPAM Experts Spam Prevention, Free Auto Daily Backups etc.

11. Free Site Migration

The best part of SiteGround hosting is their free website migration service. Yes, many times website owners worry of site transfer and due to that, they stick with the old hosting company even if they are not happy. But with SiteGround free site transfer service, you can easily migrate your entire website to SiteGround without facing any downtime. And this is absolutely free of cost. If you compare Bluehost Vs. SiteGround, Bluehost will charge you around $150 for this activity.

12. 1-Click CloudFlare Integration

Another strong point that I need to mention in this Siteground review 2019 is that you can also activate Cloudflare with just a few clicks. Simply follow the step by step guide tutorials and enjoy super speed using free Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a content delivery network (CDN) which is free to use. You can host your website on more than 115 data centers in the world. It’s like your website will be copied into different data centers which are located in different geographical locations.

#13. Non-EIG Hosting Company

If you don’t know, then let me tell you one thing that a couple of popular companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage, FatCow, and many others are under one single company or umbrella company, EIG group. You can check out the list of hosting companies comes under EIG Group here.

eig hosting companies

That means Siteground is the Non-EIG hosting company who is really doing good by providing all the necessary hosting services that people are expecting from a hosting company.

Comparison of Siteground with Other Hosting Providers (Survey Reports)

The results on this page are based on tests with real accounts on 12 of the most popular web hosts on the affiliate market: Bluehost, HostGator, iPage, FatCow, Justhost, ASmallOrange, InMotion, WebHostingHub, Arvixe, GoDaddy, GreenGeeks, and A2Hosting.

Siteground resolve issues faster compared to others ( within 31 minutes in avg)

siteground avg issue resolution time

Their live chat support is the best. The average response time is around 8 minutes, which is the lowest compared to all other hosting companies.

siteground ticket support

Their phone support is also unique in the industry. As per their survey, you can see that Siteground is one of top 3 hosting providers, who don’t allow any wait time.

siteground phone support

Issue resolution time plays a big role to build a trust factor for any brand. And here also, Siteground has topped the list with their prompt support.

siteground chat support

They are also on the top of the list of account isolation.

siteground account isolation

Security is another criteria, which most of the website owners are looking for and also want to spend more. In that case, you can make sure that your website is secure with Siteground hosting. SiteGround is highly safe hosting and you can enjoy their hack alert monitoring technique to keep your website safe.

siteground hack protection

Siteground gives the best performance with their super cache enabled.

siteground performance speed with cache

They provide the best performance even without cache plugin, using Pingdom.

siteground performance speed

Here is the page loading data with cache.

siteground page loading with cache

Here is the page loading data without cache.

siteground page loading report

Which SiteGround hosting plan is Best for You?

You can go for any of their plans as per your need. Still in doubt, then read this detailed comparison between SiteGround StartUp Vs. GrowBig Vs. GoGeek and then decide the best.

If you need more resources, then go for the GoGeek plan which is almost equivalent to SiteGround VPS plan. In fact, this plan is also called a semi-dedicated plan.

SiteGround Pricing Review:

  • StartUp ($11.95 $3.95/mo): Hosting for 1 website, 10GB of storage, no bandwidth limitations, 24-hour support and their in-house caching system.
  • GrowBig ($19.95 $5.95/mo): Hosting for unlimited websites, 20GB of space, unlimited bandwidth, priority support and an advanced caching system.
  • GoGeek ($34.95 $11.95/mo): Same as the previous plans, advanced backup solution, Git repository and a staging area.

Click Here To Check The Complete Comparison Chart (StartUp Vs. GrowBig Vs GoGeek)

However, if you want to achieve the fastest possible speed and performance for your website at the affordable price range, then SiteGround GrowBig plan is what you need. Take the right decision towards your blogging career, move your site SiteGround today!

Tips: Go for 3 years plan with 70% OFF SiteGround discount. You can save huge on SiteGround renewal. This is the only way to save huge on SiteGround hosting.

I purchased the GrowBig plan for 3 years during Black Friday sale and saved more than $539. Simply amazing as I don’t have to worry about SiteGround renewals and at the same time I have saved huge.

siteground best web hosting

Remember one last time, improving the performance of your website is the utmost priority in 2019 to stay alive in the search engine ranking game. And the speed starts with your web hosting company only. Even if you do plenty of speed optimization for your website, if your web hosting does not have that infrastructure, then there is no point.

Final Verdict: Is SiteGround Good for WordPress?

I am sure by the time you are reading this part of this SiteGround WordPress hosting review guide, you made your mind to buy SiteGround. Whether you are a beginner or have a website, SiteGround makes sure the entry to Siteground is equally beneficial for both.

Remember one thing, unlike other hosting companies SiteGround 70% discount is applicable to any term your buy. That means, if you buy for 1 year, this discount is valid. Not like Bluehost, you have to buy only for 3 years to grab the cheapest Bluehost plan of $2.65/mo. I like the transparency of SiteGround pricing.

So, don’t waste much time in comparing different hosting companies. If you are looking for the best-shared hosting plan, SiteGround is the perfect name. Get SiteGround Now.

Why SiteGround Is Best (SiteGround Vs Bluehost Vs HostGator)
SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review 2019 : Only for Serious Bloggers

SiteGround has many killer features like high-speed SSD servers, latest PHP 7.3, inbuilt Supercacher system, free daily backup, free SSL certificates & many more. Not only that, in more than 15+ Facebook polls, SiteGround voted as #1 WordPress hosting providers.

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    • Yes, Venkat. I have also kept SiteGround as the best web hosting providers. They are doing really good. I have recently migrated from Bluehost To SiteGroud and immediately I found my website improved less than 1 seconds. This is superb page-loading.

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