List of 100 CommentLuv Blogs 2018 (Manually Verified)

Looking for the list of dofollow CommentLuv blogs to build comment backlinks in 2018? Here I am sharing a list of Commentluv blogs. But expecting them to give you a dofollow backlink in 2018 is not cool. 🙂

I know that still many of us are searching for high PR websites to get comment backlink. But let me remind you that, Google has stopped releasing PR data long back. You can look for high DA or domain authority blogs as well.

There are various websites available where you can easily put a comment and get a do follow backlink with keyword anchor text as well.

This is a very common practice for event blogging where people are creating thousands of dofollow comment backlinks in weeks to rank their websites on top of Google search for that particular keyword. But in that case, be ready to get Google link penalty soon.

But here I will share the list of genuine websites where CommentLuv plugin is active and you can get a backlink to the internal page of your website by writing a quality comment.

What are commentluv blogs?

Commentluv is a WordPress comment plugin which enables some awesome features in your blogs comment system. You can get a backlink to any of the posts if you write a comment in any of the commentluv blogs.

There is no doubt about a dofollow backlink with an anchor text from an authority website can give a huge boost to your ranking. But these days almost every blog stop providing do follow links through comments.

Not only that, many commentluv enable blogs are even not accepting posts pages as well. You might face various error as well while trying to fetch your latest blog post using the commentluv plugin.

Here are the quick benefits of having a commentluv plugin

  • This plugin will attract more comments to your blog. That means your posts will get more user engagement.
  • Many people are creating a list of CommentLUV blogs like I did here. That means there is a chance to getting your blog name mentioned in such articles.

How to create backlinks Using CommentLUV blogs

Blog commenting is a very good way to start growing your blog, especially when it is new and struggling to get traffic. If you are able to write a good quality comment in related blogs, then your domain will gain good authority.

Just check out the image below where I have shown how a commentluv blog comment looks like.

dofollow commentluv blogs

You can use this list of high authority commentluv sites and write quality comments. While commenting, make sure to fetch your website posts and choose the one you want to link.

Blog commenting for backlinks is a very old technique, but very much effective. But one has to make sure that, you have to avoid writing spam comments. Otherwise, your comment may not get approved.

Tips to write a comment & get approved on CommentLuv Blogs

  • The very first rule is not to be in a hurry. Just make sure that in next 30 minutes you are going to comment only on 5-6 blogs max. This will help you to read the content first and then write a relevant comment on that.
  • Try to find out the most popular post on that website and try to write a comment there. I think you can use the MOZ Open Site Explorer and from there find out the top pages of any website.
  • Try to write at least 2-3 paragraphs of comment & discuss the topic. If possible try to add some value to highlight some topic you found beneficial.
  • In some commentLUV blogs, you can’t have any choice to link the latest post. But in case you might share the article, you will be able to fetch the latest 10 articles to link to that post.
  • Whether it dofollow or no follow, a backlink from a high authority website like HuffingtonPost, HubSpot etc matters a lot. I am sure many of you might purchase a nofollow link from these websites as well. This is simply telling that backlinks from high DA sites matter the most. So, try to write a quality & engaging comment, so that the admin can’t avoid approving the same.

Here I am sharing the screenshots of my website, where I have activated this plugin. You have to put the website address without HTTPS, otherwise, it will give you an error like below.

commentluv blogs

I have removed the HTTPS first and then as soon as the CommentLuv plugin fetch my website article, I kept back the HTTPS.

list of commentluv blogs

I think it is very easy to understand now. Make sure you are writing a quality comment and put a website which is relevant to the article so that it can get approved quickly.

CommentLuv Blogs List 2018

When I searched for the list of CommentLUV blogs in 2018, I found a couple of popular blogs sharing a massive list where many of the websites were stopped commentluv system. There were blogs which are even not at all accepting comment at all, few of them were disabled that website field and many domains are not functioning.

Then I have decided to make a fresh list of commentLUV blogs where one can actually get backing by writing a comment. But still found issues due to HTTPS domain, as in many blogs I was not able to fetch my posts using the HTTPS extension. Although I had to remove “S”, HTTP and then it was fetched.

You can try this list of blogs and let me know whether you are facing the similar issues or not. But one thing I have checked that whether the blog is having the commentLUV system activated or not. Here is the list of 99 blogs with CommentLUV activated in 2018.


I hope you like this article and find these websites useful while building backlink for your blog. Just make sure not to overdo anything. Try to make things naturally to get good results in long run.

I will try to add more commentluv blogs in this list to make it more useful for bloggers, digital marketers or SEO guys. You can also bookmark this article for further references.

If your blog is also having a commentluv system and provide do follow backlink, then why not let me know about your blog name by writing a simple comment below. I will add the same to this list to make the list of commentLUV blogs beyond 100.

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Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. This will not cost you a single penny extra. Thanks for the understanding and rewarding me for my hard work.

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  1. Hello!
    Debnath, thank you so much for the informative post you have shared with us. It will definitely help to build backlinks.

    ~Shabir Hussain

  2. Thank you for your article Santanu. I have been trying to use this method for a whole week but there are no concrete results shown. Would love to have your thought and advice? Thank you again

    • Hi Phuc Nguyen, It’s good that you find this article useful. But not sure about the result you are talking about. If you want to see quick ranking improvement, then it is not that easy. It will take time.

    • I think better to consider writing a quality comment on these list of CommentLuv blogs, as they may not approve your comments in case they just for promotional. Regarding ranking improvement, it is a very long process. But yes, if you comment regularly you will get good benefits in long-term.

  3. Hi
    Thank you for such a useful and informative post.Blog commenting is one of the best ways to create backlinks to your site and it helps to get you noticed and your blog in the blogosphere. You have well explained the information about CommentLuv blogs. I like the point “Tips to write a comment & get approved for CommentLuv Blogs” and here I have learned something new about it.

    Here, great to know about the huge list of CommentLuv blogs. I really appreciate the efforts you put in this article.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    Have a great day ahead.
    Praveen Verma

  4. Thanks for this exhaustive list – it must have taken a lot of time and effort to compile it. I feel like stumbling across CommentLuv could be a game changer for my blog.

    • Blog commenting is one of the ways to build links manually. If you don’t put spam comments, it will work for you. Google may not give any weight immediately, but if you are able to make a habit of blog commenting on similar niche websites then in long run your website will get the number of referral links. So, there is nothing guaranteed formula, but yes this is a good practice if you are able to make yourself spam free.

  5. It’s getting harder to do linkbuilding and any help is welcome. I hope your information can be used as I expect and I can start building quality links.
    Thank you for this article, it is very helpful.
    I’m waiting for other ideas about how it should and especially about how we should not build links and whether they are really useful for SEO. I personally consider the quality of the site more important, but the lines probably think differently from google.

    • Link building is a process which is always controversial. There are always debate what is white hat Vs what is Blackhat. Although we must earn links by writing quality content or blogger outreach. But it is not possible always. I feel blog commenting is one of the legit ways to start a discussion, share your thoughts and get a link back to your website. How much impact it will create that no one will be able to tell, but one thing is true that Google gives value to the number of referring domains. So, one should work on every type of link building slowly, natural ways to make sure the link diversity maintains. Manual link building is no harm, if you understand the thin difference between this & spam.

  6. Hi Santanu,

    What an amazing effort. You have helped so many new bloggers like myself by posting this list. You have done extensive research and come up with this list. I really appreciate all your hard work and effort you must have put in compiling this list.

    Thank you so much for sharing this post. Have a great day.

  7. Thanks santanu. But I have a quick question on the *name* part of the comment section, is it advisable to insert our target keyword for SEO purpose or just stick to our names?

    • Better to keep our name or some generic term. Keeping keyword is not a good practice and if you are keeping also, make sure you re not overdoing this.

  8. Thanks so much for your list. I’m really “crazy” to find trust backlinks. My website was strarted 2 months but not effective until now because lack of trust backlinks. Thanks again 🙂 Have a good day!

    • Thanks for finding this useful. Without any doubt, quality link-building is must gain good authority. Commenting is one of the easiest ways to build backlinks, which is not that effective though. But one can get good referral traffic if done properly.

  9. I don’t know if auto-approve blogs are better than the moderated ones though. I mean the auto-approve ones are bound to be spammed by black hat software programs.

    • Yes, auto-approve comments are mostly spammy and they are not good for your main blog. Most people use such link building techniques for event niche blogging, which is a short-term target. Comment Luv blogs are like regular blog commenting only and they have similar comment benefits if done properly. But anyway, these techniques are not that effective as anyone can do that easily.

  10. Hey Santanu,

    Thanks for putting this resource together, super helpful.
    Is there a reason why you didn’t hyperlink up the URL’s though?
    I’m not just being lazy, more so wondering if there is a reason really.

  11. Hi,

    Comment Luv plugin services are closed. The official developer, who developed it has made his final judgment to close it. More than a million WordPress sites have downloaded it, but there are less than 10,000 active installs.

    I think, the list no longer matters because your Comment Lub plugin doesn’t work either. What are your thoughts?

    • You are right, the plugin is not updated further. But just consider it as one of the blog commenting ways only. And I think blog commenting is a crucial way og building quality backlink and increase user engagement.

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