BuddyBoss Review 2019 (30% Off Coupon + Best Online Community Software For WordPress)

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BuddyBoss is the most innovative online community software solution built for WordPress. Yes, recently they have revamped their platform and started offering lots of features that can help you to build a solid community.

In this detailed BuddyBoss review article, I will share how easily you can build an online community, membership site, or platform for their online courses using the new BuddyBoss Platform.

buddyboss platform review

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What is the BuddyBoss Platform & BuddyPress?

As the demand for social networking websites is in high, it is also profitable to create such websites for making money. But creating such websites are not that easy as they need huge resources & features to offer.


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In such a case if you want to start a social networking website on WordPress, you need a special WordPress plugin to set up that platform instantly with all the necessary features. That’s where BuddyPress plugin is going to help you.

BuddyPress is a free software package that can be plugged into WordPress to create a social media site. It will give you the complete administration area to manage your entire website.

Like WordPress, BuddyPress is free open-source software and you will get similar features of Facebook for free. There are hundreds of free Buddypress plugins & free BuddyPress themes available with which you can achieve any kind of custom design social media platform.

But, in this article we are going to disclose, how you can give a stunning look with powerful features using the Buddyboss themes & Buddyboss Plugins on top of your WordPress & BuddyPress.

BuddyBoss Platform Review 2019 – Why They are the #1 trusted resource for BuddyPress and WordPress powered communities

Buddyboss is the complete solution for any type of Buddypress websites. Means, they offer BuddyPress themes and also premium Buddypress plugins with which one can easily achieve all the latest features of a social networking site.

buddyboss platform testimonials

They are the World’s #1 open source platform, giving you the flexibility, control, and freedom you need, to create a successful online platform. You can do a lot of things with this BuddyBoss Platform.

  • You can sell your online courses through this platform
  • Create your own online community and engage visitors
  • Create a membership website and generate income engaging subscribers
  • Create structured onboarding online courses for your employee & volunteers
  • Build an online learning system for schools & kids
  • Make learning through training easy with this new BuddyBodd Platform

So far more than 13,000 satisfied customers are running their online business with the help of Buddyboss.

Saas Platforms Vs BuddyBoss Platforms

BuddyBoss is built on WordPress, an open source platform, allowing you to have the flexibility, control & freedom that you need to launch and scale a successful online business, without being held back by a closed system such as typical SaaS platforms.

Here are a few points that will force you to think about the new BuddyBoss platform over any Saas Platform.

  • BuddyBoss is very flexible to extend the features as per your preferences, as they have a huge collection of solutions, themes, plugins. When Saas software may not provide that much freedom.
  • BuddyBoss is an open source software, that means you can customize your website as per your need without the dependency of the platform. But this is not true for a SAAS software.
  • Migration from a SAAS software to any other platform will cost you a lot. When BuddyBoss works best with WordPress, but you can smoothly migrate to any other platform.

Don’t forget to avail the 30% Off BuddyBoss Coupon Code.

Key Highlights of The BuddyBoss Platform

Here are the key highlights of Buddyboss themes, plugins & solutions.

  • Build an engaging community around your brand and interact with the members easily. Every community built on BuddyBoss platform has lots of community features like member profiles, social groups, forum discussions, private messaging, albums & media, events, etc.
  • You can monetize your community in different ways like Subscriptions & Memberships, WooCommerce Store, One-Time Purchases, Membership Plugin Integrations etc.
  • BuddyBoss Platform has a lot of eLearning features. E.g. LearnDash LMS Integration, create & customize Courses, creating Quizzes to engage people, running a Drip Feed Content, Award official certificates based on quiz performance, completing a course etc.
  • You can add a lot of fun elements to encourage your audiences like earn points, badges, rewards, ranks, certificates, and achievements.
  • BuddyBoss Platform will provide you more flexibility in terms of setup & customizing features. E.g. Demo Data Import, Multi-lingual & RTL Support, White Label & Branding, Flexible Layouts, Page Builder Integrations, Custom Header & Footer & many more.
  • They are well optimized on their BuddyBoss mobile app. You can enjoy a lot of mobile app features like White Label Mobile App, Native iOS and Android App, In-App Purchases, Real-time syncing with the website, Push Notifications, Published on your accounts etc.
  • Their support team is simply incredible. You will also find many awesome resources like video tutorials, step by step documentation to get a solution for your problems.

That’s a hell lot of features. But this is not the end, BuddyBoss platform comes with a lot of Themes, Plugins and in-built solutions. Let’s check out them as well.

BuddyBoss is easily integrated with all top tools & software like Elementor, LearnDash etc.

buddyboss platform integration

But don’t forget to avail this 30% Discount Code on BuddyBoss Pricing. This is a limited period offer.

BuddyBoss Platform Pricing (Which Plan Is Best For You)

BuddyBoss platform is a solution which will give you access to a lot of features, themes & useful plugins. Although you can go for single themes & plugins that I have listed below. But to enjoy the power of BuddyBoss, you have to go for BuddyBoss Platform subscription plans only.

BuddyBoss Platform comes with 4 different pricing plans. These plans are different as per the number of websites you can use and advanced features.

  • Essential ($228/year)
  • Pro ($288/year)
  • Done for You ($3000 one-time fee or $19/mo billed annually)
  • VIP ($8000 one-time fee or $249/mo billed annually)

For more details, visit their official BuddyBoss Platform Pricing page now.

buddyboss pricing review

BuddyBoss Themes for BuddyPress (Reviews)

Here is the list of most popular BuddyPress WordPress themes from Buddyboss.

1. Boss Theme Review- Launch a World Class Social Network

boss theme review

Boss is a responsive WordPress/BuddyPress theme that provides a whole new way of visualizing BuddyPress.

  • You can easily customize the existing theme without touching the code and get a stunning look.
  • You can add membership levels using the Paid Memberships Pro, favorite membership plugin on the market.
  • Easily translate your website into any language
  • Integrate the social login feature, so that users can log in using any of the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc.
  • Install woocommerce and create an online shop within your social networking site.

Boss theme comes in 3 different pricing options.

  • Single Site License @ $129
  • 5 Site License @ $179
  • 20 Site License @ $229

But on top of that, you will get an extra discount of 10%. I have shared the detailed guide to avail the 10% off Buddyboss discount on any of the products below.

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2. OneSocial Theme Review – The Perfect theme for your Community Site

onesocial theme review

OneSocial is a responsive WordPress/BuddyPress theme that focuses on simplicity and ease of use.

  • This is the of the best minimalist design BuddyPress theme.
  • The one social theme comes with a language translation feature, which will easily translate your users desired language.
  • Use the cool social login feature, which will give you the ability to integrate with 26+ sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google.
  • Create a separate blogging platform and publish stunning content to attract users.
  • OneSocial is fully integrated with WooCommerce features.
  • Use the one-click installer and install OneSocial theme demos in seconds.
  • OneSocial is a complete SEO friendly social networking theme.

OneSocial theme comes in 3 different pricing options.

  • Single Site License @ $99
  • 5 Site License @ $129
  • 20 Site License @ $179

But make sure to apply the 10% Buddyboss promo code to get an extra 10% discount on your purchase on your shopping cart value. For more details, please read further.

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BuddyBoss Solutions Review – Best way to build your social networking site

So, if you want to put less effort and want to create your social media website fast then Buddyboss solutions are the best thing to choose for. They are simply a deadly combination of BuddyPress themes + Plugins which will simply enable every single feature for your website.

1. Social Marketplace Review – Launch a Cutting Edge Marketplace site

social marketplace review

Marketplace combines WC Vendors with BuddyPress to create a powerful social marketplace.

  • Any member can create their own shop with woocommerce & WC vendors integration.
  • Provide an approval platform for all members who want to become a vendor. Only after passing the approval process, one can become a vendor.
  • Vendors can completely control their shop through the awesome vendor dashboard feature.
  • After successful approval of their vendor application, they can easily set up their products like pricing, description, product photos, stock quantity and much more.
  • The hassle-free order tracking system, coupon management system, vendor commission, purchase history, customers feedback, ask a question and many more features integrated.

Marketplace solution comes with 3 different pricing options.

  • Single Site License @ $179
  • 5 Site License @ $229
  • 20 Site License @ $279

Already own OneSocial theme? Get the MarketPlace Add-on for only $89.

Get The Social Marketplace

2. Social Learner – LearnDash

social learner learndash review

Social Learner combines LearnDash with BuddyPress to create a powerful social learning platform. Check out the awesome video to explore this platform.

Social Blogger solution comes with 3 different pricing options.

  • Single Site License @ $179
  • 5 Site License @ $229
  • 20 Site License @ $279

Already own Boss theme? Get the Social Learner Add-ons for only $49

Get The Social Learner LearnDash

Need a Custom Theme Development?

As the creators of the most recognized BuddyPress themes, we have a team of specialized designers and developers who understand BuddyPress inside and out. Click here for more details.

List of BuddyPress Plugins & Reviews

We understand how users expect your social network to behave, and we take care to build plugins that will help make your site intuitive and engaging. We have an active customer base and we listen to your feedback for plugin suggestions and improvements, with a rapid release cycle.

Location Autocomplete for BuddyPress

Let your members easily add locations to their profiles and groups. With Google verified data, accurate addresses are suggested while typing!

View Plugin Info from $19

BuddyBoss Wall:

Get the power of Facebook on BuddyPress! Your users can post Wall updates, interact with their friends, and “Like” their favorite content.

View Plugin Info from $29

BuddyBoss Media:

Your BuddyPress members can upload photos, organize them into albums, and tag their friends! On a mobile device, you can easily swipe through photos with your fingers.

View Plugin Info from $39

BuddyPress Member Types:

Makes it easy to create and manage member types without having to write a single line of code.

View Plugin Info from $39

How To Activate Buddyboss Coupon Code & Get 30% Discount

I am sure you have read the BuddyBoss Pricing section already and now interested to avail the 30% exclusive coupon code. Just follow the steps below to avail the BuddyBoss coupon code & save 30%.

Step #1: Click here to visit the BuddyBoss Pricing page and choose from the available 4 options.

  • Essential ($228/year)
  • Pro ($288/year)
  • Done for You ($3000 one-time fee or $19/mo billed annually)
  • VIP ($8000 one-time fee or $249/mo billed annually)

Step #2: Click on the BUY NOW button for first 2 plans and proceed further. If you want to avail the top 2 plans, then you can to connect with BuddBoss team for further discussion.

buddyboss coupon code

Step #3: Anyway, on the next screen you have to apply BuddyBoss Promo Code: EXCLUSIVE30OFFBB. You will get a flat discount of 30% on that screen. Check out the screen below where you can save $86 on the BuddyBoss Platform Pro pricing plan.

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Conclusion – Buddyboss Review 2019 (Is BuddyPress Platform Worth The Investment)

So, if you have a plan to launch your own Social marketplace, then BuddyBoss is one of the best places to find ample options and plugins related to BuddyPress themes & plugins.

Here are a few good testimonials and reviews shared by BuddyBoss customers.

buddyboss platform reviews

Visit their official website https://www.buddyboss.com/

buddyboss testimonials

You can write a comment below and share your experiences or thoughts if any. Do you think BuddyBoss providers the best BuddyPress themes and plugins? Share your thoughts about this BuddyBoss Platform review 2019.

BuddyBoss Platform Review 2019: Best BuddyPress Themes & Plugin
BuddyBoss Review 2019 (30% Off Coupon + Best Online Community Software For WordPress)

BuddyBoss is the most innovative online community software solution built for WordPress. Yes, recently they have revamped their platform and started offeri

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