Best Web 2.0 Sites List 2019 (Get High DA Dofollow Backlinks)

Want to improve your search engine ranking by creating Web 2.0 backlinks? Then I am sure you will find this list of High DA Web 2.0 sites 2019 very much useful.

Creating backlinks through Web 2.0 sites is very risky and need a huge effort. Yes, if you are not aware and think that you can easily create hundreds of web 2.0 backlinks overnight then you will be in serious trouble soon. So, let’s learn about Web 2.0 submission and then start working on the straightway.

What is Web 2.0 and why is it important?

In simple terms, Web 2.0 sites are nothing but a website only, but you can create them free on a sub-domain of that particular platform. E.g. consider Google where anyone can start a blog for free.

In technical terms, that is a website only with good design, content, etc. But as the address is on a sub-domain one can’t use that for professional usage. But one can definitely use that website to spread about the brand on different platforms to grow the authority around the main brand or website.

I saw many Facebook posts & Fiverr Gigs where people are selling high authority Web 2.0 backlink in just a few dollars. They are also promising that you can achieve very good ranking boost with this tiny investment.

So, if you don’t understand how Web 2.0 sites work in the long run then this kind of investment will go in vain. Creating 1000+ Web 2.0s with 1-2 articles (mostly they use spun content) will end up your website on a great problem. Definitely, your website will hit by the next Google Algorithm updates.

How to do SEO that will not hurt your website reputation on Google’s eye?

Learn the SEO Best Practices in 2019.

Free Web 2.0 sites list 2019 with high DA & PA [Updated]

 Web 2.0 SitesDAPA

Do you really think getting the #1 position in Google is so easy?

Just ask yourself, how much difficult it is to create a web 2.0 website and link your money site from that website. It is very easy. In fact, it may take just 10-15 minutes for expert people to set up such blogs.

In that case, the return will not be that much rewarding, in case you don’t follow certain guidelines. Yes, whatever is very easy to achieve, the return will also like that only.

What I want to tell here is that anyone can create hundreds of Web 2.0 websites, put span content and rank them to get a backlink to your money site. But the link value of such websites is very low. And if you don’t do them properly, you may not get any benefit even.

Is Web 2.0 Link Building Technique Works in 2019?

That doesn’t mean that Web 2.0 link building is not worthy. Frankly speaking, it is worthy if you consider them as your one of the link building tactics.

Yes, one must create diversified backlinks and try to create backlinks from different sources like the Guest post, blogger outreach, broken links, Web 2.0 sites, profile creation sites, CommenLUv blogs etc.

Let’s discover the list of best web 2.0 creation suites and also a few of the best ways to create Web 2.0 manually. So that your efforts can be fruitful in the long term.

How To Build Web 2.0 Links Manually in 2019

If you think Web 2.0 is useless in 2019, then let me tell you one thing that you are wrong. These are very good websites with very high domain authority. And you can get good backlinks, with little care.

Let’s explore the Web 2.0 creation best practices here.

  • Choose the most reputed ones, trusted ones only which I have shared in this article.
  • Create a single Web 2.0 in one platform only. E.g. if your money site is about Laptop niche, then make sure you create web 2.0 in different platforms on related terms.
  • Try to create the Web 2.0 address keeping the keywords in the domain name. If not getting, go for long-tail options. You can also book the Web 2.0 profile as per your main domain or brand name as well.
  • Create all necessary pages like About us, contact us, privacy, etc. Make sure your Web 2.0 should look like a complete & useful website like your main website.
  • Write quality content or if you want to use an article spinner, then go for the best one. I never used the content spinner, so I can’t help you here. Rather I would say hire a content writer and write relatively articles covering different topics.
  • Never link to your money site from the first article. Try to create a content publishing schedule and follow the same in the next few months. Make sure you are creating a network of Web 2.0 websites in the next few months.

When your Web 2.0 articles start indexing after a few months, then you can start linking your money site articles gradually. Make sure you don’t stop the publishing schedule. Treat them as your normal websites only and gradually try to build a network of 20-30 Web 2.0 websites on different platforms.

My Experience With Web 2.0 Creation Sites

Frankly speaking, personally I tried to create a network of Web 2.0 sites. But it is too early to comment on the success or failure. Right now, my target is to create enough branding about my blog address “BLOGGINGJOY” through profile creation sites, blog commenting and creating Web 2.0 sites as well.

Here are few of the Web 2.0 sites I have created keeping these things in my mind. Although right now I have am not able to put regular content on them, but the concept here is to create my brandable Web 2.0 sites on different platforms and grow them gradually.


Disclaimer: As I said I have started working on Web 2.0 link building and learning the process day by day. You are free to suggest or correct me whenever you find I am going wrong.

Although, I have tried someone else’s Web 2.0 sites and also bought Web 2.0 sites from the Fiverr gig for one of my affiliate websites. But as I said, it was not at all effective. I was not comfortable to use them and that’s why I did not invest after web 2.0 aggressively.

More Web 2.0 Sites 2019 List

But after a lot of research & study on Web 2.0 websites, I learned these points.  As I have mentioned, my goal is for the long term and I am treating those list of Web 2.0 creation sites in 2019 as the normal sites only. This will make sure I can create some quality Web 2.0 websites in long run.

Looking forward to know your views & experiences here. Please share about your experience of creating backlinks using Web 2.0 sites by writing a comment below.

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best web 2.0 sites
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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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  • Even though the effectiveness of web 2.0 links in this present dispensation is contested, it is still worthwile for natural link building techniques.
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  • Wow! Thanks for the list man! I knew about web 2.0 and has been playig around only with blogspot, wordpress, tumblr and weebly and Google sites. I didn’t know there was a whole lot of other websites. Keep up the good work!

    • Yea, there are plenty of such websites and I will update this list of Web 2.0 sites in coming days. I am happy that you find it useful.

  • Thanks for the list man! I knew about web 2.0 and has been playig around only with blogspot, wordpress, tumblr and weebly and Google sites. I didn’t know there was a whole lot of other websites.

    • I am happy that you find this article useful. There are plenty of websites and I will be updating this list of Web 2.0 websites gradually.

  • Hello, I want to ask you which web 2.0 is very powerful in building backlinks? From the list that you provided is very useful for me, but is there any web 2.0 in addition to the one on your list that is also very powerful

    • I will be updating this article with more new Web 2.0 sites. Keep a track of this page or Join my FB group for future updates.

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  • I have newly started my blogging journey. I didn’t have any idea about web 2.0. Now I have a clear concept of web 2.0. Thanks for sharing buddy!

  • I think now Quora has something called Quora Space where you can create a blog on Quora and post your articles.

  • How to get more backlinks for my website?
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    • There are different types of backlinks. Just learn and create a backlink gradually. It should be a continuous process and one must not create 1000 backlinks in one day and after that nothing in next 6 months.

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    Thanks for this awesome list. Please solve this problem:

    1. On a single web 2.0 can we post multiple articles, and these articles will link to the relevant articles of money blog?

    2. Should we target the same keyword on web 2.0 and money website?

    • Thanks for finding this article useful. What I have understood is that it is better to target different keywords (a mixture of generic terms) from Web 2.0 keeping the relevancy in mind. And a blog should have some 5-10 articles, and if you can create such blogs then definitely it will help.

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