7 Best Traffic Generation Ideas For 2020

Organic traffic flow is the livelihood for any online business. More the traffic you get, higher the business success rate will be. Unfortunately, driving such organic traffic is not so simple to achieve.

It claims more strategic inputs and reasonable time. I admit that there are quick ways to generate massive traffic. But, I insist not to do so. Rather, concentrate on generating more organic visitors who can ensure you to achieve your business goals.

How to drive traffic to your website 2019?

For any traffic generation method you inspire, your website must have the compelling content. It is obvious that every writer seeks for best places to promote it online. How, where, and to whom, your content is shared? Based on these, your website traffic comes in. Especially, the organic traffic.

Alright! Let’s get started with traffic generation ideas that can drive colossal organic traffic to your website, in 2019. There is no major shift in the channels from which traffic comes. Areas like forums, social networks, etc. are the evergreen zone to bring more organic traffic.

Even in this New Year 2019, those few traffic driving techniques is going to rock. In addition to those, there are little advancements in the SEO arsenal. You will have to adapt to it for consistent traffic flow.

I am including both optimizing your website and its factors to drive organic traffic. And also, ideas to promote your content that attract more target audiences. Here you go.

Best Traffic Generation Ideas in 2019

High Priority: Mobile-first Indexing

Mobile responsiveness is not something new we see in SEO or digital marketing areas. It has already invaded into the market. Then what is mobile-first indexing? How come mobile-first indexing is going to help us in traffic generation 2019.

Is your website mobile friendly? Check using Google mobile-friendly test website.

Mobile-first indexing is nothing but Google considers a mobile version of your site considers as the primary version. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly site, then your ranking possibilities will be reducing.

Google evolves with a new face every day with the sole intention to offer the most relevant results. On top of it, the user experience is highly considerable.

Over half of the searches happen through mobile devices than desktop. Hence, it’s the time to prioritize mobile results. Optimizing your website for mobile results enables you not to lose huge traffic.

Optimize for Voice Search – It’s a Must

Voice search is already exploring the SEOs or any webmasters mind since 2018. Still, 2019 is going to be a voice of SEO. The technology now becomes more accessible and going to transform our digital experience in the future.

voice search

Being a webmaster, how we can prepare ourselves? The advancement can bring both challenges and accomplishments. Content is the only key in your hand that you have control over it.

You will have to create and optimize website content that encompasses everything that your target audience is looking for.  The long-tail keywords and question-based queries will be dominating.

Use SEMRush tool to find profitable keywords for which your competitor is ranking.

The content readability, how simple it is to understand is most important. Again, optimizing your website for mobile user comes into rescue. People will find it easier to search through mobile devices, notably voice search.

Then, you have to concentrate more on long tail keywords. Use Google instant searches to fetch more potential keywords. Rather optimizing for single focus keyword, cater it for multiple related keywords.

Ask yourself the questions, what people will search on your topic. It is better to include both questions and answers in your content. Hence, search engines can use it to serve users with the solutions they need directly.

Content Repurposing – The Wiser Idea

How often you write new blog posts? Very often? Try something strategically different that can attract more target audience beyond your expectations. Content Repurposing is that can introduce your brand to a new audience base. Also, you can give rebirth to your old blog posts. Extend its life beyond anything.

For an instant, if your blog post “top 5 advanced link building strategies you must try” performed well in attracting more backlinks, shares, traffic, etc.

Then reproduce the content on the same topic and include another 5 link building strategies that are in trend currently. Either you can publish it on your blog or share it among social networks. Also, you can reproduce the content in different content formats like infographics or videos and bring out.

How to find trending topics to write a blog post? You can try Google trends.

You will never get wrong. The results will be amazing than you imagine. Interestingly, you can crop it precisely and send series of email newsletters. The trick is you have to pick a blog post content that performs well in the past.

Analyze its trendiness currently, feed more interesting facts, statistics and reshape it. Ultimately, you are offering a well-informed content understanding the user intention.

Leverage the Popularity of Quora

Quora is a discussion or Q&A platform that invades into the people’s mind. Quora has millions of users as it uncovers the entire topic in the universe. To start with, create a Quora account feeding your business details and select the topics related to your niche.

Answer the questions that are related to your domain and link to your related content. Write a detailed answer for the questions that have a decent volume of followers and answers instead of writing one among the 100 users.

And the important note is, don’t try to link your articles from every answer you contribute. Keep writing answers first, then the only link to your most relevant articles in the ratio of 4:1. Write 5 answers, placing a link in only one answer leaving the other 4 plain.

Quora can get you a good volume of organic traffic to your desired post that you want to rank better. There are many such websites available.

Here are some awesome Q&A sites to get massive referral traffic to your blog.

  • Quora
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Answers.com
  • Just Answers
  • Reddit
  • Stack Overflow
  • Linkedin Answers

Remember Social Network Groups

It is a fact that social media always has a big contribution in boosting your SEO. Facebook has a limitless number of groups for every niche. Type your niche and search for the groups on your topic. Join the community and be the active participant in the group.

Don’t simply share your content from the very first day. Interact with the community members, answer their questions, and then post your content that is relevant and offers valuable solutions to the members. If you try to spam out the group keep on posting your content, then it will be annoying, and you will be out of the group.

Meanwhile, don’t forget about the LinkedIn groups. Similar to Facebook groups, join the group in your niche and interact with the experts and share your content. You can see each Facebook or LinkedIn group having thousands of members. Think about the traffic from these potential groups to your website.

Guest Blogging is Better than Yours

Guest posting on other authority blogs can introduce you to a new set of audiences. We often hear that guest blogging is dead. But, it is not so. Guest blogging on low-quality blogs or PBN’s for link building is dead. It is no more appreciable. Rather, contributing content to your niche related blogs that offer amazing value to the readers is still alive.

Guest blogging can get you higher online visibility, organic traffic and also quality backlinks on authority sites. On top of everything, you can build strong relationships among the bloggers and gain more exposure among experts in the blogosphere.

Meanwhile, the website owner will be sharing your content on his/her social profiles. By which, you and your brand are introduced to a wide range of new audiences from your niche. The traffic from those host blogs will be highly potential and organic.

Make sure you are contributing articles to your niche related blogs, writing quality content and placing relevant blogs.

Be a Part of Blog Communities

Slack is nothing but a place where a team of people is messaging real-time on any topics. These days, slack communities are gaining more popularity. There are loads of such slack communities available for every niche.

For an instant, Buffer, Inbound.org, SumoMe, Ghost, etc. are the slack communities for online marketers. Actively participating in the communities, interacting with other members and promoting your content can drive considerable traffic to your site.

Also, there are communities where you can share your blog post content and get votes, likes or comments from the wings. It includes DoSpalsh, BizSugar, etc, At any cost; don’t forget to contribute content to Medium. Medium is the most popular web 2.0 site among internet users on any topic. You can also link to your blog posts in the Medium content.

How Do You Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website?

I understand you might be generating a decent volume of traffic from a few of these sources. Still, I insist you diversify your traffic sources. Driving traffic from multiple sources is always wiser. Google keeps changing its ranking algorithm.

If you want some advanced topics to increase traffic to your website, then check out the latest video from Backlinko.

There are possibilities that any of your traffic sources might go down after a Google update. Relying on a single source may decline anytime, that would be a great fall for your website. Generating traffic from various sources guarantees you for consistent organic traffic. If one goes down, still others can get you traffic.

Still, there are plenty of actionable ideas and sources trending to generate traffic to your website. I have shared the most potential traffic generation ideas in 2019. You may also out your valuable ideas in the comments section adding more value and information to the blog post and readers.

Author Bio: Mike Jones, blogging on HiBlogging.com. An enthusiastic blogger & outreach marketer who loves to blog and blog all the time. I am glad to share more strategic ideas & techniques that can assist readers to succeed in their online track.
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