Which SiteGround Plan Is Best in 2019 (StartUP Vs GrowBig Vs GoGeek)

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Not able to decide which SiteGround plan is best for your blog? Then I can help you to choose the best SiteGround plan by comparing StartUp Vs GrowBig Vs GoGeek.

SiteGround offers 3 different hosting plans: StartUP, GrowBig, and GoGeek. The StartUp plan is the cheapest plan in SiteGround Pricing. But if you are ready to pay $2 extra, you will find GrowBig plan is the best SiteGround plan with almost every premium features. The GoGeek plan is like a semi-dedicated plan which is good for high traffic sites & costly compared to others.

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SiteGround Pricing 2019: Which SiteGround Hosting Plan Is Best For You?

The biggest problem people find to decide among these 3 different SiteGround hosting plans is there Price & traffic limit. I am going to help you to choose the best SiteGround hosting plan for your website.

Before starting with this guide, let me clear that Bluehost shared hosting plan has basically 3 types of packages and they are

  • SiteGrond StartUp Plan
  • SiteGround GrowBig Plan
  • SiteGround GoGeek Plan

StartUp Vs GrowBig Vs GoGeek (Which Is Best SiteGround Plan)

But, how these 3 plans are different from each other? Which SiteGround hosting plan should you go for? Let’s find out the best SiteGround shared hosting plan for beginners.

Which SiteGround Hosting Plan is BestStartUpGrowBigGoGeek
Websites1 SiteUnlimited SitesUnlimited Sites
Website Space10GB20GB30GB
Data TransferUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Free Site TransferNoYesYes
Monthly Traffic10,000 visit25,000 visit1,00,000 visit
WP Special cacheNoYesYes
One-Click StagingNoYesYes
SuperCacherLevel 1 OnlyAll 3 levelsAll 3 levels
Priority SupportNoYesYes
Sign Up (Flat 70% OFF)buy now buttonbuy now buttonbuy now button

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Quick SiteGround Hosting Review 2019 (Why they are #1 in WordPress Hosting)

I have hosted this website on SiteGround GrowBig plan. I am quite happy with their awesome support and awesome latest server technologies. Here are a few awesome reasons why I host my website on SiteGround hosting. You will be amazed to find plenty of reasons to go with SiteGround WordPress Hosting plans.

  1. SiteGroud is voted as #1 web hosting in many Facebook Polls.
  2. SiteGround servers are updated to the latest PHP version.
  3. Their latest SPEED technology will make sure your website is hosted on trusted servers.
  4. SiteGround has a track record of delivering 100% uptime.
  5. SiteGround Supercacher and SG Optimizer plugin will help you to speed up my website.
  6. SiteGround offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.
  7. Activate Free Cloudflare from SiteGround cPanel itself.
  8. They offer FREE website transfer service.
  9. SiteGround offers 4 different Data centers to choose from.
  10. SiteGround offers FREE backup which is enough to make sure your website secure.
  11. SiteGround support team is very much knowledgeable & response time almost nil.
  12. SiteGround 70% Discount is applicable on every hosting term you buy.

In this article will surely help you to choose the best SiteGround plan for your WordPress blog.

SiteGround has earned their good reputation over the period of time due to their unique features within shared hosting domain. Yes, they offer awesome Speed technology, Advanced Supercache system, and SG optimizer plugin with their packages to give fasted website loading experience.

Page-speed is one of the key search ranking factors as well as user satisfaction index also. So, one must not compromise with the website speed. That’s the USP of SiteGround hosting, they are continuously promoting themselves as the best WordPress hosting for better website loading.

They got very positive feedbacks from Industry Experts, like Syed Balkhi of WPBEGGINNER.COM.

siteground review

In social media like Facebook, you will find many discussions where SiteGround has been recommended by many professionals, bloggers, and internet marketers.

Check this Facebook Poll on Bloggerspassion Group.

bloggerspassion facebook group

Another FB Group blogging network has similar discussions.

BloggingNetwork facebook discussion

This is not the end, there are more social proofs which is making it clear that SiteGround is the best WordPress hosting providers. Even though their renewal charges are high, they have a traffic limit on their plans.

siteground facebook poll 3 siteground facebook poll 2016 siteground best web hosting siteground facebook poll 1 siteground facebook poll 2

Even I found some awesome discussions on Twitter as well.

siteground twitter review

StartUp Vs GrowBig Vs GoGeek (WordPress Hosting Plan Comparison 2019)

Let’s find out which SiteGround hosting is best for bloggers. Before I share the difference between Siteground GrowBig, GoGeek & StartUP packages, let’s explore the key features of every package. You will clearly find which WordPress plan to choose after reading the key features.

#1. SiteGround StartUp Hosting Review 2019

Crafted for a Great WordPress Start

As the name suggests, StartUp is a very basic plan from SiteGround. This is the minimum plan where one can host a single website and start a website by spending the cheapest price.

Features of SiteGround StartUp plan

  • You can host maximum 1 website only.
  • This package doesn’t offer SuperCacher technology.
  • The maximum visitor allowed is up to 10,000 Visits Monthly
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate & HTTPS
  • 10 GB Web Space


  • Can only host 1 website
  • Limited resources like good for less traffic, less disk space.
  • No Free daily backup feature

How much does SiteGround StartUp hosting cost?

  • This package cost only $3.95/month (Regular $11.95/mo)

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#2. SiteGround GrowBig Hosting Review 2019

Crafted for Growing WordPress Sites

GrowBig is the next plan after StartUp plan. This is the plan I have purchased and hosted this website. I need a good web hosting plan where I can host multiple websites. GrowBig is just little costlier than StartUp but will give you access to all awesome features of SiteGround shared hosting plan.

I have shared a detailed review of SiteGround GrowBig Plan and explained why this is the best SiteGround plan.

Key highlights of the SiteGround GrowBig Plan

  • You can host Unlimited Websites
  • 20 GB Web Space
  • 25,000 Visits Monthly which is good enough to start working on
  • Enjoy all premium SiteGround features like SuperCacher, Free Backup Restore.
  • You will get a Free website transfer which is simply amazing. Generally, SiteGround charges $30 for that and if you are using Bluehost then it is around $140.
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate & HTTPS
  • Get priority support and fast response from their technical team. SiteGround support is rated #1 in many Facebook polls.

SiteGround StartUp Vs GrowBig (Advantages)

  • Host unlimited websites.
  • More space, 20GB & can handle more traffic 25,000.
  • Enjoy all premium features like Free backup, SuperCacher, priority support, etc.
  • You have to pay only $2 extra from StartUp Plan, which was $3.95/mo. When GrowBig will cost you only $5.95/mo.

Disadvantages of GrowBig Plan

  • Can only handle maximum traffic up to 25,000/mo visits
  • Don’t have advanced priority support
  • Don’t have the advanced staging feature

How much does SiteGround GrowBig Plan cost?

  • This package cost only $5.95/month (Regular $19.95/mo)

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#3. SiteGround GoGeek Hosting Review 2019 (Semi-Dedicated Hosting)

Crafted for Real WordPress Geeks

SiteGround GoGeek plan is a quite advanced plan. This is also known as a semi-dedicated plan. This is the plan with some advanced features like One-click staging for WordPress and Joomla. In fact, a better & cheap alternative to WPEngine hosting as well.

If your website is getting more traffic and consuming more resources than this plan is highly recommended. In fact, you can consider this plan as SiteGround VPS equivalent package only.

Features of SiteGround GoGeek Plan

  • You can host unlimited websites
  • Provide advanced features like One-click WordPress Staging, SG-Git for WordPress repo creation etc.
  • The maximum visitor allowed is up to 100,000 Visits Monthly
  • Although they offer 30 copies of free auto daily backups, you can also request for more.
  • This server is also PCI compliance which is recommended for an E-commerce website.
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate & HTTPS
  • 30 GB Web Space

SiteGround GrowBig Vs GoGeek (Why GoGeek Is Best)

  • Much faster hosting due to more resources & advanced features.
  • Priority support to get a faster solution of hosting issues.
  • Includes eCommerce features like Wildcard SSL + PCI compliance


  • The only problem is the high renewal prices.

How much does SiteGround GoGeek hosting cost?

  • This package cost only $11.95/month (Regular $34.95/mo)

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This plan is quite costly compared to GrowBig plan and not recommended for beginners. If you want a cheap VPS alternative, then the SiteGround GoGeek plan is for them.

FAQs: Things You Must Know Before Buying SiteGround Hosting

1. How much traffic can my website handle?

I have clearly mentioned about the different traffic limits of SiteGround hosting plans. The e.g. StartUp hosting plan will handle only up to 10,000 monthly visitors and GoGeek plan can handle more than 1 lakh. If your website is getting more traffic than this, you can either upgrade to SiteGround Cloud Hosting or contact SiteGround support.

2. Can I pay SiteGround monthly?

No, SiteGround doesn’t offer monthly billing hosting plans. Although you will find their plans are showing monthly pricing but when you go to the checkout page you have to choose at least for 1 year. But I would recommend you to buy for at least 3 years. Because the SiteGround renewal fee is quite high. If you buy for 3 years, you can save a lot of money for the next 3 years. I have shared the screenshot below, where I just paid $180 for the next 3 years. But if you want to renew GrowBig plan, you have to pay at least $230 for just 1 year.

3. Any SiteGround renewal coupon?

Again, if you contact SiteGround support team while renewing SiteGround WordPress Hosting plan they might offer you a discount for next 3-year purchase only. So far, I heard this from my different friends that SiteGround offered them around 20-30% discount on hosting renewal for the 3-year plan only.

4. Is SiteGround a good web host?

I have shared a detailed review of SiteGround hosting where I have mentioned a lot of social proofs where people voted SiteGround as #1 WordPress Hosting. You can read the review here and understand easily that SiteGround is undoubtedly the best web hosting for beginners.

5. Which is better Bluehost or SiteGround?

If you compare both SiteGround Vs Bluehost, you will find SiteGround will win on many occasions as they offer some amazing features compared to Bluehost. But if pricing is your biggest criteria, then you will find Bluehost is comparatively very cheap. Personally, I prefer quality hosting with highest security, speed & reliable and that’s why I have hosted my website on SiteGround.

6. Is SiteGround easy to use?

Yes, very easy to handle. SiteGround is a popular cPanel hosting and their cPanel is so easy to handle that a non-technical persona can also easily able to set up things like adding a domain, creating email accounts, etc.

7. Is SiteGround better than Hostgator, GoDaddy, etc?

Well, I would recommend you to read the detailed comparison of SiteGround with 22 WordPress hosting companies. There you will find different features I have compared with SiteGround.

8. Is SiteGround fast?

Yes, that’s the biggest advantages with SiteGround compared to other shared hosting companies. SiteGround offers premium shared hosting plans, where their servers have an in-built advanced caching system which will help your website to load blazing fast. I have shared a detailed guide on their SG optimizer plugin through which you can easily configure these settings without installing an extra WordPress plugin.

9. Where are SiteGround servers located

SiteGround hosting plans will give you options to choose from 4 different SiteGround data center locations (Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Singapore). These data centers are nothing but the main server where your website will be primarily hosted. This will help you to target your country-specific audiences better way.

10. What are SiteGround Nameservers

When you complete the SiteGround hosting purchase, you will get the SiteGround nameservers in your email address itself. You have to point your domain nameservers through your domain registrar.

11. Why Is SiteGround so expensive?

Well, if you ask me SiteGround is no expensive. I know there are cheap web hosting plans available, but have you ever asked why they are cheap? Because they don’t offer advanced features like Free backup, server-side caching, priority support, high security, etc. SiteGround shared hosting plans comes with all these advanced features and that’s the reason their pricing is like that. If you want to secure your online business, spending for quality hosting is the key to get success.

SiteGround is offering a 70% flat discount for new customers. So, hurry up and click here to grab the deal now.

12. Does SiteGround sell domain names?

Yes, you can buy a domain while subscribing for a hosting plan. But I don’t recommend that as it is always good to buy a domain from GoDaddy or NameCheap. You will get a good discount and also your domain management will be easy even if you switch hosting in the future.

Which SiteGround Hosting Plan To Choose To Start A WordPress Site In 2019?

I am sure you might have understood which SiteGround pricing plan will suit your blogging need. To make it simple again, let me summarize this article in simple 3 points.

Comparison SitGround Pricing Plans 2019 (which one should I pick)

  • If you are running a simple website, just happy to start a single site then go for StartUP plan ($3.95/mo).
  • If you are a blogger or Digital Marketer or Internet marketer and want to host a couple of websites on one good hosting, then GrowBig plan ($5.95/mo). This plan is far better compared to StartUp with a little extra payment of $2.00 only. I recommend SiteGround GrowBig Hosting Plan Only.
  • In case you have a high traffic website or an E-Commerce or if you need staging functionality, then use the GoGeek plan ($11.95/mo). Quite an expensive plan for beginners.

Comparing SitGround Traffic Limitations

  • StartUp: Suitable for ~10,000 visits monthly (Good for a fresh start)
  • GrowBig: Suitable for ~ 25,000 visits monthly (Good for a growing site)
  • GoGeek: Suitable for ~ 100,000 visits monthly (For high traffic websites)

You can understand what does that mean by these traffic limitations of SiteGround hosting. Generally, this doesn’t directly link with your website page views.

E.g. it is found that a website hosted on SiteGround GrowBig plan with best optimization condition can handle up to 1 lakh page views (approx) as well. You can read this guide from SiteGround resources.

I am recommending SiteGround GrowBig Plan to all my readers. Because this is the best value for money plan with every premium feature which is required to start a blog.

siteground admin panel

You must go for 3 years plan to utilize this SiteGround 70% Discount offer. If you are in blogging & WordPress niche, then you can easily get back your money from few SiteGround affiliate sales. I got a few sales and able to recover my money in the first month itself.

siteground affiliate income

So, the way to save huge on SiteGround Hosting renewal is to buy SiteGround for at least 36 months. I saved more than $539 when I bought the SiteGround GrowBig plan during last SiteGround Black Friday Sale.

siteground 75 off coupon

So, if you are happy to decide on which SiteGround hosting is good for your website then use the below link to avail the 70% OFF SiteGround discount. No need to apply any SiteGround coupon code, as this discount will apply automatically on any SiteGround hosting plan for any duration.

Get SiteGround Hosting with 70% Discount

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  1. Hi, Santanu!

    According to me, I think GrowBig is the most popular plan for good reason. It’s the plan that offers the best value for your money.

    SiteGround has an attractive yearly plan which is affordable by every newbie.

    You have a detailed post on SiteGround it will be so helpful to everyone.

    Thanks for sharing with us keep sharing.

    • Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback and positive review of SiteGround hosting. I am also using their GrowBig plan for this website. It is really fast, secure and most importantly I like their support. Their support executives are really knowledgeable and very pro-active in fixing the issues asap.

  2. Hello Santanu,

    I am also using Siteground “Grow Big” plan for my blog. You know, it is an ideal plan to get started and grow your blog. This plan will give you enough resources to start and grow your blog without any hassle. You are right, you have to but it for 3 years to get a good discount and bypass the high renewal charges. Thanks for clarifying the things. Fab Post 🙂


    • Thanks, buddy for sharing your feedback. Most of us go for 1-year hosting which is very bad for saving. When you go with a reputed hosting company, we can easily go for at least 3 years, so that we can save money.

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