How To Start A Profitable Blog in 2018 – Step By Step Guide

Why start a blog in 2018? Good to see you are showing interest to Start A Profitable Blog and want to know how one can kick start blogging career within budget. When we talk about self-hosted WordPress blog, money is the major concern which actually force people to think much whether to start a blog on WordPress or not.

You can easily start your blogging journey with any of the free blogging sites. But when you are blogging for money, you need to showcase your work professionally and I don’t think a free blogging platform can make this easy for you & your business.

start a blog for making money

But the fact is that, it is taking a very low investment to start a blog on WordPress platform. In this article I will share you my journey of starting this website on Bluehost shared hosting plan. I will share 3 easy step by step guide to start a self-hosted blog and answer your query about how much does it cost to start a profitable blog in 2018.

Why To Start A Profitable Blog in 2018

Blogging is no more fun or just a hobby. As internet is penetrating every corner of the country, as the digitisation is making life easier for everyone, it is clear that internet is not just the place for finding information for fun.

Nowadays people are highly depending up on internet specially Google search results. Just imagine what you do when you think about planning a trip, watching the next movie, before going to a restaurant or buying any electronic item online.

We all simply go to Google and find out the available information about that topic and try to do enough research till we get satisfied.

That means, then demand of human search is increasing and as o the demand of quality content and sources. So, whatever is your strength area of knowledge, just start writing the same on a blogging platform.

But as we are talking about creating  profitable blog, which make money on long run, then you have to take care about choosing the niche or the topic of the blog.

If you can establish your blog over the period of time, then it will become your one of the passive income source and always support you financially. Of Course in long run if your blog shines you can easily become a full-time bloggers as well.

Is it possible to Start a blog in 3 easy steps

I think it is better to share the main 3 steps which plays the major role to launch your first blog on WordPress platform with a .com domain extension like mine.

Why Bluehost?

The answer is very simple. Bluehost is one of the most reliable & cheap WordPress hosting provider for beginners. I am 100% sure that you will not find any better alternative of Bluehost at such a cheap price. You can start a blog with Bluehost for just $2.65/month when you sign up (that low price is through our link only!).

Tricks: Using our special Bluehost discount link when you visit the sign up page, wait for few seconds as you will get a popu up with the lowest Bluehost price, i.e. just $2.65/month only.

How much does it cost to start a WordPress Blog?

Generally people find it difficult to manage domain name, web hosting provider, installing wordpress due to the technical nature of these tasks. You can definitely outsource these works, but it will cost you even more than starting a wordpress blog.

So, it is always better to learn the basics of blogging activities and perform them by own only. I have followed the same path and that’s why I want to make things easy for you by sharing my real time experience with proper step by step guide and necessary tutorials in my blog.

Anyway, let’s explore first how much money do you need to start a blog in 2016.

  • Domain Name: $12 – $15 / year [Get FREE Domain with Bluehost]
  • Web hosting Plan: $5.45 for 12 months /$4.95 for 24 months / $3.95 for 36 months
  • WordPress Theme: $49 Focus blog theme (This is the best conversion optimized Wp themes)

Now the best part with is that you are getting a .com domain name absolutely free of cost for the first year. That means the first expense is not required and you are able to save $15 max. Use the special Bluehost Coupon Code to get this offer. With Bluehost, you will find the process to start a blog is so easy.

Considering the 1 year Bluehost plan, the total first year blogging expense could be $67+ $49 = $116 approx.

So, can I say that you can start your first WordPress blog by spending $120 only. That’s really great news. 🙂

But, you don’t know how to execute these steps and launch your first blog in next 15 minutes, as you are new to this.

Then don’t worry my friend, I am going to help you by sharing every single steps so that you can just follow till you see your website is live on internet.

Step By Step Guide To Setup WordPress Blog on Bluehost 2018

As we are going to get a domain name for free of cost with, then we can directly start the process from Bluehost website itself. If you have a domain or a website already and want to migrate to a Bluehost then you can refer my website migration guide. Anyway, let’s start the process considering you are going to create your first blog.

Step #1: Visit and you will find a page like below.

start a blog image 1

Step #2: Bluehost shared hosting plans are perfectly made to suit your blogging need only. As a beginner you may start with the basic hosting plan to host your first website. In case you have a plan to start multiple blogs, then it is better to choose the PLUS plan where the price will be little higher.

start a blog image 2

Step #3: Click on the plan as per your preferences. In the next step you will be asked to choose your preferred domain name. Now this is the time when you have to choose your domain name as per your blogging niche or business profile. Then click on next.

start a blog image 3

Step #4: In the next screen you will find details page where your selected package with months will be displayed with many more other products. By default it will be selected for 36 months and it is good to go with 3 year hosting plan as you can save maximum money.

start a blog image 4

Step #4: Provide all your personal information like name, mail address, phone number etc. Carefully check all the auto-check features like site backup pro, site-lock feature etc and unchecked them. If you forget to do that, you have to pay a very high charge for them and I think you can avoid them at this time.

start a blog image 5

Wait for few seconds on that page so that you can find the special Bluehost Sign Up offer popup like below screen. This will drastically reduce the hosting price.

special bluehost sign up offer 2018

Step #5: Finally provide your credit card information and pay the amount.

start a blog image 6

Step #6: You will receive a mail with your purchase information and Bluehost cpanel access details & cPanel access url as well.

start a blog image 7

How To Install WordPress on Bluehost Using 1-Click Installer

Now just check your domain name and you will find a website with coming soon page. But this is not what you are looking for, Right? Let’s install WordPress and set up your blog.

First of all login to your Bluehost cPanel with the details from your mail. You can also visit Bluehost website and look for login option and click on the same. A similar screen like below will appear and there you have to provide the user id & password.

start a blog image 9

After successful login, you will be able to access Bluehost cPanel area. In cPanel home page, look for Install WordPress zone and click on the same. You can see below under the website zone, there are 2 options like install WordPress & One Click install. Just click any one of them and proceed.

start a blog image 10

Next, you will find a screen like below where you need to click on the START button to proceed with the installation. Don’t worry with the change of website from Bluehost to Mojomarketplace. This is the special Bluehost marketplace where you have to visit everytime you install WordPress.

start a blog image 11

Anyway, click on START and you will find a screen where you have to provide the website details you want to install WordPress. Choose from the list of websites you have added in your Bluehost account.

start a blog image 13

Click on the next button and it will ask you to choose user name and password. make sure you are not going to choose the default user ADMIN. Make something unique to secure your WordPress site.

start a blog image 12

Finally click on the INSTALL button to start the installation process. It will hardly take few seconds to complete the installation and make your website live. You can follow the progress of installation on the page also. After completion you will get a success message like below.

start a blog image 14

How To Install WordPress Theme on Bluehost

So, after installation of WordPress in your domain name, the next step is to upload a professional look WordPress theme to kick start your blogging journey. You can settle with a free theme also, but it’s always recommended to go with a premium WordPress theme to stay safe from malicious attacks.

Which WordPress theme is best to start a blog in 2018

There are lakhs of WordPress themes available in the market both free & premium and if you are looking for the best WordPress theme for your blog then you have to spend serious time for that. But if you want me to suggest you something, then I will say go with any one of the below ones

I have used Studiopress Themes from long time for this website, but recently migrated to Thrive Themes. I really liked the modern elegant design and various theme customisation option, the look & feel focus blog theme gave me for this website compared to Studiopress child themes.

If you are looking for fast loading SEO friendly WordPress themes, then both the themes are perfect only. It is totally depending up on how you will decide about which WordPress theme will suit your blogging niche.

The advantage with Studiopress theme is that they have a huge collection of child themes which will give you a flexibility. Compared to that Thrive Themes has little less collection, but their themes are fille dup with various features, short codes and many useful features which will help you to less depend up on WordPress plugins.

There are various other settings you should do to make your WordPress blog SEO friendly and keep secure that I will share gradually. You can follow my WordPress master guide for beginners for all such useful posts coming soon.

How To Make Money From Your Blog in 2018

I am not going to cover much details in this part here, as I have already shared the various ways one can monetize their blog and easily generate passive income over the period of time. Follow the article below.

Follow how to make money with a blog

A Quick Recap of How To Start A Profitable Blog in 2018

Just want to repeat the actionable steps quickly, as I think you should not get confused with the next thing to do after reading this 1600+ words article. So, if you are convinced with my experience of starting a blog on Bluehost then here is the action items now to follow.

  • Visit and buy a web hosting plan + Free .COM domain name for first year.
  • Checkout Thrive Themes or Studiopress Themes
  • Install WordPress on your domain name by following the step by step guide.
  • Upload the Genesis theme in your blog and activate only Genesis Sample theme.

So, we have achieved our purpose of starting a WordPress blog by spending only $120 by following 3 simple easy to follow steps. What do you think about this tutorial about steps to start a profitable blog in 2018 within your budget? Do you find it useful? Then feel free to share your experience and also any kind of improvement you want me to make this article more worthy for beginners.

Disclaimer: This page includes affiliate links. I will earn a commission if you make a purchase through these links. If you have any questions about this, please let me know!

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. This will not cost you a single penny extra. Thanks for the understanding and rewarding me for my hard work.

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  1. Hi,

    Don’t know why everyone recommends Genesis Framework, It is a good framework.

    But I think there are many other good free alternatives too that we can choose from. Anyhow nice article put together to start a blog.


    • Thanks Usman for your views.
      Actually I am not fond of using free themes and I found other themes are very heavy in code and size. Although I am using Mythemeshop themes for my other blogs. But I am using Genesis Framework here as this website need a simple & elegant design look & feel with fast loading Framework.

    • Sure, I would love to do that and actually I have a plan to write series of articles on SEO & Link building. Keep following…

  2. Hello Santanu,

    Nice blog post about creating a profitable blog. Though Bluehost is good, there are many good hosting companies that offer at comparatively lesser prices. I am using Bluehost but I am getting better services from Hawkhost at comparatively lesser prices with more efficiency. Both are good though.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Thank you Atish for your feedback. I am also using Bluehost, Hostgator for few of my blogs. They are nice so far, but I can see that popularity for other web hosting companies due to many reasons is increasing day by day. I never tried Hawkhost, but as you said looks like it is a good option for beginners.

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